The 10 Best Houston Fashion Photographers

You might be surprised at the level of fashion photography talent that exists in Houston. It rivals that of cities twice its size, which probably says something about the community’s creative clout. As a result, the task of rounding up a list of the most noteworthy Houston fashion photographers was tough (especially since we love them all), but here we are — it’s happening.

The photographers on this list are masters of their craft. Each approaches fashion photography with a distinct artistic point of view, bringing something different and refreshing to every shoot.

1. Claire McAdams

Claire McAdam’s work is artistic, dramatic, and attention-grabbing. In her portfolio, you’ll see models floating gracefully through the air or drifting underwater more often than you’ll see split lighting in a studio setting. With a degree in theatre, she has a wonderful sense of fun, as well as a healthy appreciation for the whimsical. Each of these photos has a little bit of magic. Plus, she’s the ideal person to go to for professional headshots.

2. Jay Marroquin

Jay Marroquin’s fashion photography is dripping with style, ranging from gritty and hip to classic and classy. By and large, it’s got much more character than the glamour styles frequently seen in things like makeup ads (though he can do that, too). He’s adventurous and confident — he competed in professional motorsports years ago — and he believes good photography should evoke an emotional reaction.

3. Harbor Grace Photography

Harbor Grace Photography is Tim and Lauren Johnson, a married couple whose specialty extends beyond fashion shoots. For some clients, however, that’s precisely what makes them perfect. Their lifestyle photography crosses the boundary into fashion photography frequently, but despite putting the attire and models front and center, their photographs still retain their sense of story. It’s the kind of thing that makes them a great partner for something like a look book. But if you need them to glam it out and make things elegant and sexy, you’ll be thrilled with the results they provide.

4. Jeremy Pierson

Jeremy Pierson’s work tends to be colorful, which stands out nowadays. Some projects call for subdued colors on stark white backgrounds, but some don’t — those are the ones Pierson excels at. He’s not afraid to play with bold colored light, smoke, fire, and moody or dramatic color schemes. To get a glimpse into the way his mind works, you can take a peek at his blog, PARALUXE.

5. Select Studios

The work that comes out of Select Studios is gorgeous, and that’s mostly down to the talent of owner Arthur Garcia. Garcia was inundated with photography from his early childhood in Mexico, as his father was a photojournalist. At a young age, he learned to develop film in the darkroom in their family’s home, laying the foundations for the artist he’d become as an adult. Select Studios works with a variety of modeling agencies and celebrities, and Garcia’s fashion work is not quite like that of others on this list. There’s an effortless grace to it, a quiet confidence. It’s not loud or wild — it’s refined and elegant, even when the models and attire are casual.

6. Black Smith Photo

Black Smith Photo’s work shows a keen eye not only for the photography itself but for the larger role it plays in a brand’s marketing strategy. That makes them valuable allies in the fashion industry, able to do more heavy lifting than some of their competitors. They even offer social media packages that include both producing original content, as well as curating additional content from outside sources. In this way, small brands can rival the social clout of much larger companies. As for the work itself? It’s stunning and stylish. It speaks for itself: the photographers at Black Smith Photo are true creatives.

7. Julie Soefer

Julie Soefer’s eye is better than most, even among top-tier Houston fashion photographers. She just has an impeccable taste for what’s cool, a skill that’s hard to teach. You know it when you see it. The strongest shots in her portfolio fall into two distinct categories: bright and lively modern shots with perfect color, as well as shots that look downright vintage, like they could’ve been ripped from a 1960 issue of Vogue.

8. Anghelov Medina

Like many of the best Houston fashion photographers, Anghelov Medina is self-taught and came to photography a bit later in life. You wouldn’t know it from the strength of his fashion portfolio, however — it showcases the skill and confidence to rival any other seasoned photographer. He’s at his best when shooting under natural light out and about in Houston, bringing out the best in his models and letting his keen eye for color shine in post-production.

9. Brock Lawson

Brock Lawson’s work is ferociously hip, showcasing both street styles and high fashion, all of it seen through the lens of his particular point of view. There’s a noticeable style on display — eccentricity, even — and that lends his shots character. Lawson’s photos are not easily mistaken for anyone else’s, and that’s a strength in a field as competitive as this one.

10. Samuel Terry

Samuel Terry’s work is lovely, and much of it is marked by a sense of intimacy between the camera and model. Part of that is the shallow depth of field, as well as the expressions he’s able to capture on the models. In addition, he creates mood by how he approaches each shoot — as if he’s trying to portray a story between him and his subject, all told through the final image.

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