The 9 Best Interior Designers in Vancouver (2022)

Searching for the best Vancouver interior designers for an upcoming project? Then we at Peerspace have you covered! Vancouver is famous for its art scene. Part of the artistic inspiration no doubt springs from its beautiful mountain landscape. So, of course, Vancouver has a plethora of creative outlets from the theater, paintings, music, and some of the best art galleries around. However, one major treasure within the city would hands-down be its interior designers.

The best Vancouver interior designers give their creative take on residential and commercial décor. The space is their canvas, and they’re looking to fill it. So here are some of the best interior designs that Vancouver offers.

1. Christina from Curated Home By Chrissy & Co

Christina is one of the finest examples of a Vancouver interior designer. She’s not afraid to go outside the box to give her clients exactly what they’re after. From commercial to residential properties, Curated Home By Chrissy & Co welcomes any clients. With her and her teammates’ knowledge, love for organization, and a deep passion for transforming spaces, her clients keep coming back for more.

So, what does Chrissy’s portfolio entail? First, you’ll notice a signature style for both her commercial and residential clients. There’s this lovely combination of luxury meets modern design. This superb balance of old and new is what sets her apart.

2. Negar Reihani from Space Harmony

Space Harmony’s founder Negar prides herself on all of her work. She adores making a difference in her creations, and this attention and care reflect in her projects. Whether a residential or a commercial space like a restaurant, Negar is out there ensuring that her clients have their own unique experience in creating a gorgeous space.

She tailors each project to the client. This ensures that they get exactly what they want, need, and their vision will come to life. When checking out Negar’s portfolio, you will notice various styles. But it mostly comes down to industrial meets eclectic. Her visions are marvelous, so she has clients lining up for her.

3. Jamie Deck from Shift Interiors

Trained in construction, millwork, and interior design, there’s no denying that Jamie can do it all. Although Jamie from Shift Interiors primarily focuses on residential homes within Vancouver, he always prides himself on the fact that he can easily create the home clients have always dreamt of. Your wish is his command, and there isn’t a doubt about his success either.

So, what about Jamie’s style? You’ll find more than enough clean lines, minimal texture, and plenty of contemporary looks thrown into the mix.

4. Reisa Pollard from Beyond Beige

Reisa gives a fun nod to her design firm called Beyond Beige. Many modern design spaces include the color beige, but you’ll find more than just the typical look from her style. Reisa and her business have won over 47 awards for her work!

Her respect for the arts, professionalism, and the power of constantly creating unique work sets her apart from other Vancouver interior designers. From start to finish, Beyond Beige is there to help the clients and let them discover their taste, their lives, and what they appreciate about their home. Reisa will be there to blow away the clients, whether it’s a big request to something tiny.

5. Lori Steeves from Simply Home Decorating

Specializing in families, Lori from Simply Home Decorating understands the need for wanting a beautiful space but the desperation for having it functional for a busy family. Being in the industry for over 20 years, she has more than enough tricks up her sleeve. In fact, she ensures that all of her client households get that perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality — all on a budget.

From the bespoke furniture and the vast array of patterns, Lori knows it all, right down to the little finishes. Her three-step process makes transformations seamless and keeps her clients coming back for more.

6. Christina Patan from The Nest Design Group

Christina runs The Nest Design Group. This Vancouver interior designer brings a unique vision to the genre that many others in the city don’t provide. Christina understands that there needs to be a balance between the client’s desires versus what will work in the space. It’s all about complementing the home and bringing out the best features each space has for her.

Christina’s deep love for interior design, her passion, and her knowledge are her driving forces. Plus, her clients can’t help but constantly rave about her.

7. Victoria McKenney from Enviable Designs

Victoria McKenney founded this award-winning interior design firm. She and her team of interior design experts cater to clientele from all over North America. Her work will dazzle you, ranging from one-room projects to complete transformations in custom homes. When checking out the portfolio, you notice that clients aren’t strangers to Victoria.

She loves mixing and matching different patterns together to create this exciting contrast. Not to mention that there is this very chic and modern element to her signature contemporary style. Be amazed repeatedly by checking out the work from Victoria and her firm, Enviable Designs.

8. Lauren Webb and Josephina Serra-Puharich from Form Collective

“Modern, classy, and a hint of chic,” these all perfectly describe the remarkable talent of Lauren and Josephina from Form Collective. This brilliant team is known for being one of the best of the best Vancouver interior designers. They truly make it possible to build gorgeous spaces that no one would ever want to leave. Making a difference is a part of the charm of the Form Collective.

9. Kyo Sada and Don Zwarych from ZWADA home

This lovely residential design studio is located right in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Founded back in 2007, this rag-tag team of interior designers, Kyo and Don, have been turning heads. Their hard work and dedication are all about giving the clients exactly what they’re after. Whether they want a piece of furniture that’s only located internationally or have to discover a fitting detail for their clients’ spaces, they will get it done.

You’ll find that Kyo and Don have a very luxurious style, and they’re always shooting to make their client’s spaces look lush. They deliver what their client needs, whether it’s monochromatic brown or playing with various textures.

Peerspace adores Vancouver interior designers

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