The 11 Best Family Photographers in Savannah

Celebrating you and your loved ones can take many different forms. But have you ever considered having a planned portrait session with them? As the work of the top 11 Savannah family photographers demonstrates, inspirational images can help tell the story of your household from an intimate, lifestyle perspective. Celebrating you and your loved ones can take many different forms. But have you ever considered having a planned portrait session with them? As the work of the top 11 Savannah family photographers demonstrates, inspirational images can help tell the story of your household from an intimate, lifestyle perspective. They even help you remember just how little your children once were as the years progress!

1. Shannon Christopher

Shannon Christopher is a veteran and photographer who is intensely passionate about providing his clients the best possible portrait experience. He’s one of the rare Savannah family photographers who help newlyweds and families feel entirely at ease in front of his camera. In this way, Shannon manages to tease out expressions unique to them that go beyond classically inspired, photographer-guided poses. As he warns you: “I do create traditional group portraits, but my sessions tend to be more about candid play and intimacy. It is very common for my families and newlyweds to end up in the ocean.”

2. Wendy of Apt. B Photography

Apt. B Photography is a brand based in St. Pete, FL, and Savannah, GA. Wendy is the founder and has worked for over 11 years to portray her family and wedding subjects in peak moments of joy and connectedness! One element of Wendy’s photography we adore is her consistent personal style. She uses a cinematic color profile with desaturated tones, bright whites, and gentle shadows. It’s a style ideal for both wedding and family portrait photography.

3. Jennifer Marie

If you’re not sure how to convey a strong lifestyle narrative to your viewers, we recommend looking at the work of Jennifer Marie. She describes herself as a “lowcountry wedding & portrait photographer for those that seek to venture along the coast and through the Spanish Moss.” This evocative expression perfectly speaks to the vision portrayed in her photography. Trees with curtains of Spanish Moss, old churches, windy days at the beach … All of these backdrops and more are precisely what you seek in Savannah family photographers!

4. Jasmin Thompson

Jasmin Thompson is our choice of Savannah family photographers for people interested in classically inspired takes on the genre. We see tasteful apparel and background choices in her photography. Color-coordinated clothing helps craft a definite look that’s consistent with her style. And her favored shooting environments are equally gentle in color profile. These include contemporary interior decor, beaches, softly lit parks, and other scenes that cultivate a soft, nostalgic quality in her family images!

5. The Westward Photo

Being a mother and a photographer, it’s no surprise that Lindsay of The Westward Photo would gravitate towards this genre of art. That said, the playful, spontaneous quality of Lindsay’s images is hard not to admire. Rather than focusing on posed portraits, she favors those moments of fine art that naturally reveal themselves as families engage with each other. Lindsay is also talented at documentary family photography, immersing herself in the background while telling the stories of her subjects inside their homes!

6. Jaden Giorgianni

Jaden Giorgianni discovered her love for family photography while pregnant with her son. She was gifted a camera by her mother to capture “real images” for their family album. And fortunately for Savannah, GA, Jaden’s passion for the art form only grew over time, eventually becoming her brand focusing on family and senior portrait photography. Jaden’s style is a vibrant, celebratory one! She favors cheerful colors, much saturation, and gently guided poses that ideally convey moods and relationships.

7. Christa Rene

Families and weddings have been the favored subjects of Christa Rene for the past eight years. It was her marriage that inspired her to see photography as a way of preserving your legacy. Moments like weddings and family gatherings are fleeting and rarely repeatable, after all. Christa’s photography reminds us of this by using compositions and lighting that cast a celebratory aspect on each unique, unrepeatable moment. Her work brings to life those emotions each time you revisit them through her images.

8. Amy Brown Photography

We love seeing the work of photographers focused solely on family images, as Amy Brown does! And like many of the best Savannah family photographers, after having a little one of her own, she saw just how quickly they grow and how important it is to capture those memories for future appreciation. And as a Multimedia Production Manager for Gulfstream, she has a deep appreciation and insider’s knowledge of how to craft impactful, inspiring visual media.

9. Kye Image Photography

Originally from Utah, Kye of Kye Image is a professionally trained and certified photographer who focuses on capturing your unique ways of expressing love for your family members. She uses a consistent color profile with strongly desaturated colors and earth tones for a subdued, nostalgic approach. Kye’s photography covers every story her families care to tell, from the homecoming of a newborn to senior couples looking to capture decades of romance!

10. Shutter Flutter Photography

Christina favors a documentary lifestyle approach, avoiding posed moments in favor of those natural expressions of connection and love. As she explains her approach: “I appreciate the imperfectly perfect beauty of being human and the beautiful mess that encompasses families.” That means imperfect hair, squints, snorts of laughter, and other delightfully organic photographs that better tell the story of you and your loved ones than planned poses ever could.

11. Joanna Ng

Joanna Ng always loved photography, but it took a while to discover that she had a brand-worthy passion for the art form. After her husband asked her to photograph an event, Joanna found how to showcase people’s simple yet profound bonds better. That love of connection manifests in Joanna’s work more so than most Savannah family photographers. She prefers wedding and family photography, showcasing people coming together and celebrating one another in front of her lens!

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