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The 9 Best Fashion Photographers in Boston

You don’t need to be a Harvard graduate to know that Boston is home to some of the world’s most brilliant people –– and Boston fashion photographers are no exception. These fiercely creative artists know how to use the city’s stunning scenery and regal New England environment to craft eye-catching images that stand out in today’s crowded photography field.

1. Roby Fabro

Originally from Italy, Roby Fabro brings his international perspective to his work as one of the most-renowned Boston fashion photographers. With an emphasis on graphic composition, Roby is able to produce striking images that reflect his European sensibilities, drawing inspiration from the colors, patterns, textures, and forms of the architecture and natural surroundings he grew up with.

While most photographers opt for smoother backgrounds, Roby keeps his perfectly crisp –– adding a surreal quality to his extensive body of outstanding work. His expertly lit, unique compositions have appeared in Elegant, Faddy Magazine, and Picton Magazine.

2. Caroline Wirawan

As one of the most prolific Boston fashion photographers, Caroline Wirawan consistently produces personable, fashion-forward images that hold up against her counterparts. Hailing from Indonesia, Caroline came to the United States to study photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

With a strong emphasis on cohesive color palettes, as well as the intelligent use of corners and surrealism, it’s no wonder Caroline started developing her keen artistic eye as a youth. This unique photographer and her delicately enchanting style is just an email or Instagram direct message away.

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3. Renee Newman

Renee Newman brings her artistic visions to life through sharp, graphic lines; rich shadows; wide apertures; and vivid colors. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, Renee has developed a knack for composing eye-catching images that are part fashion editorial and part lifestyle portrait photography.

Her ability to create high-contrast advertising shots is reflected in her use of bold angles and strong lines of intersection. Renee’s inclusion of pattern and directional leading lines adds visual interest and depth to her portfolio of beautifully modern shots. Never afraid to experiment –– Renee continues to try new color tones and techniques as she adds one incredible image after another to her growing body of work.

4. Dina Konovalov

As an expert headshot photographer, Dina Konovalov brings a personal, upfront quality to her fashion editorials. Using rich shadows and cinematic lighting, Dina combines her knack for portraiture with dramatic fashions and gritty poses to create high-end images that have graced the pages of Imagine Magazine and Boston Common Magazine.

From classic, laid-back studio shots to intense underground scenes (literally underground!), this multi-talented photographer embraces the grittier elements of the garments she shoots while maintaining a connection to the people and personalities they were made for.

5. Kelsey Bosselait

Kelsey Bosselait uses low angles, warm earth tones, and matte highlights in her distinct brand of effervescent and youthful fashion photography. Her bright and cheerful photos stem from her background as a fashion blogger, where she first discovered her passion for making beautiful images. Standing at a humble 4’11”, Kelsey manages to create photos that are larger than life yet still relatable.

Her lifestyle approach brings out the carefree spirit in her subjects –– adding a friendly and inviting touch to modern styles. When she’s not shooting, Kelsey can be found rock climbing or nose-deep in one of her favorite books.

6. Clark Linehan

As a front-row fashion photographer, Clark Linehan knows how to adjust his methods to accommodate a variety of fabrics and styles. With carefully selected lighting techniques, Clark is able to accurately and beautifully portray the reflectivity and texture of a wide variety of styles in real time. This photojournalistic approach has become an asset in Clark’s studio work –– where he focuses on his subject and set design with quick reflexes and a true understanding of textiles and design.  

7. Siobhan Beasley

Siobhan Beasley’s light and airy commercial fashion photos give the viewer a sense of the weight and texture of each garment she shoots. From wind-blown fabrics to dance-inspired poses, Siobhan’s images make use of motion to bring fashions to life. Her fun and creative approach allows her to showcase her unapologetically feminist voice.

In addition, her lifelong passion for the visual arts led her to pursue an education from Boston College, the New England School of Photography, and various artistic studies overseas. Her innovative work has been used by fashion brands, such as Rue La La and TJM Design. GRLSQUASH Magazine has featured her photography.

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8. Rachelle Alfina

As one of the youngest Boston fashion photographers, Rachelle Alfina has developed a photographic style that is all her own. Indonesia-born Rachelle brings her international perspective to her studies in the United States, and she’s able to produce images that are dark and edgy, yet soulful.

Her use of deeply saturated skies and subdued highlights brings out the moody tone of her art direction. Her use of unusual, inventive camera angles adds to the gritty and youthful style of her remarkable, ever-developing body of work.

9. Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes

Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes are a remarkable team. Together, they manage to create stylized images that capture the imagination and showcase clothing in a cinematic, adventurous manner. Their choice of bold and grungy locations is complemented by expert light metering, daring directional flash, and retro-inspired colors and overlays.

The team’s incredible photos have appeared in The Guardian, Blur, Opalus, Vogue Italia, Elegant, and Jute Magazines. When they’re not shooting, Kayt and TJ can be found playing around in front of the camera with their adorable cat and quirky sensibilities.

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