The 10 Best Portrait Photographers in Stowe, VT

We know that the hardest part about selecting a portrait photographer in Stowe is finding the one that brings your vision to life. Since portraiture covers everything from weddings and graduations to family outings, we took the time to find the very best Stowe portrait photographers to partner up with. Now you can start creating memories with a talented artist as soon as possible!

1. Jesse Schloff

Jesse Schloff is a Stowe portrait photographer who also covers local weddings and commercial projects. Besides our recognition, Stowe Today also ranked him as their 2019 Best Local Photographer!

Kind, discreet, and calm are just a few of his clients’ words to describe their experiences working with him. Jesse’s style is romantic, taking his individuals and clients out into the Vermont countryside, where rustic farmlands and forested hills add nostalgia to his images.

2. Lincoln Gap Photo

Stephanie is the creative mastermind behind Lincoln Gap Photo, a brand focused on passionate, creative, and engaging portraits! Living in nearby Mad River Valley, she photographs locals and visitors looking for artistic images of their time walking beside burbling brooks and exploring wooded glens.

Stephanie’s style includes outdoors and lifestyle elements, like picnic blankets and autumn leaf piles. These add even more interest to the story told by her photos!

3. Anne Mientka

Wedding, couples, and elopement images are what Anne Mientka specializes in! She left her nonprofit career to become a full-time wedding photographer and now photographs ceremonies across New England.

Anne uses gently guided poses to convey the romance and celebration inherent to weddings when taking portraits of her clients. We also love her superb choices in color grading, using subdued, pastel colors mixed with bright wedding whites for a classic, film-like style!

4. Kristina Nalette

The journey to motherhood is what inspired Kristina Nalette to pick up a camera and start working as a Stowe portrait photographer. She saw how fleeting the time is when kids are small, and couples enjoy newly wedded bliss. Therefore, she decided that she had a gift to offer both her own family and others!

As Kristina shares with us: “Now, as a mother, I know firsthand how precious those early pictures are … and as the years go by, it’s the simple shots that I treasure the most” The shooting environments Kristina chooses reflects her love for the outdoors and people. Fall leaves, rocky outcroppings, trees framing her subjects … This way, we feel more like we’ve stepped into the lives of her subjects during a family outing!

5. Katie Ziegler

Self-taught Stowe portrait photographers like Katie Ziegler are favorites of ours! She took her love for composition and light and honed it into a successful brand through sheer determination and practice.

Her style is softly nostalgic, using shallow depth of field to add tasteful blur when highlighting her subjects. We especially love how she uses foliage, leading lines, and other elements to add further interest to her subjects. Besides portraits, Katie also partners with locals in need of a creative vision for weddings, small events, products, and pet images!

6. Heather Watt

Photography was always the passion of Heather Watt, and her move to Vermont was the catalyst that inspired her to pursue it as a career! She is a journalism major and also studied photojournalism and graphic design, highlighting her love of visual storytelling.

Heather is also the recipient of several awards through her membership with the Professional Photographers of America association. In fact, she’s received honorable mention as judge’s choice and court of honor at the state level!

7. Elisabeth Viilu

Elisabeth Viilu sees photography as an opportunity to preserve memories as much as creating art. She describes her style as “simple and clean,” focusing on cultivating an atmosphere where it is easy to relax and be with your loved ones naturally.

We see this approach made manifest in her art. In fact, there is an authentically playful quality that’s rare in posed portraiture. Her subjects have open, inviting expressions and embrace and engage in ways that highlight the unique aspects of their bonds!

8. Amy Bennett

Cheerful, intimate, and natural are just a few of the words we’d use to describe Amy Bennett’s photography. Weddings, couples, families, and lifestyle photography are her favorite genres to work with. And quite often, they cross over into each other, where new families come into being during a wedding.

Amy’s photography preserves the emotional qualities of the day you can re-experience for years to come! The clarity and joy in her work stand out more than that of most Stowe portrait photographers, which is why she’s one of our favorites.

9. Kevin Macy

Traditional portraiture is the strong suit of Kevin Macy! In this style, we see guided poses that invoke confidence, joy, and happiness, taken in settings carefully chosen for their appeal. His classically inspired studio photography with tasteful vignetting is our favorite, where subdued lighting and backgrounds allow the expression and eyes of Kevin’s subjects to take center stage!

He also does outdoor senior graduation images, where natural light and expert flash result in photo album-worthy portraiture.

10. Portrait Gallery VT

Geoff and Wendy are wedding and portrait photographers with over 300 weddings’ worth of experience to draw on! Since 2000, they have been in partnership not only through marriage but also collaborating creatively.

They often bring clients to their 1797 farmhouse, where the scenic gardens Wendy cultivates make for idyllic portrait locations. Geoff and Wendy also have a natural light portrait studio and a showroom where you can draw inspiration from their decades of fine art experience.

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