The 7 Best Product Photographers in New Orleans

Looking for the best New Orleans product photographers? As a major US city and cultural nexus of the South, New Orleans is a thrilling place to build your brand. There are loads of creative collaborators to potentially network with, for one. But all of this talent can make it hard to get the word out about your brilliant creations. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace is home to hundreds of picture-perfect venues in New Orleans and we have honed our eye for talent spotting.

That’s why we’ve curated this list of the top 7 New Orleans product photographers! Since engagement begins with stunning photography, working with them will get people interested in learning more about what your brand has to offer.

1. Roland Baker

Roland Baker Jr. is both a photographer and videographer who sees the camera as that which rescued him from a lifetime of dull deskbound drudgery. Through an immense love for the artform, Roland taught himself until he reached his aspirations. Photography became a serious pursuit for him in 2018, and the commercial side of his brand focuses on studio product shots that are rich in color and contrast. Deep shadow often comes into being, yet Roland is just as much at home with studio white backgrounds!

If you feel inspired by his story and want to make a dream of your own come to life, then you’re in the right place! Roland also helps folks looking to gain inspiration and transform their own lives through his blog and podcast. This love for self-transformation and celebration is especially evident in his portraiture. Here you can see how powerful and authentic the expressions of his subjects are when framed in Roland’s commercial studio or the outdoors.

2. Jill Chaze Photography

Originally from Texas, Jill Chaze has been living in NOLA since her graduation in 1998! While her degree and career were in education, she retired after 20 years of service to further her photography brand in 2010. Jill thanks her father for her love of photography, seeing as he bought her a camera when young that sparked this lifelong passion.

Her style is vibrant and upbeat, making great use of strong natural light, bright whites, and color matching. Whether it is product photography, family photography, or something else, Jill’s love for contemporary color schemes comes across in a beautiful way. There are often strong lifestyle elements in her images thanks to models, setting, and light. These bring to life themes like “summer beach outing” or a holiday atmosphere that’s far more powerful than simply featuring a product by itself.

3. Brian Jarreau

Few New Orleans product photographers manage to capture the peak emotional qualities of items and dishes the way Brian Jarreau does. He is very selective in how he arranges items and backgrounds. In doing so, he highlights the beauty and promise that each brand makes to potential clients. What’s more, he chooses hero viewing angles that are artistic enough to evoke delight and inspire you to browse his portfolio for more tidbits!

We think you’ll come to love the more subdued, natural color scheme he favors in his work. It goes strongly against the overly saturated and vibrant style favored by many photographers. And besides being a professional commercial photographer, Brian is also a portrait, event, wedding, and cityscape photographer with a love for abandoned and decaying structures.

4. Zack Smith Photography

The lifestyle and commercial photography of Zack Smith include several perspectives cultivated in his time as a producer and musician. As he shares with us: “As both a musician, artist, and storyteller, Smith believes that the world gets smaller as we celebrate our similarities and connect through our traditions and stories.”

We entirely agree and can see this approach brought to life in the engaging way his product and food images convey lifestyle stories. You can experience timeless themes like family, connectedness, celebration and more, in what is much more than simply a photo of a product being showcased. Zach’s photography is as much fine art as it is commercial work, in that respect!

5. Kirk Voclain

Cameras have been a part of Kirk Voclain’s life for nearly all of it. From his first photography experiences at age 8 to shooting a wedding at age 15, he has always found the art form to be a powerful mode of self-expression for him. Kirk Voclain Photography in its modern form opened for business in 1987, and his work continues to evolve. Some of his artwork has even appeared at the Disney World Kodak EPCOT exhibition!

Kirk’s product and food photography are especially masterful, highlighting textures and color while demonstrating skillful attention to light. That said, his skills are as flexible as the collaboration demands. So whether you are in need of studio product shots, on-location food images, or something else, this New Orleans product photographer is more than up to the challenge!

6. Online Optimism

Online Optimism is actually based in several locations besides New Orleans, including Atlanta and Washington, DC. Each office includes teams that focus on the photography, social media, marketing, and strategy needs of brands looking to elevate their presence in a competitive marketplace.

Given the breadth of their services, they count major institutions like the Technology Policy Institute and the Regional Planning Commission for the Parishes of Louisiana as just a few of their clients!

7. Rebecca Pons

Sometimes we want a New Orleans product photographer who does more than simply document and presents items in a straightforward fashion. If you’re looking for someone who has an artistic streak that comes across instantly in their commercial work, take a look at the portfolio of Rebecca Pons!

Her still life collection includes product and food photography inspired by vintage film elements. This means intentional use of direct flash, film grain, and conceptual motifs that gives her work its distinct style.

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