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The 12 Best Orlando Wedding Photographers

Somewhere between Florida’s sunny beaches and endless swampland — just a ways off of I-75 — lies Orlando. Entire generations have primarily known the city as a place of magic — after all, it’s the home of Disney World. It’s fitting that the most talented Orlando wedding photographers also reside here, as they all have made a career of capturing magic in each and every wedding. These shutterbugs come from all walks of life and work in a variety of styles, and they’re all at the top of their game. 

1. Corner House Photography

Corner House Photography has a relatively deep roster of talented associate shooters, but they maintain a consistent style across the brand. A nice bonus that other companies might do well to emulate is having sample galleries for each individual photographer, so couples can request a specific shooter if they’d like. Corner House photos are crisp and clean, never overly processed. Their illustrative style skews towards documentary style, but they’ll gently guide couples in small, unobtrusive ways to ensure each shot comes out beautifully.

2. Joanna Moore Photography

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Working with Joanna Moore is a calming, laid-back experience — she brings an energy to the wedding that puts couples immediately at ease. She’s not the type to add stress by demanding absolute technical perfection (i.e., asking to retake shots over and over again), but you wouldn’t know it from her portfolio. Her work is full of lovely, classic work with a nice amount of contrast and natural tones. If you want the kind of shots that are going to look great to your future kids and your kid’s kids, call Joanna.

3. Fox and Film Photography

Alex and Josie of Fox and Film Photography has work that exudes style for days, and it’s reflected in autumn and spring tones, matte-looking post-processing, and a healthy dose of creative thinking. They’re one of those teams that’s going to give you their best work when you give them leeway to be adventurous and test out unexpected methods. You’ll end up with a gallery of classically gorgeous day-of photos, as well as a number of shots that are unlike anyone else’s.

4. Amy Slogar Photograpy

There’s a particular style sometimes seen in wedding photography that Amy Slogar does very well. It’s marked by desaturated colors, an occasional sepia tint, and deep reds and greens — you know it when you see it. And, if you like that style, you’ll love Amy’s work because she probably does it better than anyone else in Orlando. As of 2019, Amy only takes on 25 weddings per year, meaning each couple is a true priority. She’ll make you feel special, and her photos will capture that feeling forever.

5. Lili Lu

Cassie Peech’s Lili Lu team has had worked published in numerous publications. Cassie herself has a unique background that gives her an interesting point of view as a wedding photographer. She cut her teeth as a runway photographer for the fashion industry, developing an eye for the human form and the way clothing interacts with it. Afterwards, she worked for Disney Fine Art Photography, snapping shots of couples from all over the world. As such, capturing fun, beautiful photos of incredible dresses and happy couples is something she’s well-versed in, long before she ever came to wedding photography. But, boy, are we glad she did.

6. S&S Photography

Stan and Charlene Cheslock of S&S Photography have been in the game for decades, and multiple sources have recognized the duo as being among the best wedding photographers in Orlando. Their team dynamic is an integral part of their success. Charlene is enthusiastic and organized, a born manager who’s always ready to hustle for the perfect shot. Stan approaches wedding photography with a more serene and artistic eye, leveraging a deep technical knowledge, as well as a trained eye for light and form to produce work that’s soft, dreamy, and romantic. Together, they’re unstoppable.

7. Kelly Berringer Photography

Kelly Berringer is the kind of photographer who will help you set up your reception if the wedding planner cancels at the last second. She’ll also fix your hair on the fly before you hit the aisle. She’s an ally. And whether the vibe of your day is formal, laid-back, or completely outrageous, she’ll capture it with energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps her strongest work is her natural light couples portraits, so make sure you’ve carved out plenty of time to take a lot of them!

8. Concept Photography

For most wedding photographers, the first few wedding shoots are nerve-wracking and adrenaline-fueled. There’s a sense of pressure that many people aren’t used to, as it’s such an important day in another person’s life. Over time, this fades — unless you’re Jason of Concept Photography. He’s never lost that rush, and he’s channeled it into a passion for taking creative risks and pushing for the perfect shot. His work is stylish and gorgeous, filled with life and love.

9. Nick and Lauren Photography

Nick and Lauren take lively photos that stand out from the pack for their creativity and crackling energy. Nick describes Lauren as a Disney princess, a lover of fairy tales and magic, and you can see it in the photos. Likewise, Lauren paints a picture of Nick as quick-witted and sensitive, a natural creative with an artist’s eye for capturing the emotional truth of any given moment. Their work is perfect for couples that envision their day as elegant and colorful, but with just a touch of magic. 

10. Infinite Loop Photography + Films

Jerry of Infinite Loop puts a lot of stock in forming a friendship with the couples he works with. Becoming acquainted with the couple and being a calming presence on a stressful day, Jerry produces breathtaking photos in which the bride and groom let their guard down. In addition, capturing intimacy is one of the biggest jobs a photographer tackles. Jerry’s work is contemporary but has a vintage quality; it’s classic without being stuffy. We love it, and so will you.

11. Adam King Weddings

Adam King loves fashion, editorial, and landscape photography, which affects his aesthetic sense and the way he captures moments. Lovers of documentary-style wedding photography will appreciate Adam’s beautiful execution and eye for high-fashion photography. Your wedding gallery will feel like a story told in the pages of a magazine.

12. George Street Photo & Video

Like many of the best wedding photographers in Orlando, George Street specializes in documentary-style wedding photography. Hallmarks of the group’s particular style include well-saturated colors, lovely use of natural light, and a knack for bringing out just the right emotion in subjects. Their portfolio exhibits real versatility, making them a wonderful go-to choice for just about anyone.

Our list of the best Orlando wedding photographers goes up to only 12, but the playing field is packed with awesome creatives. Whether your wedding takes place outdoors among Orlando’s natural greenery and abundant sunshine, or you’re living your own fairy tale at the Magic Kingdom, these wedding photographers are ready to capture every smile, every tear, and every “I do.”

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