The 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Albuquerque

As the largest city in New Mexico and a major cultural hub, Albuquerque is the place to be if you’re looking to delve into the world of New Mexico fashion. Here, photographers can work with upcoming brands and local talent looking for creative input on their next collaboration. Many photographers are also drawn to the Land of Enchantment’s abundant sunshine and mountain backdrops, providing excellent places for outdoor fashion photo shoots to take place! So consider the work of the top 10 Albuquerque fashion photographers before you decide LA or NYC is the place to be hunting.

1. Matt Timmons

As a New York City and Albuquerque fashion photographer, the work of Matt Timmons encompasses nearly every genre of fashion imaginable. Editorial fashion for Chinese magazines, runway fashion, high fashion projects, and lifestyle fashion collaborations can all be seen on just the first page of his portfolio. Matt’s work fully explores how to bring to life brand identity alongside his models’ finest features and surroundings. You’ve likely run into his work before in print ad campaigns and digital media!

2. Rip Williams

Rip Williams fled the corporate world years ago to embrace his artistic side and hasn’t looked back since! However, his time spent working on marketing and branding campaigns as a manager gave him a skill set that’s highly complementary to what fashion brands seek to portray in their imagery. Despite being an Albuquerque fashion photographer, Rip regularly works in LA, NYC, the Caribbean, and anywhere else his eye for passionate, impactful photography is required.

3. Melanie Maxine

Fashion, newborn, and maternity photoshoots are what Melanie Maxine shares with local residents. And despite the distinctness of these three genres, we see regular fashion crossover when she brings her subjects into the studio. Here, ideal lighting and carefully chosen apparel add to the lifestyle narratives of her clients. They bring to life stories of celebration, grace, innocence, and even playfulness! And when she brings her portrait subjects into the studio, her eye for style and high fashion motifs is even more evident!

4. Paulina Gwaltney

Paulina Gwaltney is precisely the photographer you need to work with if you’re looking for portraits with a classical twist to them. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, she’s an Albuquerque import who came to share her love of uplifting, confidence-inspiring imagery with the Duke City. Paulina’s style reminds us of classical portrait photography, with matte backgrounds, tasteful vignettes, and apparel that brings to life precisely the right mood or story! We also love how fine a balance Paulina strikes between moody shadows and well-exposed skin. Whether you’re looking for an artistic representation of yourself or you have a fantasy theme in mind, her style is undeniably appealing.

5. Zay Gonzales

Zay Gonzeles’s fashion and portrait photography highlights the essence of each individual he comes across. While he does add his own fine art vision to each collaboration, we’re struck by how well he showcases the best features of his models through poses, apparel, and lighting. His backgrounds also add to the fashion elements on display, adding lifestyle stories such as urban chic or cosplay! 

6. Lathe Photography

Gregory Evans is the creative mastermind behind Lathe Photography. His fashion, portraits, and commercial imagery have him regularly traveling between Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Seattle, and Los Angeles. His style brings to life the apparel and lifestyle choices and the general uniqueness of his subjects. The poses on display in Gregory’s portfolio bring to life the quirkiness, emotion, culture, and confidence of each model in exciting ways. And the up close and intimate working distances he favors add to the visual impact of Gregory’s work!

7. Paul Arellano

If you’re looking for a photographer with an eye for alternative fashion, then check out the work of Paul Arellano. His photography explores Asian, fitness, and fantasy themes and takes place outdoors, where the overflowing natural light of New Mexico bathes his subjects in illumination. He also works in studio, where ideal lighting and matte backgrounds provide the perfect setting for showcasing imaginative and conceptual fashion photography ideas.

8. Audre Holtz

As an experienced fine art wedding and Albuquerque fashion photographer, Audre Holtz bounces between New Mexico, LA, and NYC, working on collaborations with brands like Dans La Nuit Lingerie. The awards she has won include recognition by the Insight Women’s Photography Exhibit and Focus Youth Art Exhibit. Audre has also been published in several magazines, including Féroce and BeautyMute Magazine. Her work is the epitome of the fashion genre, encompassing street fashion and editorial imagery for advertising needs!

9. Claire Gutierrez

Claire Gutierrez is a formally trained artist, thanks to her bachelor’s of fine art in studio art degree from the University of New Mexico. She regularly collaborates with people looking for conceptual and fashion imagery and wedding, maternity, portrait, and boudoir photography. As captivating as her subject and apparel choices often are, we’re equally struck by the diversity of lighting styles, backgrounds, and compositions she favors. Off-camera flash, natural light environmental fashion portraits, and natural light fantasy-themed collaborations all find their place in Claire’s portfolio!

10. Maya Holt

Lifestyle and street fashion are some of our favorite genres, thanks to how they immerse us into a narrative within a single frame. Maya Holt is a master of this style, bringing in colored lights, strong retouching, and backgrounds that instantly transport viewers into a fantasy realm of her own choosing. Her work is an invitation into deeper contemplations of themes ranging from the human form to what messaging brands seek to invoke through their apparel. Few Albuquerque fashion photographers have the consistent energetic impact that Maya does!

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