The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Minneapolis

Looking for the best Minneapolis real estate photographers to get your listing sold fast? As the largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis is the place to be looking if you are in need of a real estate photographer with an eye for quality. However, much of the media tends to miss out on the unique features of homes and office space. Therefore, we at Peerspace decided to help you find your creative partner of choice by curating this list of the top Minneapolis real estate photographers of 2022!

1. UAV Vision Media

Based out of nearby St. Paul, UAV Vision Media offers real estate, portrait, and event photography solutions for commercial and individual clients looking for the very best. UAV is a rare real estate team that lays out precisely what you can expect when partnering with them. They offer blue sky guarantees, using advanced retouching to ensure you craft precisely the right mood for viewers regardless of how the day’s weather unfolds.

UAV even recognizes how important it is to get your listing on the market promptly. In fact, they offer next-day turnaround times so listings can be visited while the market is still hot!

2. Mill City Team

As Phoenix and Minneapolis real estate photographers, the Mill City Team got its start as a transaction coordination and media services team. Bill Shaw, Jim LeVoir, and Anthony Oddo are the founders, with a complementary skill set that enables them to showcase residential and luxury spaces at their very best.

We especially love how well they feature natural light, contrast, and color in each listing. Tones are vibrant without feeling unrealistic, finding precisely the right balance between artistry and expectations for how a home should look.

3. Homecoming Photography

With over 50,000 homes of experience and counting, the team over at Homecoming Photography is a top Minneapolis real estate team! And as specialists, they offer a complete suite of visual media options, including videography, drone footage, 3D Matterport tours, and more.

Also, when working with photographers, Homecoming elevates them to a position of partnership that helps their work stand apart from other real estate media providers. As they explain: “Our competitors don’t involve photographers and editors in the creative process. By including our creative team in the conversation, Homecoming fosters a culture of creativity dedicated to realizing your vision.”

4. Oneshot Media

With several years of experience in the world of Minneapolis real estate image making, Oneshot Media is a favorite with realtors, architects, and other professionals. If you have browsed listings from Century 21, Coldwell Banker, or RE/MAX then there is an excellent chance that you’ve seen their work already.

Oneshot Media is actually a team of photographers, videographers, and editors whose skills ensure fast turnover, with the end results up to your standards.

5. Spacecrafting Photography

As the largest group of Minneapolis real estate photographers in the area, Spacecrafting Photography is a must-feature in our list of creatives! Spacecraft got its start in 2006, making it one of the longest-running teams as well. They have over 100,000 property listings featured to their brand, an incredible number that demonstrates just how dedicated they are to real estate photography.

And despite their decades of experience, Spacecrafting takes the time to find the elements that make each listing special.

6. Elevate Photography MN

Elevate Photography MN was founded in 2016 from Melissa Thome and Amy Lemaniak’s desire to enhance real estate media in the Minneapolis market! Their collective 12 years of experience and complementary skill sets have enabled them to elevate listings in a distinctive manner.

Instead of overcooked colors and HDR, Elevate instead uses natural tones and gentle exposure bracketing to better present a space. Yet in doing so, each composition highlights the elements that make a particular home attractive and unique. It allows you to appreciate what’s present while still leaving room for dreams about the possibilities a space affords!

7. Cineminn Media Co

Cineminn Media Co. has been featured by Expertise twice in a row as top Minneapolis real estate photographers. And now, they are also favorites of ours! When choosing a brand of real estate media partners, it pays to work with specialists like Cineminn Media. They offer a comprehensive package of options to choose from. For example, their twilight and evening images craft a completely different emotional tone from the usual daylight exterior shots.

They also do Zillow and Matterport 3D tours so you can immerse yourself in a listing from the comfort of your own living room. Considering how essential remote viewings are nowadays, it pays to offer prospective clients as much flexibility as possible.

8. J. Fuerst Photo

Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Century 21, and other major realty partners know that J. Fuerst Photo is a real estate photography partner to count on. They also appreciate how thoughtful J. Fuerst is when handling each real estate listing they are a part of.

Rather than using a cookie-cutter approach to documenting a space, they aimed to craft an approach that’s consistently successful at helping listings move faster. In their words: “There are so many providers that simply will not serve the many needs of their customers. We saw those needs and created a process that works every time.”

9. Stainless Media

Stainless Media has experience capturing the bright sides of both residential and commercial spaces. This sets them apart from many of the Minneapolis real estate photographers and videographers in the area. With commercial space images, they feature different elements, such as space use suggestions. Their compositions also feature well-timed entrances by people within the frame.

You will also love their brighter style of exposing images, allowing reflections, colors, and light to guide the eye across the frame. Each image feels inviting and captivating, leaving you that much more interested in what their whole portfolio offers.

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