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The 11 Best Boudoir Photographers in Detroit

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. While many boudoir photographers are booked to take photographs as gifts for significant others, there’s so much more to it. Boudoir is incredible for self expression, empowerment, self-love, and belief. And we don’t doubt there are just as many photographers who’d tell you the same. Take a look at the highlights from some of the best Detroit boudoir photographers below, and tell us you don’t feel something.

1. Bryana Williams

With B. More You Boudoir, Bryana Williams is setting out to do as it says on the tin: to make you feel more you. Bryana’s sessions aren’t like other Detroit boudoir photographers. They include makeup, hair, stylists, and some world-class photographs—photographs we’re pretty much obsessed with. Using and shaping natural light effortlessly, Bryana has made hundreds of women feel empowered to be who they are—and look beautiful doing it.

2. Bruce Turner

Bruce Turner has been taking photographs of one kind or another for the past 20 years. Drawn to it for both the artistic and technical aspects, there’s a fine understanding between him and his camera. His boudoir photographs always keep a keen understanding of the subject in mind. Mixing natural light with his signature, versatile shooting style, he’ll have your boudoir shots looking like they’re from the pages of a magazine, because everyone deserves the luxury treatment.

3. Maddi Ibañez

Like many talented photographers, Maddi Ibañez’s story began with a disposable Kodak. She’s now been taking photographs professionally for almost a decade. Having struggled to feel comfortable in her own skin, she gravitated to boudoir in an effort to help other women overcome the same things she has grappled with. Her pictures showcase Detroit’s diversity, while her inventive direction breaks free of the bed-and-lounge mold. We can’t get enough.

4. Kathy Davies

Though a professional wedding photographer, Kathy Davies is also one of the most fabulous Detroit boudoir photographers. It was the warm, subdued coloring of her photographs that first stood out to us, and we love that they’re reminiscent of an autumnal golden hour. Kathy shoots all of her boudoir sessions at her Bloomfield Hills home. As well as the photoshoot, you get hair and make-up, making you feel as gorgeous as you look.

5. Jarrett Timmons

The brains and lens behind Becoming Fire Boudoir, Jarrett Timmons, got his start shooting weddings. While great, he knew there was more to be explored. Jarrett shoots boudoir photography to help his subjects overcome and fears and doubts they have about themselves. He has a great eye for shadows, using them to frame each of his portraits so their subject both stands out and looks at one with their surroundings. Any photographer will agree, that’s pretty damn hard to master. He’s got two Instagram accounts, so don’t miss his main one here.

6. Catherine Schultz

Mia Boudoir is a luxury home-based boudoir studio in Plymouth, MI. Its owner—and uber–talented photographer—is Catherine Shultz. Boudoir sessions with Catherine and her team include professional hair and makeup, yummy chocolates, and bubbly champagne to relax and put her subjects at ease. While images are retouched, we love that there’s no erasing of presumed flaws or visible airbrushing. Everyone looks beautiful and themselves because they feel so good inside. That’s what boudoir is about.

7. Kim Williams

With a studio space in Clarkston, MI, and an all-female staff, Kim Williams’ Boudoir Loft is a great choice for first-timers and experienced boudoir models. Kim has been a boudoir photographer since 1996, and the Loft’s other photographers are fully approved and vetted by her. A lot of the Detroit boudoir photographers we look at have a portfolio full of younger women, but not Kim, which we love. Boudoir is for everyone, after all.

8. Liv Lyszyk

Liv Lyszyk is an LGBTQ+ wedding and couples photographer based in Grand Rapids who is empassioned by queer rights. Her boudoir photography showcases people of all shapes, sizes, and gender identities. Liv strives to create a space for people who don’t see themselves in magazines or editorials. She shoots real people looking really lovely, and she provides a safe space for all who step in front of her camera. We love to see it.

9. Mayline Perez

Mayline Perez is lead photographer and head honcho of Indie City Photography. Her moody, candid, and film-like pictures caught our eye pretty fast. This is a photographer who knows what they’re doing because they’ve always had the passion to do it. Based out of Grand Rapids, MI, Mayline is one of two studio partners at a luxury antique photography studio, Luxe GR. Whether you’re shooting there or at home, you’ll be made to feel completely at ease in front of the camera and come out of it feeling sexy and fearless.

10. Elise Kutt

With Mod Bettie Portraits, portrait photographer Elise Kutt’s mission is to empower womxn by creating a space for full self-expression. Mod Bettie isn’t just a photography studio. It’s a lifestyle. Elise and the squad’s downtown studio is full of glamorous props, costumes, and exciting inspiration. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Elise spent a chunk of her 20s as a location scout, but it’s photography and feminine self-expression for everyone that won out.

11. Brinka Rutherford

Boudoir photographer Brinka Rutherford doesn’t only shoot boudoir, but it’s her favorite kind of shoot. Brinka’s use of color makes her stand out from the crowd. With shots of rich, deep greens, passionate reds, and icy blues, she’s not afraid to shake things up. For every pop of color in her shots there are 800 other boudoir photographs that are white and white alone. With Tulle&Bloom, she aims to dismantle the cookie cutter image of what the female body should be, which is something she’s nailing right now.

Book a Boudoir Photographer in Detroit

Whatever the reason you’re looking for a boudoir photographer in Detroit, we hope this list helps you out. There are so many talented photographers in Motor City that it’s hard to find the perfect one for you. We have no doubt one of these artists will be the perfect fit for you, and we can’t wait to see what you do.

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