The 9 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Tallahassee

Lifestyle photography is an exciting genre to explore because it covers so much ground. Here we can find wedding photographers, portrait shooters, lovers of maternity images … And in each of these and more, we will find stories being told about the subjects and their lives in an engaging manner. So let’s take a look at the stories being told by the best Tallahassee lifestyle photographers of 2021!

1. Cole Zimmerman

Expressive storytelling is the specialty of Cole Zimmerman, Tallahassee lifestyle photographer. Ever since his initial forays into the visual arts with a DSLR in college, he’s been enchanted with wedding, engagement, newborn, maternity, and couples portraits from a lifestyle angle. We love seeing how his subjects are engaged fully with each other and their environment in a spontaneous, unposed fashion. The embraces, kisses, and laughter are captured authentically, complete with the individual idiosyncrasies of a particular family, couple, or child. And when it’s creatively appropriate, Cole is a master of incidental props, like rings, mirrors, or confetti, to better highlight the emotions on display.

2. Nicole Everson

The lifestyle photography of Nicole Everson is a deep dive into the worlds of newborn, family, wedding, and couples photography. People and their relationships are shared intimately. Nicole is a fan of spontaneous, unposed outings and gentle tips to help uncertain families strike the right chord in viewers. And her gentle, often pastel, color grading is an excellent match for the subdued Golden Hour tones of the nearby Emerald Coast. Such warm, soft styling is also perfect for featuring the quiet innocence of sleeping newborns and warm family hugs in the outdoors.

3. Sarah Gray

With 11 years of experience in the lifestyle photography business, Sarah Gray is the photographer you turn to to banish anxiety and help you put your best foot forward. Motherhood is a specialty of hers, with maternity, newborn, and children with their mothers joyfully filling her portfolio. Well-matched to her subject, Sarah prefers a style with abundant natural light filling the frame. Whites, light colors, and radiance suggest freedom, joy, and celebration for the maternal bonds on display.

4. She-Bee Photography

Sherona and Ausbee are the creative photographer couple behind Shee-Bee Photography, a portrait, and wedding studio in Tallahassee. We found ourselves struck by their work, which uses a combination of methods depending on the subject matter. For their wedding photography, they rely on a photojournalistic approach, allowing natural moments of fine art to arise of their own volition. This frees their couples to enjoy the day and each other while Shee-Bee works seamlessly in the background. And for portraits, they use classic posing techniques tailor-made for the life milestones and self-celebration that inspired the shoot in the first place.

5. Avenue Photography

We have found yet another Tallahassee lifestyle photographer team for you to explore; Rachael and Shannon, the team in charge of Avenue Photography. Love stories are the name of their game, be they the love between couples, grandparents and their grandkids, or something else entirely. We especially love how they portray family outings using their wedding-oriented color grading. Soft tones, radiant light, and scenic surroundings all add to the lifestyle narrative being told about each family and their love for one another. And the parks, churches, and other carefully chosen settings are perfect for family portraits you can enjoy for decades to come.

6. Saige Roberts

Few photographers understand the gift of healing lifestyle portraits quite so well as Saige Roberts does. After struggling with self-doubt for decades, she started to find a new appreciation for herself through loving self-portraits. And in doing so, she realized she had a gift to share with the rest of the world, which we’re thankful for. Sage’s style is intensely creative, using the outdoors juxtaposed with props ranging from classic to whimsical, in order to highlight the creativity and beauty of her subjects. And rather than feeling imposed by the photographer, the poses coaxed out by Sage have a very individual character.

7. Rebecca Sheffield

Rebecca Sheffield is a Tallahassee native and therefore an excellent choice because she knows precisely where and when to take families out on photography sessions. She is also an advocate for documenting each member of the family through the visual arts in order for future generations to better remember who you were then. This nostalgic focus manifests in her photography, where brilliant smiles and cheerful outdoor settings are the norm. Rebecca’s color grading is also well matched to the theme, with soft colors and bright highlights to inspire warmth in viewers again and again.

8. April Joy

Tallahassee lifestyle photographer April Joy specializes in themed photoshoots with her clients, including cake smashes, childhood fantasies, and family gatherings. And in order to do so, she has become a master of props to solidify the theme. A few of our favorites include mermaid tails for excited youngsters and milk baths full of fruit for toddlers to splash about in. We also love April’s color choices, which are typically vibrant and rich in contrast. The frame is often full of exciting, engaging details as a result, from the patterns of clothing to the warmth of her subject’s expressions. The final images just beg to be appreciated for much longer than a brief glance.

9. For Good Photography

Newborns, seniors, maternities, and more are what April Pinner of For Good Photography has to share with us. As a labor and delivery nurse, she is fully acquainted with the importance of capturing fleeting life milestones. Newborn photography, therefore, was a natural fit for her talents. Her newborn poses are even more creative than most, using frontal shots when the majority shoot overhead to engage us with the gentle expressions of sleeping infants. April also uses contrast to deepen moody shadows while retaining gentle highlights for soft skin tones.

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