The 8 Best Fashion Photographers in Tallahassee

Being a major metro in the Florida panhandle, Tallahassee is the place to be if you’re looking to find fashion photographers, models, and apparel designers seeking to elevate their brand. The work of the top 8 Tallahassee fashion photographers covers truly diverse themes, ranging from classic high fashion to haute couture and lifestyle fashion angles. As you’ll come to see, fashion photography is accessible to all comers. In fact, you don’t have to be an editorial model to pose. We’d be surprised if there weren’t something for everyone in this collection of creatives! Check them out and see what you think.

1. Andre Howard

Andre Howard is a Tallahassee fashion photographer who also captures weddings, graduations, and other life milestones. But regardless of the specific genre, there is always an eye for beauty and apparel that’s immediately evident in Andre’s style. His poses and compositions often use full-body framing to appreciate his models’ chosen fashion. Andre also has a talent for weaving lifestyle narratives into the frame: classy cars, interior decor, and outdoor park surroundings. There’s always more to the story being told by Andrew than simply beauty.

2. Holly Blue

Few portrait photographers are as well versed in fashion motifs as Holly Blue. This Portrait Masters-accredited fashion photographer combines the best of both genres in her portfolio. Studio lighting, carefully chosen backdrops, and apparel ranging from classic to whimsical come together to create lifestyle-informed portraits. Holly’s range of guided poses portrays her subjects’ confidence, grace, and self-love for themselves. She often takes on family and individual shoots, as well as holiday-themed fashion projects as well.

3. Alicia Haskew

We really appreciated the maxim by which Alicia Haskew works, and we think you will as well. She describes her art in the following words: “These images are not just you- they are the absolute best version of you, and that is how I want to capture it.” And looking through her portrait and fashion photography, you can see this playing out in the themes on display! We especially love her more classically themed photoshoots, including haute couture and holiday-inspired fashion photography. And for models that are a little unsure of what direction to take, Alicia offers a full boutique experience, ensuring you manage to find the wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup, and direction that brings your fashion fantasy to life.

4. Sarahvi

When looking at editorial covers, it can feel like a magazine-style shoot of your own is forever out of reach. Fortunately, Sarahvi, a portrait and Tallahassee fashion photographer, is here to prove otherwise. The thrilling apparel choices on display are matched perfectly to each subject, be they senior graduation, self-celebration portraits, maternity shoots, or something more. Clothing is never incidental, and that is also true of the backgrounds and lighting used. Taken together, distinct emotions are cultivated in viewers, ranging from romantic to nostalgia.

5. Evan King

If you are a fan of the street and alternative fashion subgenres, then Evan King is the best Tallahassee fashion photographer to partner up with. His models often exemplify the non-mainstream approach in many collaborations. Yet, he is just as familiar with high fashion styles done in the studio. Evan also uses cars and urban settings for lifestyle fashion angles that give us a deep look into what it’s like to be his subjects. Given how bold and engaging his compositions tend to be, we find his eye for saturation, contrast, and lighting are perfectly chosen to match.

6. Eclair Bennett

Looking at the fashion photography of Eclair Bennet, the first thing that calls out to us is how he attends to light. And not just how colors are portrayed but the deeper subtleties of illumination. Subject skin tones take on a delicacy that comes from careful attention to the direction and character of light. And the way shadows play across the frame is equally intentional and gives weight to curves while appealingly balancing highlights. Eclair also brings men into his collaborations far more frequently than many other Tallahassee fashion photographers.

7. Robert Hunter

Fashion, portrait, and corporate headshots are the favored genres of Robert Hunter. His style most often dives into the street fashion photography world, where everyday urban surroundings and clothing choices present people as models immersed in the everyday! Robert uses both natural light and camera flash as needed to help his subjects further stand apart from the background. And when a collaboration calls for it, including his fitness and lifestyle-themed shoots, he weaves in props that help give body to the story being told. Lastly, we love his carefully balanced colors, which are ideally saturated without straying into the unnatural. And Robert’s taste for contrast and shadow adds a mood that’s at times exciting and other times somber, depending on the theme of the day.

8. Kimber of Water Bear Photography

Motherhood and couples looking for more adventurous, fashion-inspired portraits find the work of Kimber right up their alley. Her eye for apparel extends to flowing gowns that take on an ethereal character when worn underwater. Fantasy-inspired fashion photoshoots are also an avenue Kimber explores, taking subjects into the woods, the beach, or, once again, underwater. Kimber’s style has a more emotional quality, using moodier, more subdued lighting to match the forest and underwater settings she works in. rather than bitingly sharp portraits, we often see a soft-focus look that creates the sense of looking into a dream. Her style is as free and flowing as the gowns on display, and if you have a theme that’s not quite fully formed, Kimber’s years of experience can help you narrow down precisely how to manifest it.

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