The 11 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is such an iconic city and one of New Mexico’s most gorgeous. It is full of easy-to-recognize local landmarks like the Sandias and close to other locations like White Sands National Monument. In short, it’s the perfect location for lifestyle photographers who want to include visual clues for viewers to understand their subjects better. We do not doubt that the work of these 11 Albuquerque lifestyle photographers will charm, captivate, and intrigue you in equal measure!

1. David Rosenfield

As an Albuquerque lifestyle photographer, David Rosenfield is an expert at crafting entire stories out of single frames. When we look at his work, we see how prevalent the sense of nostalgia is for him. Childhood, in particular, comes up frequently, with kids sledding, enjoying forest outings, and exploring their environments in an innocent, wholesome fashion. David also brings lifestyle elements into his portrait photography, where apparel, location, and even companion choices add to our picture of who his clients are!

2. Alicia Lucia

Alicia, Ashley, and Breanna are the photographer trio behind Alicia Lucia photography. Their goal is to capture weddings from a non-traditional, moment-driven perspective. And to do so, they forgo canned poses in favor of a documentary style that leaves you free to enjoy the unfolding of the day with your loved ones. Alicia and her team regularly find those fine art moments that spontaneously arise and include elements of the venue, guest interactions, and emotional moments that help viewers feel a part of the ceremony!

3. Nicole Bradshaw

With over 30 weddings and countless family sessions under her belt, Nicole Bradshaw is one of our favorite lifestyle photographers. Her style involves working in sunny, classic portrait locations like public parks and gently guided poses to help your family photographs invoke precisely the right mixture of nostalgia and timelessness. And when working with wedding clients, Nicole’s expansive environmental portraits include background elements that leave no doubt we are looking at an Albuquerque ceremony.

4. Cam Storie

Weddings, couples, and family connections with a lifestyle twist are what Cam Storie channels in her artwork. And as a New Mexican native, she regularly brings her subjects outdoors to add further lifestyle themes to her images. These themes often include notions of exploration, solitude, wanderlust, and adventure, which find powerful expression alongside the region’s lonely roads and desert mountains. New Mexico locals will easily recognize scenic locations in her work, like White Sands National Monument!

5. Nicole Bridges

Some of the best Albuquerque lifestyle photographers are New Mexican natives like Nicole Bridges. These photographers know precisely where and when to work to bring to life the stories you’re hoping to immortalize through photos. Nicole’s portfolio is full of scenic locations if you’re a fan of working in the mountains, desert, or forest glades. She focuses on families, children, couples, weddings, and maternities, freezing those moments in time where your kids were at their youngest, or you had excellent reasons to celebrate!

6. Jacqueline Vega

“Bringing out your inner goddess” is the theme by which Jacqueline Vega works, and we love seeing the results. Her maternity images most strongly embrace this theme, with flowing outfits and poses of confidence and grace to match! We also love her newborn imagery, where she uses costumes and backgrounds to juxtapose classic themes with the innocence of babies playfully. Jacqueline’s couples photography makes great use of the outdoors and apparel choices like cowboy hats and boots to craft a timeless tale of adventures in the Southwest.

7. Beth Waldron

Painter, geologist, gardener, and photographer Beth Waldron loves nothing more than to explore both the natural and human world through artistic mediums. Her photos tell of a love affair with light, form, and lifestyle narratives that we think you’ll adore. Beth seeks out moments of peak emotion when working with family and wedding clients. And her preference for natural colors allows mood and composition to take center stage over the occasionally overdone color grading popular in this genre!

8. Kate Buckles

Family and life milestones are what this Albuquerque lifestyle photographer cherishes! Kate Buckles has been a part of hundreds of maternity, family, newborn, fresh 48, birthday, senior, and event sessions! She works both in the scenic outdoors of New Mexico as well as in your home; whichever best fits the lifestyle narrative you have in mind. There, she finds fine art-worthy scenes that use a warm, gently desaturated color profile to enhance the timeless character of her subject matter.

9. Jenny Ploss

Jenny Ploss of Extended Play Photography is a family and wedding documentary photographer who has a strong lifestyle element, thanks to her emphasis on avoiding fake poses and presentations. Instead, we’re treated to seeing you as you are, engaging with your loved ones, and an environment free of the nerves that come with trying to present in a contrived fashion. The intimacy and authenticity of Jenny’s photography speak to her talent of being an unobtrusive, calming presence in the room as well. Her subjects are rarely looking directly at the camera, giving us the feel of being guests in the room and part of the action!

10. Lavel Marie

Lavel Marie and her team specialize in lifestyle, wedding, and elopement photography. Here, we get to see these highlights of one’s life featured in a moody, light-filled fashion. The subtle shift towards warm, pastel tones is a natural fit for wedding whites and bright Albuquerque skies. And by providing just enough of the background to give us an idea of what venue Lavel Marie’s subjects have chosen, we get a better sense of what it’s like to be a part of their celebration!

11. Dani Rae Montoya

Newborns, maternities, couples, and life milestones are some of our favorite lifestyle subjects. And the way Dani Rae Montoya features these subjects ensures that you and others will savor these memories for decades to come. For newborns, she works from her specially equipped home studio and regularly works with families and couples outdoors in the abundant natural light of New Mexico. The soft lighting Dani favors gives skin tones ideal illumination without overpowering, distracting highlights. Coupled with gentle shadows, her subjects are left bathed in beautiful light!

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