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The 11 Best Las Vegas Fashion Photographers

Las Vegas is a city with a visual identity unlike any other. Whether it’s the Strip — with its towering decadence alongside otherworldly kitsch — or the Old Vegas charm of hip Fremont Street, the city makes an extraordinary backdrop. And don’t even get us started on those jaw-dropping deserts. There’s a lot of emotion and beauty in this town, as well as grit and fight, and the best Las Vegas fashion photographers know a thing or two about harnessing some of that energy in their work.

1. Martina Zandonella

Martina Zandonella’s work tends towards the sexier side of the model shoot spectrum, making her a good option for fashion brands that want some heat in their content. She’s most comfortable in natural light settings, especially outdoors with a Las Vegas desert backdrop — one of the great tools every Nevada photographer has at their disposal. If you want evocative, sensual work, she’s a great choice.

2. Ken Weingart

When he’s not busy shooting portraits of celebrities like Sean Penn and Kim Kardashian, Ken Weingart is creating engaging, chic fashion photography. He comes alive in the studio, where he’s an artist in his natural element. There’s no substitution for experience, and this shows through in each shot in his portfolio. It’s shot after shot of technical excellence and a sharp eye for creating exactly the right photo for the application — whether that’s a beauty product ad, glamour shot, or magazine ad.

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3. Deed DeBruno

Deed DeBruno makes narrative, sometimes surreal art that takes no prisoners. If she needs to take elegant and somewhat straightforward model shots for a clothing line look book or magazine cover, she’ll knock that out of the park. But where she really shines is her more conceptual work, which ranges from bold and colorful to dark and horror-inspired. The ability to leverage her creativity in a variety of creative contexts is what makes her one of the best Las Vegas fashion photographers.

4. Andrey and Anastasia of Anart Photography

Andrey and Anastasia are all about style and passion, and they have shot weddings all over the world in their hip, bohemian style, but they bring that same creative edge to fashion work. They’re most in their element shooting out in the world instead of in the studio, and they’re adept at knowing great spots to take models to harness some of Las Vegas’s glitzy, kitschy charm.

5. Jerry Ghionis

You can’t talk about the best Las Vegas fashion photographers without talking about Jerry Ghionis. He’s one of the city’s most prolific fashion photographers, and he’s also widely renowned as a wedding photographer. Ghionis’s fashion work is dramatic and serious, similar to the art you’d see in an ad for high-end perfume. It also has a distinctly international flair, probably owing to his background and frequent travel.

6. Rainier Pinili

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Lovers of the avant-garde, take note: Rainier Pinili is just getting started. A relative newcomer to the Las Vegas photography scene, Pinili is making a name for himself for his imaginative, adventurous compositions, bold color choices, and fierce creativity. His images have a lo-fi vintage feel to them, as if you might’ve found them on expired Polaroids in a box in your uncle’s attic from his ’70s alternative art scene days. And we mean that in the best way.

7. Pam Fields

In her fashion work, Pam Fields tends towards studio portraits, where she’s comfortable capturing models in dramatic, moody lighting. Her models come across as sultry, sensual, a little wild behind the perfect grooming and intense gazes. It lends her work a little bit of edge, and it’s what sets her images apart from all of those of dour models looking bored against white backdrops. Fields’s work has energy and vitality, and we’re feeling it.

8. Jerry Metellus

If you do some time in the studio with Jerry Metellus, you’re joining the ranks of big names that have gone before you, including B.B. King and Mike Tyson. The guy’s got portrait chops. But if you’re looking for his fashion-specific bonafides, look no further than his repeated appearances as a special guest photographer on America’s Next Top Model. He’s an old hand with a big personality, a lot of vision, and the experience to bring it all together. Of course, it shows in his work: super-sharp, brightly lit, and full of motion.

9. Shaylee Hollan

Shaylee Hollan is an incredibly gifted portrait and lifestyle photographer who started branching out into the fashion world in 2017. It’s no surprise given her professional background that her fashion work tends towards an editorial, lifestyle-esque style, and it suits her well. She lets her models bring more of themselves to the shoot than some other photographers, allowing them to assert their instincts. As a result, her shots are raw and authentic.

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10. Jane Engs

Those who like a clean, chic, classic style will love Jane Engs’s work. It’s the sort of fashion photography that never goes out of style, where her own artistic vision never overpowers the models or the clothing. If you’re a brand commissioning work for a look book, this is the kind of photographer you want — one who brings her own expertise and creativity to the project but doesn’t get so out there as to alienate the audience.

11. Jennifer and Ryan of Square Shooting

Whether it’s elegantly retouched and regal or quirky and playful, Jennifer and Ryan have it covered. You need to flip through their portfolio to really get a sense of it, but they’re adept enough in the fundamentals to beautifully execute a wide range of styles. Being unwilling to pigeonhole yourself is one way you continually develop as an artist, and we’re looking forward to seeing them produce more and more show-stopping artwork.

With all the glitz, glam, and bright lights of Las Vegas, it’s no big surprise that there are beautiful people ready to model and super-talented photographers ready to capture them at their best. Our list of the best Las Vegas fashion photographers includes both old hands and up-and-comers, as well as those who shoot in a variety of styles. There’s something here for everyone, so pour yourself a drink, put on some Frank Sinatra tunes, and get to perusing those portfolios.

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