The 11 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Buffalo

Lifestyle photography has become incredibly popular in recent years due to its ability to capture real moments. All of the following Buffalo lifestyle photographers have an eye for the impromptu moments — the moments outside of posing directions where the subject is just themselves — all while maintaining their own distinct styles. 

1. Kelsey Gene

Buffalo lifestyle photographer Kelsey Gene is driven by her desire to create images your grandkids will treasure and inspired by the love she sees in front of her camera every day. Her work has a timeless film style — deep blacks, the perfect amount of contrast, and neutral toning — all elements that will keep your photos looking their best for decades without becoming dated. Her style is perfectly suited to weddings and couples shoots as it has a touch of romantic and sentimental feeling. 

2. Alyssa Flood

Capturing people in spontaneous moments is a hallmark of lifestyle photography, and Alyssa Flood has honed her eye for those moments in her years as a photographer. She’s an elopement, wedding, and lifestyle specialist, documenting all of life’s moments both big and small in her unique, artistic style. She often uses creative blur, capturing more than a portrait, she captures the feeling of the moment, making her work heartfelt and beautiful. 

3. Jess Brass of Common Dove Photography

If you’ve ever wanted to look at your family photographs and be transported through time, Jess Brass is your dream photographer. While she is well versed in the technical aspects of photography — including working with natural light and framing her photographs just so — it’s the personal moments and the emotion that makes her work stand out. If you favor photographs with simple up close crops, a light and airy feel, and true emotion, she might be the perfect photographer for you. 

4. Ashley Schaffert Laderer of Morning Glory

Buffalo lifestyle photographer Ashley Schaffert Laderer’s emotional documentary style captures the beautiful truth of the moment. If you want perfectly posed portraits, maybe her style isn’t ideal for you. But if you want to capture the way your significant other looks at you with a twinkle in their eyes or the tenderness of your bond with your child, it absolutely is. She has a great sense of the balance of editing — enough to feel natural while also enhancing the photograph — so you don’t have to worry about not looking like yourself. She also has an incredible eye for light, seeking out both golden flares as well as moody shadows for a look befitting each subject. 

5. Jessica Popovich

Jessica Popovich is one of the rare photographers who is equally adept at creating beautifully lit studio portraits as well as working in natural light outdoors. She creates unique sets for newborns and families indoors to control the environment as well as capturing moments of family interaction in parks and other beautiful locations around Buffalo. If you want to document your family in all of their beauty and want a photographer who can personalize the environment to your style, check out Jessica. 

6. Colleen Kelly

Serving Western New York with her lifestyle wedding photography Colleen Kelly specializes in intimate elopements and engagement sessions. Her style is a little bit romantic, a little bit rock and roll, and all kinds of beautiful. Celebrating all couples, she uses her background as a magazine staff photographer to capture the fleeting moments of your time together, all in her moody style. 

7. Molly Hirschbeck Acton of Silo Studios

Molly Hirschbeck Acton is a Buffalo lifestyle photographer with a focus on family and connection. Her diverse skill set means she can document all kinds of life moments from fresh 48 newborn sessions to outdoors shoots with your growing family. She takes a hands-off approach with her direction, allowing her subjects to be themselves and capturing real portraits in the process. As a bonus, she loves fur babies, so if you want to showcase them as the family members they are, bring ‘em along. 

8. Anneliese Canna

Anneliese has a candid style that is enhanced by her simple and fun direction, perfectly suited to families and those who aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera. She is equally at ease with in-home lifestyle sessions to document you in your space as well as outdoors sessions that are full of play. Her use of shadows and textures in her work, as well as the toning she uses give it a slightly rustic vibe, perfect for those who love the areas outside of the city. 

9. Jenna Maul

Capturing milestone moments in an easy-going style, Jenna Maul blends a bit of wanderlust and adventure photography into her shoots — especially those romantic elopements. She uses travel photography as inspiration and a skill enhancer, creating dynamic portraits that draw you into the scene. Her style is perfect for those who want their love stories told in an authentic way, as well as those couples with an adventurous streak and love of life. If this is you, check out her work! 

10. Amanda Ziccarelli

Amanda Ziccarelli blends aspects of traditional portrait photography and completely candid moments to create her own style. Using tried and true portrait techniques ensures that you have superb photos for the family holiday card, while her eye for the unscripted moments ensures the true personalities of your kids are also preserved. Her hybrid style is perfect for those who want it all in a family photographer — posed portraits, playful moments, and a talented artist behind the lens. 

11. Erin Feuerstein

If you like your lifestyle photos with just the right amount of polish, Erin Feuerstein may be your ideal match. Coordinating with her clients to plan their perfect shoot, she selects the location, gently guides her subjects through the shoot, and captures genuine moments along the way. As a bonus, her background as a commercial photographer has lent her expertise with strobe lighting so your shoot isn’t dependent upon the weather.

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