The 7 Best Boudoir Photographers in Cincinnati

If you’ve read about how empowering boudoir photography can be and it’s piqued your curiosity, you’re not alone. While all portraits are an intimate experience, making the subject vulnerable to being seen as they truly are, boudoir photography multiplies that vulnerability and involves showing off way more skin than most people are used to showing strangers. That being said, you’ll want to work with a professional experienced both in making their clients comfortable and creating beautiful photos. When you’re in the market for such a photo shoot, look to these prime Cincinnati boudoir photographers. Listed in no particular order, all of the artists on this list are experts! 

1. Kimberly Meadows Photography

A full-time boudoir photographer for over a decade, Kimberly Meadows has a whole lot of experience in making people look their sexy best, which shows in each of her portraits. She has worked with hundreds of women, of all sizes and ages, so if you want to work with a Cincinnati boudoir photographer who knows how to pose all bodies, she is one of our top picks. Her portraits easily fit the personality of her subjects and the fact that they are at ease shines through. As a bonus, her studio is full of natural light and lined with exposed brick for a gorgeous, homey backdrop. 

2. Paige Pederzani of Roar Boudoir

Photographer Paige Pederzani and her all-female hair-and-makeup collaborators are all about empowerment. They aim to make the women in front of them not only look beautiful but feel it as well. They are an inclusive studio, so you can feel free to be truly express your sexuality. Their client closet gives you access to all manner of props, so your shoot can be anything you want it to be—sweetly playful to pin-up glamorous, the choice is yours. Paige is also a creative rock star—her ever-evolving style guarantees that your shots will be personalized art—no canned standards here. 

3. Lauren Theis of Images by Daniel Michael

Lauren Theis is the boudoir photographer at this wedding studio, and she makes the list for her excellent posing—ensuring her subjects are flattered to the max. She is a master wedding photographer, no doubt that adds to her posing expertise and influences her style. Her light-filled, dreamy, high-key photos are perfect for brides or those who want to give glamorous portraits as a gift. She believes everyone deserves the gift of stunning photos—and she’s right, they do, and she is the visual artist to make them! 

4. Christy of Eleven:11 Photography

Christy is an accomplished wedding photographer and her in-studio boudoir portraits show a whole other side of her talent. Working with abundant natural light, she creates portraits that are not just sexy, but they are authentic and fully you. Her style has a heavy lifestyle photography leaning—capturing her subjects as they are, without heavy makeup or styling—for even more authenticity. If you have an easygoing style and don’t want to be unrecognizable in your photos, you are going to vibe with Christy’s work.

5. HomeBody Photography

The HomeBody team is the perfect choice for those wanting to be captured where they feel both sexy and comfortable—at home. This is the perfect Cincinnati boudoir photographer group to work with if you want lifestyle photographs that are 100% your style. Their style is decidedly non-traditional, which means no overly glamorous centerfold styled shoots, just you being your flirty and genuine self. If you want to enhance your beauty just a bit, they do have hair and makeup stylists who specialize in keeping your look as true to you as possible. 

6. Studio Tracy

Serving all of central Ohio, Tracy Burleson is a posing master—she knows all the perfect angles and lighting tricks to minimize any of your perceived flaws and accentuate your wonderful angles. If you’ve ever thought, “I can’t do boudoir because I’m not a model,” then simply collaborate with Tracy, who will flip that thought into, “I can’t believe I look like a model.” Her style is modern with no gimmicks, just beautiful photos to treasure for the rest of your life. 

7. Dan Winters of Love Your Body Boudoir

Dan Winters is a fully inclusive Cincinnati boudoir photographer, working with ALL bodies regardless of gender or orientation, so he is our top choice if you are a man and want to give yourself or your significant other a gift that celebrates all of you. He uses strobe lighting or sometimes even candlelight or rim lighting to sculpt the body and highlight your curves and lines. An artist himself, he’s also the one to work with if you want something completely creative for your portraits, such as body paint or funky lighting effects—truly unique work.

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