The 7 Best Boudoir Photographers in Colorado Springs

Searching for the perfect match boudoir photographers in Colorado Springs to work some magic with? Then Peerspace has you covered with our comprehensive list below! The Colorado Springs metro area is home to hundreds of talented photographers of all genres. When it comes to boudoir photography, a creative has to be especially mindful of their client. After all, it takes sensitivity to uncertain nerves and a willingness to tease someone out of their comfort zone for many first-time boudoir clients.

Fortunately, boudoir photographers in Colorado Springs boast an artistic eye and years of experience to ensure the resulting images will perfectly match a client’s vibe. Check out the crème de la crème!

1. Jennifer of RGA Photography

Jennifer brings elements of celebration, kink, and storytelling editorial styling into her boudoir images. She is a thoughtful Colorado Springs boudoir photographer who has an eye for monochrome and subdued, cinematic color profiles. We enjoy seeing Jennifer’s embrace of up-close, wide-angle perspectives in her work.

These lenses create a sense of intimacy by not only showing us clients in their entirety but also pulling in the aspects closest to the lens. It’s a style that’s hard to master, which is why more boudoir photographers prefer working at a distance. Lastly, she brings a relentless body positivity and an embrace of men with her portfolio that tells you she truly understands what boudoir is all about!

2. James Tarver of Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography

Considering the diverse lighting, setting, and posing styles James Tarver brings into his work, Colorado Springs Boudoir is our first choice for just about anyone! Unlike most traditional boudoir photography, James uses a brightly lit, cheerful style devoid of harsh shadows. Abundant natural and studio lighting celebrate his subjects in their entirety rather than only highlighting their most enticing aspects.

His studio boudoir style also gives his work a glamorous element that other photographers don’t necessarily have. And if you think you’ve seen it all, we encourage you to check out his bridal boudoir. Here, white light and white lace meld perfectly with bare skin and enticing poses.

3. Lea Flores Photography

Lea Flores has a love of intimate, tightly cropped portraits that really help the poses, expressions, and eyes of her subjects draw you in. Everything takes second place to her clients. And that is what boudoir photography is all about: a celebration of oneself!

She has a special affinity for dramatic lighting as well. Strips of shadow and intense midday light, abundant natural light meeting harsh shadow on a bare hip, and other carefully considered uses of lighting are impressively composed by her. She also brings maternity boudoir to the fore, reminding us that a woman is always beautiful no matter the transformations her body goes through.

4. Becky Sullivan of Black Forest Photography

Becky Sullivan’s boudoir style is sultry, bold, and playful all at once. She has poses, techniques, and tips for fully clothed, implied nudity, and everything in between. Becky also loves bringing in props that seem to have more of a personal element to them, from guitars to angel wings — whichever best suits her client’s creative whims.

We especially love the bare background studio boudoir style Becky often brings into play. Framing her monochrome subjects in abundant light is one of the best ways to showcase the human form in all its splendor. But she’s just at home in a more traditional downtown studio environment, where bedding, lace, brick walls, and window lighting combine for a classic boudoir ambiance.

5. Nancy of Everlasting Images Boudoir

Nancy is a brilliant Colorado Springs boudoir photographer who blends classic portraiture styles into her boudoir work. The impact of direct gazes in boudoir photos adds to the intimacy and bold character of her style. Nancy often prefers tight crops emphasizing the bust, lips, eyes, and other attention-grabbing elements of her subjects.

Through her website and blog, Nancy also addresses many of the concerns first-time boudoir clients have. From concerns about weight and exercising to what to wear and how to prepare, Nancy brings her years of experience to soothe your worries. Her caring and professional nature also pave the way to a great experience!

6. Mina Rosenberg

Mina’s style is vibrantly celebratory, with clients lounging in a luxurious studio setting that weaves a delightful story for each frame. However, she is just as capable in the outdoors. Here, we see rocks, water, and trees contrast delightfully with lace, curves, and soft skin tones.

The bright colors and contrasting light environments she works with demand your attention, especially with how her clients are often looking directly at the viewer. Mina’s poses exude confidence and have a directness we particularly enjoy.

7. Krisleen Jones of Photography by Krisleen

If you’re looking for a Colorado Springs boudoir photographer who works with a distinct theme, then Krisleen Jones is right for you. Krisleen takes on classic boudoir, but then introduces us to bridal and vintage boudoir, with pinup girl fashion and other fun takes on the genre!

And by being so diverse, she takes her clients out into some fantastic settings. This often includes farmhouses, meadows, inside a classic truck, and wherever else helps set the scene. Krisleen brings in abundant natural lighting alongside direct flash techniques that perfectly match the vintage style. Her work has a timeless, fine-art quality that we rarely see in boudoir!

Bonus: Melissa Brielle Boudoir

For more than a decade, Melissa Minkner of Melissa Brielle Boudoir has dedicated her professional life to empowering individuals in front of her lens. After being the star of her own boudoir shoot, she knew it was an experience she wanted to provide for others.

When you glimpse through her portfolio, you will notice that she dabbles in both black and white and full-color images. Melissa is also a master at the close crops, adding to the sensuality of the scene by highlighting specific curves and lines. It’s photographic artwork at its finest.

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We hope you’ve learned a lot after perusing this list of the top boudoir photographers in Colorado Springs. If you’re still on the fence about booking a session, it’s time to put your reservations aside and take the plunge! As you can see, Colorado Springs is brimming with talented photographers. And they’re not only gifted in their art but at making you feel comfortable and confident.

Once you book your favorite photographer, come back here to Peerspace and book a dreamy boudoir space. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we have countless Colorado Springs spaces that can serve as sensational backdrops. Check us out and have fun!

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