The 11 Best Boudoir Photographers in Indianapolis

The most talented Indianapolis boudoir photographers have a few things in common: they’re adept technically and brilliantly creative. Not to mention their clients rave about their personalities and professionalism; and they push the limits of what boudoir can do. Boudoir as an art form is all about empowerment, celebrating the body as something to be proud of and to delight in. Everyone’s nervous being vulnerable in front of the lens, but time and again clients describe it as transformative. If you’re interested in exploring the world of Indianapolis boudoir photography, start your search with these talented artists.

1. Ashley Cox of Nine 23 Boudoir

Ashley Cox, the owner of Nine 23 Boudoir, knows a thing or two about picking a good studio space. Nine 23 has a gorgeous light-filled space, complete with exposed brick and a vintage-style couch that’s to die for. You’ll love Cox’s rich, deep color choices and the moody, evocative tone of her photos. This isn’t the airbrushed, glam-photo look—it’s fiery, confident, and raw.

2. BB Quinn Photography

Black-and-white portraiture is BB Quinn’s bread and butter, and it pops, owing to its full dynamic range. Shots are often flooded with bright natural light, giving Quinn’s subjects a magical glow, which complements the candid, natural feeling of these photos. Quinn also shares boudoir business knowledge with other photographers, enriching and giving back to the Indianapolis boudoir photography community.

3. Rachel Anne Boudoir

Indianapolis boudoir photographer Rachel Moore crafts images that are sultry and intimate. They feel like you’ve been invited into a real private moment in the subject’s life. Moore also changes up the formula regularly, whether it’s a “cloud shoot” in which her subject is surrounded by puffy faux-clouds, or some of the best retro pin-up work we’ve seen in a hot minute.

4. Ben Murray of For Your Eyes Boudoir

For Your Eyes Boudoir is the brainchild of Ben Murray, a veteran photographer who specializes in boudoir. Things we love about Murray: For one, his themed series shoots, which explore concepts surrounding the body and aesthetics, whether that’s “Snake Skin” (you guessed it—boudoir photography involving snakes) or “Stand Tall,” which puts a spotlight on women with amputations.

The work is beautiful and thoughtful. Another thing we love: The dazzling range of looks employed in his work. You can never quite pin him down, and that makes him a great asset for clients, who can rest assured he’ll be able to deliver what they envision, no matter the style.

5. Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography

Cindy Johnson says that she photographs souls—that they just happen to be wrapped in bodies. There’s a desire there to honestly portray her clients at their most beautiful and natural, and the outcome just so happens to be smoldering and sexy. Johnson’s attitude behind the lens, grasp of light and shadow, and skill in posing and composition certainly earn her a spot among the top Indianapolis boudoir photographers.

6. Maggie Zemanek of The Delicate Studio

The Delicate Studio is run by Maggie Zemanek, a former fashion blogger who’s spent a ton of time in front of the camera as well as behind it, giving her a unique eye. Her photographs have a magazine-editorial vibe to them, making them striking and totally shareable.

We also appreciate The Delicate Studio’s private VIP Facebook group, a forum for women to speak candidly about boudoir and the photography experience. (These social media groups are pretty common in the boudoir photography community, so no matter who your boudoir photographer is, see if they have a group like this!)

7. Tony Gude of Studio Luxe Boudoir

Tony Gude aims to create photos that tell stories, and his photography shines most when there’s a clear sense of artistic collaboration between photographer and model. You’ll notice a great deal of variation in his portfolio, both thematically and in terms of editing techniques. Flexibility and adaptability are traits we admire in photographers—it means their work is about the client, not their own creative agenda. And Tony has these traits down pat.

8. Livia Villanueva of Less is More Boudoir

Less is More Boudoir is Livia Villanueva, her natural light boho loft studio, and her years of experience making women feel as beautiful as they are. Her photos are timeless, elegant, and classy, taking creative cues from popular techniques in wedding and lifestyle photography. Villanueva’s adept at experimenting with framing and composition—like having fun with mirrors, as in the above photo—and we can’t imagine any client wouldn’t be thrilled with the results.

9. JoJo Photography

As an Indianapolis boudoir photographer, Jo Thomas intends to make her mark by providing a luxury service for everyday women. She sees boudoir as a catalyst for self-expression and confidence, and believes that “women who invest in themselves go further.” We couldn’t agree more. Her photos are well-lit, with pleasing contrast and eye-catching color. She also operates a VIP Facebook group called Empowered AF by JoJo Photography! No matter who you are, Jo Thomas has the skills to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

10. Nicci Marie Photography

Nicci Marie’s aesthetic sense is her strongest gift. Hallmarks of her style include muted colors, vintage sensibility, florals, and moody lighting. Her photos are absolutely evocative, and they drip with romantic, cinematic style. We can’t get enough. Nicci believes in celebrating each of her clients, and although she knows that boudoir is fun, she also takes it seriously—she sees it as helping someone along in their journey of self-discovery and self-love.

11. Alexis Nicole Photography

Alexis Nicole is a prolific wedding and portrait photographer, and she carries those editing and lighting styles into her breathtaking boudoir photography. Soft lighting, jewel tones, and golden light abound. We’re particularly fond of her close shots, which put you up close and personal beside the subject, fostering an immediate sense of intimacy. As a cool bonus, Alexis also sends her clients away with a few steamy Polaroids to take home.

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The Indianapolis boudoir scene is growing and evolving, with a host of talented artists pushing the boundaries of what the genre can do. We love seeing it, and we can’t wait to see what these photographers produce in the years to come. Reach out to your favorite, peruse some awesome Indianapolis photoshoot locations, and let those creative juices flow.

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