The 7 Best Food Photographers in Naples, FL

It can be hard to hunt down a talented creative in smaller cities like Naples when you’re looking to share your food artistry with the world! Fortunately, we at Peerspace have taken the time to curate this list of the top 7 Naples food photographers. We were amazed by the artists’ quality we found here, with styles ranging from classic to editorial and modern. Check ’em out below!

1. Naples FL Food & Drink

When looking for the best food options in the Naples area, we recommend checking out the Instagram feed of Naples FL Food & Drink. Unlike many food bloggers, they link to the IG feeds of the restaurants and provide descriptions of what’s featured. In this way, you can fully appreciate what’s on offer at each restaurant before committing to a visit.

Naples FL Food & Drink is also a talented food photographer, using tableside views and compositions that accent the diversity and artistry of each dish or drink. Their neutral colors allow you to better visualize yourself sitting there, ready to take a bite!

2. Nicole Nixon and Carly Bromley

Nicole Nixon and Carly Bromley are SW Florida commercial photographers. This means that they are Naples food photographers who cover products, business portraits, fashion, and other shots to feature what successful brands offer. They describe their approach as one centered on bringing to life their customers’ vision through psychological marketing. As they share with us: “​​By focusing on the client’s thought process, they place a great deal of importance on the user’s intention and emotional connection.”

Nicole and Carly’s food photography exemplifies this approach masterfully, using texture, color, perspective, and more to inspire sensory memories in viewers. Appetite, flavor, smell, and more are just as much of the scene as the visual elements!

3. Adrian Jimenez of ES9 Photography

Adrian Jimenez is the creative mastermind behind ES9 Photography, a brand centered on commercial photography for local and national brands. You may have come across his food and product lifestyle narratives in publications like Gulfshore Life Magazine or Naples Herald.

With over 25 years of commercial experience, this Naples food photographer’s visual marketing skills are second to none. Adrian’s food images portray not just the artistry of a given dish. They also feature the ambiance of a particular venue. The white balance, color, exposure, and composition can naturally suggest fine dining, farm-to-table, or any other atmosphere as needed.

4. Barbara Wrigley McDevitt

Some of the best Naples food photographers have a naturally mature style, as Barbara McDevitt does. Rather than simply choosing a photographer to take candid pictures of a dish, you hire her as an artist because you appreciate how she presents things through her fine art lens.

Barbara’s style is subdued and earth-toned, nostalgic qualities that bring to life an editorial vision of a contemporary kitchen. We especially love her talent for overhead spreads, allowing us to fully appreciate the artistry involved in a given dish or table arrangement. In fact, Barbara’s images are as much artwork as they are representational!

5. Brian Szeliga

Brian Szeliga has been a professional photographer since 2001, and a lover of the art form for far longer. In fact, he has a total of 30 years of experience as a photographer, including his formal study and graduation from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale!

Brian’s food photography is vibrant, noticing and enhancing elements of color that immediately grab the viewer’s attention. Rich red peppers, warm desserts, and more compete for our attention. He also uses macro-level views to fully capture the fine details of an item and enhance notes of flavor, moisture, texture, and other taste cues.

6. Surfside Creative

Surfside Creative’s mission is to balance aesthetics with function; something they masterfully achieve! This approach is a real challenge for commercial photographers to do because there are so many established trends in the visual arts space. Especially where social media and brand marketing are concerned. Many of their brand partners are local to Naples and Fort Myers, giving viewers of their portfolio a closer look at the food scene on offer.

Surfside Creative uses a personal aesthetic that’s subdued and earthy, bringing to life natural light vibes with gentle shadows for an indoor dining atmosphere. They recognize hero angles of particular dishes, finding compositions that best emphasize the strongest viewing angles and the natural artistry in each food portrait. We especially love how artfully Surfside Creative uses shallow depth of field in their food portraits. Background blur is maximized for artistic intent, rendering point light sources softly into bubbles of bokeh surrounding their featured food item.

7. Kristen Hess

Bouncing between NYC and SW Florida is normal for Kristen Hess. She is so highly in demand that she regularly works in LA, Chicago, and Atlanta, collaborating on food styling and photoshoots. Kristen’s brand covers all things food-related. She goes beyond featuring dishes to also shoot portraits for chefs, provide interior shots for fine dining establishments, and event photography for catering agencies. Kristen often partners with top advertising, PR, and production companies to amplify a given brand’s message on the world stage.

That said, we love her rich and diverse food photography portfolio! It covers nearly every major cuisine, featuring traditional BBQ, Asian cuisine, vegan bowls, desserts, and more. Her color grading ranges from subdued and natural to punchy contrast and modern. We also see strong lifestyle elements in the background, giving us a better idea of the fine dining experience promised by a given dish.

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