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The 11 Best Family Photographers in San Antonio

The most notable family photographers in San Antonio are basically magicians. In order to truly excel at their jobs, they need the eye of a documentarian — that ability to really see into your life, and to see what makes your little family unit unique –– the sense of humor of a comedian, and the grace under fire of a Kennedy. Family photographers are charged with keeping your kids laughing, keeping the parents calm and stress-free, and then getting everyone on the same page at the exact right moment to capture the perfect, timeless photo that really shows off just who you are as a family. Sound tough?

Well, luckily for you, the photographers on this list have all these skills — and many, many more, which is why we’re excited to introduce them all to you as our selection for the best family photographers in San Antonio. If you’re currently in the market for a family photographer, we’re positive you’ll find someone on this list who’s up for the challenge.

1. Sara K Blanco Photography

Sara K Blanco is a lifestyle photographer –– meaning she’s a storyteller at heart — a lover of natural beauty who makes amazing use of natural backdrops, and an absolute sculptor of natural light. In everything she does, she chases light and shadow, and yet her photos are never pretentious or overly composed. They’re almost always simple and yet devastatingly effective.

That’s true whether she’s taking a simple black-and-white photo of your newborn or a gorgeous sunset photo of you and your family simply enjoying each other’s company in the great outdoors. She doesn’t need elaborate stylings to take unforgettable photos, as she’s always able to find that love, that innocence, that longing to stop time –– and, luckily for you, when she’s behind her camera, she’s actually able to do just that: pause time and turn a single moment into something tangible.

2. Staci Gahm Photography

Staci Gahm is another San Antonio family photography with a real knack for storytelling. Her portraits are classically composed and glamorous, doing wonders with natural light. She’s perhaps best-known for her high school senior photos and can clearly connect with teenagers, so we highly recommend her for families with teens. Plus, she makes great use of natural landscapes, with very light editing, more or less just to make sure she’s bringing out your true colors. She’s able to connect with and coach her photographic subjects in order to get evocative, artfully composed photos that you and your family will be over the moon about.

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3. Haley Lancaster of Laura Haley Photography

Haley Lancaster of Laura Haley Photography is a family photographer who excels both in studio and on location out in the fields of gorgeous wildflowers surrounding San Antonio. Her studio is in Cuero, but she also does tons of work out in Alamo City. If you can make the drive, her studio is really something else — with every corner absolutely bathed in natural light.

Because of her versatility — she’s truly just as gifted taking organic, narrative lifestyle photos as she is taking posed and styled photos in studio –– we can unabashedly recommend her to anyone looking for one of the best family photographers in San Antonio. She’s a great choice even if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. In addition, she’s a patient guide, and we’re positive you and your family will enjoy your time with her.

4. Griffin Foto

Sarah Ann Griffin of Griffin Foto takes clean, timeless lifestyle photography — photos that really get to the heart of who your family is and the story you’re living out together. Her photos never seem forced or overly styled, making use of natural light, natural poses, and the natural affection between you and your family to capture sweet, loving, artfully composed photographs.

Check out her wedding work and you’ll see another side of her skill set, as she shoots in an exquisite photojournalistic style that captures the heart of every moment. She captures all the sweetness, humor, and humanity on display when two families join together as one. In her family photography, she taps into all these skills, connecting deeply with people of all ages, in order to portray truly stunning family moments.

5. Irene and David Castillo of Expose the Heart Photography

Irene and David Castillo of Expose the Heart Photography take colorful, classically composed fine-art photographs. Their family photography is always exquisitely composed, at times exuberant, and at times misty-eyed –– always capturing both the adults-to-be in your children, as well as the children you and your partner are at heart. Their photographs are truly timeless, and they’re skilled at capturing people at their best, the way they want to remember themselves. Each photograph is a little ode to joy.

6. Christina Ramirez Photography

Christina Ramirez is known for her glamorous portraiture. She’s an artist who seems to see light and shadow differently than the average person, as if they are liquid — the medium out of which her photographs are composed. She’s an extremely versatile photographer, just as good in studio as on location, with an energetic love for photography that is contagious. In addition to being one of the best family photographers in San Antonio, she’s a well-respected and highly sought-after speaker and mentor who’s doing what she can to pass her knowledge on to the next generation of photographers.

7. Chanda’s Photography

Chanda Tedder Carter of Chanda’s Photography is a versatile lifestyle photographer in the Greater San Antonio Area (in Boerne, to be exact), with a special knack for taking precious newborn photos. So much of taking a gorgeous photograph is location, location, location — and whether she’s photographing at her Guadalupe River frontage or home studio, she’s got you covered with gorgeous views, natural golden light, and the simple props and backdrops that can help you capture the magic of your family life.

She’s also great with children of all ages and can keep your kids laughing, your infant napping, and you and your partner totally at ease. When she’s behind the camera, she’s a generous and kind director who knows just what to say so that, together, you can capture photographs you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

8. Maria Bercher Photography

Maria Bercher is a San Antonio-based family photographer who truly sets herself apart as a newborn and maternity photographer. She takes narrative, whimsical family photos that are at times minimalist, with simple, single-colored backgrounds. And other times, her images are intricately composed works of art. She can capture the personality of your family and the absolute perfection of your babies in an elegant, classical style that will look as gorgeous on Instagram as it will framed in gold and hung above your mantle. If you’re looking for a photographer to collaborate with who can take your vision and really run with it, we highly recommend Maria. Take a look at her portfolio and start getting excited about your family’s photoshoot!

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9. Pagette Callender Photography

Pagette Callender has made her name taking high school senior photos, so — similar to a few others on this list — she’s got a real knack for connecting with teenagers and preteens (even if you find yourself struggling to connect with them these days — don’t worry, they’ll come back around). Her photos are sly, sometimes humorous odes to the wonders of family and the strange magic of growing up.

She’s able to capture the contradictions of family life, the complexity of your children, the simplicity of your love for them, bringing those emotions to the surface to create perfect photographs. Her style is both organic and classic, guaranteeing these are shots that will stand the test of time, unlike much of the ultra-trendy stuff that passes for art these days.

10. Hayward Gaude Photography

Hayward Gaude is a fine-art family photographer who takes classically composed photographs both in studio and on location. Using the same lighting techniques, posing, and compositions classical portrait artists have used for generations, Hayward captures family photographs you can be absolutely sure will stand the test of time. And he’s able to work within the confines of classical poses and compositions to capture what makes your family unique. If you want a photograph that your children can one day hang in their own homes right next to the portraits of their own families, Hayward is the photographer for you.

11. Rae Vision Photography

Erica of Rae Vision photography is a family photographer who knows that every family is a love story. Her style is extremely organic, almost totally hands off with just enough styling to help capture your life, not just the way it is on any given day, but the way it will feel when you look back on it. Basically she captures the moments you’ll be nostalgic for, long before you are old enough to truly feel that ache, that longing for what was. When you plan your shoot with her, we highly recommend you set aside those hours right before sunset, as her golden-hour shots are beautiful, full of light and shadow, and impeccably composed.

Thanks for tuning in for our selection of the best family photographers in San Antonio. We’re sure you’ll be impressed by their wide range of skills, their senses of humor, their ability to bring out the glamour and beauty from the everyday experiences of family life, and the absolute love and joy they seem to bring with them to every photoshoot. We know you’ll love working with them, as they’ll turn you and your family into works of art. After all, they’re the top San Antonio family photographers. Enjoy!

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