The 9 Best Sports Photographers in Sydney

If you have a sporting event coming up or simply need athletic portraits of your team, you’re in luck! Because Sydney is home to some of the world’s best talent for sporting events. From rugby to swimming, these photographers have spent decades honing their craft to capture athletics at its most intense! Check out what the 9 best Sydney sports photographers have to offer here!

1. Brett Hemmings

Advertising, sports, and lifestyle photography are the focus of Brett Hemmings, a Sydney photographer who has been covering events since 2005. Extreme and off-road sports has always been a passion of his and within a year of getting his first camera, Brett had his first published photo featured in a wakeboarding magazine. He has since worked as a Senior Photographer with multiple editorial magazines and covered every major sporting code in Australia! From sports portraits to action shots that showcase the energy and emotions on the field, there’s little in this genre that isn’t featured in Brett’s portfolio!

2. Richard McGibbon

Richard McGibbon is the Chief Photographer for the gear review website Tyres and Souls. He’s also the co-founder of Outer Images Collective, a company dedicated to covering high-intensity events like trail running and adventure racing. As one of the best Sydney sports photographers, Richard has worked with many national and international brands, including Red Bull Australia, Shimano Bike, and Australian Geographic Adventure! His style is one that immerses the viewer within the frame to feel as intensely as the athletes themselves do! And his attention to the landscape adds extra storytelling and lifestyle elements to the frame.

3. James Gourley

As a freelance photographer James Gourley is able to point his lens at a variety of subjects, including portraits, news, fashion, and travel. But it’s his sports photography that really caught our attention! He’s previously worked with several large international brands, including FOX, Warner Bros, and Paramount Pictures, so we know he has what it takes to create top-of-the-line photography. His images are often documentary in character but also manage to find those moments of strong emotion that define the players themselves. Seeing an intense court expression framed as a portrait or the sweat of an athlete digging deep into themselves for another round takes on an entirely new dimension when James presents these views!

4. Tadas Photography

The way Tadas Gasiunas of Tadas Photography showcases sports and fitness is well worth a second and third look! First, his personal style, using gently desaturated colors, soft shadows, and bright highlights, really brings out skin and muscle tone in his subjects. Tadas uses up close and intimate compositions that help immerse the viewer in the scene right alongside the featured athletes. And his compositions range from portraits to documentary captures of moments behind the scene, from preparation to crossing the finish line. The storytelling element Tadas uses gives his sports photos a more photojournalistic presentation that we love to see!

5. Delly Carr

As a Nikon sports photography ambassador and winner of the HACCI Lifetime Excellence Award, Delly Carr is at the top of his career right now! Promotional agencies have used his work for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organising Committee, Casio GShock, Gatorade, and other household name brands. He’s also been accredited to photograph the past 7 Commonwealth Games and nearly every Olympic Games since the year 2000! Few Sydney sports photographers are more talented at transporting viewers right into the action than Delly, thanks to his mastery of motion, timing, and lighting!

6. Bryden Sharp Photography

Lovers of professional rugby images should explore the portfolio of Bryden Sharp! This Sydney sports photographer began as a volunteer photographer for the Rugby League Review Magazine in 2011. Eventually, Bryden opted to take his passion and channel it into a business of his own. From Mt. Smart Stadium in Auckland to Allianz Stadium, Bryden has been lucky enough to cover rugby at several amazing venues.

And the telephoto views Bryden uses from the sidelines give an intimate angle into the intensity and power that’s on display on the rugby field. His mastery of the decisive moment in sports can encapsulate joy, frustration, and concentration in ways that are unmistakable to viewers!

7. ArcK Images

Fast action and honest emotions are what’s on display with ArcK Images. As a Sydney photography agency, they have been in business for 13 years and are an accredited media organisation of ATP & WTA tennis tournaments and Grand Slam Championships. Founded by Andy Cheung, ArcK Images has covered not only Australia Open events but the French Open, US Open, and other international tennis events as well! Andy’s way of capturing tennis players focuses on emotional court moments. We love seeing how expressions range from triumphant to focused. And how intense court lighting and rich uniform colors come together to form eye-catching compositions!

8. Amy Halpin

Sports photography and sports portraits are what Amy Halpin does best! As the official photographer for the Eastern Suburbs Football Association, Coogee United Football Club, and several other organizations, she has loads of experience creating memorable shots of each event she’s a part of. Amy works with athletes of all age ranges to find sports documentary storytelling angles that convey the energy and skill on display! And as a multi-talented photographer, Amy also covers live music, weddings, and other important events for local clients!

9. Phil Hillyard

Phil Hillyard is a leading Sydney sports photographer and photojournalist with more than 30 years of experience working with News Corp Australia. His work has been published in Australian newspapers for decades, and he’s spent years traveling with the Australian cricket team as they played in India, England, South Africa, and other parts of the Commonwealth. Phil has five consecutive Olympic games and two Commonwealth Games to his name as well!

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