The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in San Diego

Looking for top-of-the-line San Diego real estate photographers? You could have the most beautiful property. Yet, without good photos to show it off to its best advantage, no one will be able to see just how beautiful it is. Real estate photography allows prospective clients and buyers to get a sense of the place before they arrive, saving everyone time if it just doesn’t fit their style.

The best San Diego real estate photographers know this and allow the personality of the space to shine through. The following real estate photographers can all confidently declare they are the best of the best.

1. Lance Emerson

Lance Emerson has photographed over 3,000 listings β€” from single-family homes to commercial high rises and seemingly everything in between. In fact, he has a clean, highly-defined style that real estate professionals love. He offers a range of photo options to fit your space β€” daytime interior shots capture all of the gorgeous light of the midday sun while twilight exterior shoots capture something different, the warm inviting glow that welcomes you home after a day at work.

Lance’s shots are the epitome of clean in both framing and composition. They also give a sense of spaciousness to even the coziest spaces. He is also skilled in using long exposures to further enhance the ambient light, artificial and natural. As you can see, he’s a true standout in his field.

2. Willmus Creative

Christophe has been creating commercial films for years. Specializing in travel and commercial photography has given him a unique eye for capturing the spirit of a place and space, which is a must when making real estate marketing materials. Not only does he create video tours of properties, he is also a creative branding photographer. This means he creates an entire package of work that helps both agents and their properties stand out.

3. City Reflections

Steven not only loves the art of photography, but he also has a special love of architecture and of home spaces. Combining these loves, he has a portfolio full of spaces that exude their special energy β€” from sleek modern homes to cozy beach houses. His photos all have a high dynamic range and a deep depth of field to get a completely polished image. Steven also offers a full range of services including still photos, Matterport 3-D tours, video tours, and aerial drone footage. This provides prospective buyers a sense of the full property and neighborhood, ensuring his work will help get your listing sold.

4. Tailor & Reach

One of San Diego’s premier real estate photography specialists, the team here at Tailor and Reach offers a full range of services. With packages including an FAA-certified drone pilot for stunning aerial shots, virtual twilight photos where they add the magic of sunset to your photos when the light just wasn’t perfect on the day of your shoot, and real twilight photos that look oh-so-inviting, they have seemingly every need covered. They often work with the top real estate agents in the area, including those from Coldwell Banker, Century 21, and Sotheby’s.

5. Curb 360

The San Diego real estate photography team at Curb 360 will help you put together a complete marketing package for your property listing. In fact, their services include websites, aerial drone shots, and video tours. They also offer Matterport 3-D tours, allowing prospective buyers to get a sense of your property before they even set foot on it. Their virtual staging expertise gives an empty space the feeling of a home without the fuss of staging in the physical world. To make listing your property even easier, they also have a 24-hour turnaround time, so you can get it listed and sold as soon as possible.

6. Shay Blechynden

For luxury properties, Shay Blechynden is one of the best San Diego real estate photographers out there. Not only does he photograph over a billion dollars of properties a year, but Shay has also published photos in PGA Magazine and won top honors at several photographic expositions, including the People Choice Award at the San Diego County fair. As a luxury home photographer, Shay offers equally luxurious packages β€” including a minimum of 30 high-resolution images, 6-10 drone photos to show the full glory of your listing, and a very fast 24-hour turnaround. We particularly love his fine art style, which uses minimal composition that suits luxury properties to a tee.

7. Belove Photos

Ilya and Elena Belov are experienced real estate photographers and have spent years working with agents and home sellers. In doing so, they have developed a keen eye for what catches the eye in the San Diego market, whether your ideal client is buying or renting. They help your listing attract attention and get sold with wide-angle shots and a talent for composing the perfect inviting photo β€” giving a sense of being in the space. Their combination of gorgeously lit interior shots and aerial photographs invite further exploration and are virtually guaranteed to get prospective buyers in the door.

8. SD Home Pix

Serving all of Southern California with their professional real estate photography, Konstantinos Manolis leads the team at SD Home Pix. Using high-definition photography gives their photos a 3-D feeling β€” erasing shadows and leading the eye throughout the photo as if you were inside it. They have an innate sense of lighting and know whether a property is better suited to daylight or twilight photography. And if the light doest cooperate, they have excellent editors to replace the sky for you. If you need images that will get your listing noticed, check out their work.

9. Fresco Creative Studio

A creator of many types of digital content, Fresco excels in his real estate photography. Unique on this list, he not only photographs homes, but he also works with local businesses and large-scale commercial projects to connect with customers. There is an art to his work. In fact, not only does he create crisp advertising style photos, but he also accentuates the mood and feeling of the businesses and spaces he works with. If you need stand-out visual content, including drone work or creative commercial photography, Fresco is an ideal match.

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