The 9 Best Boudoir Photographers in Pittsburgh

Looking to work with the top Pittsburgh boudoir photographers? We get it! While having great photos of yourself is a must at every age and stage of life, there is simply something amazing about shedding your inhibitions for a boudoir photo session. Lots of people find it an empowering experience on its own, and when you add in gorgeous photographs of yourself, it’s easy to see why boudoir photography is having a major moment.

At Peerspace, our goal is to provide stunning creative spaces to people everywhere. Needless to say, we’ve seen the work of lots of boudoir photographers, and hope this article will help match you with your favorite! Whatever your comfort level with your body, these artists will work to make you love every bit of it. In fact, their job is as much about self-love as it is about the art. If you’re in western Pennsylvania and looking for the most talented Pittsburgh boudoir photographers to work with, we have you covered. Take a look at the brilliant work of these creative.

1. Chelsey Lynn Photography

If your personal style is flirty and feminine, Chelsey Lynn may be the photographer of your dreams. Her studio is absolutely dripping with light, making for bright, dreamy images. It also happens to have a lovely exposed brick wall and a rotating assortment of furniture to pose upon, in case you’re looking for some homespun sexiness. We also love how Chelsey’s own boudoir experience made her love the genre. Her experience was so positive, that she wants to inspire those feelings in other women!

Chelsey’s high-key editing lends itself perfectly to maternity shoots as it enhances the goddess factor considerably. Her work is a perfect portrait mix of full-length shots and personalized detail shots that tell a story all on their own. 

2. Emma of Pittsburgh Luxury Boudoir

Emma is a top Pittsburgh boudoir photographer who leads an all-female team at her boudoir studio. She also serves a handful of cities in Ohio and West Virginia — lucky them. Emma is all about empowering the women in front of her lens. In fact, she is able to encourage them to feel like goddesses while making them comfortable in the process.

Her team, which includes hair and makeup artists, helps ensure that you can truly relax during the process. Oh, and while we’re talking about her team, they are dynamite! Check out the before and after photos to see for yourself! Her style is also perfectly suited to boudoir shots — dark, atmospheric photos are seductive and sensual.

3. Kelsa Blaine of Highline Boudoir & Erotica

Source: Kelsa Blaine

Kelsa Blaine is not just a Pittsburgh boudoir and erotica photographer (in fact, she’s Western Pennsylvania’s only female-founded erotica studio) — she is also a female empowerment coach. Using her experience helping women tap into their inner confidence, she creates fabulous photos that are as much about you truly feeling your inner essence as they are about the art.

Kelsa will help you forget about your body image issues so you can fully celebrate who you are and what you look like at this moment in time. Her style and ethos have landed her accolades and magazine features. So we’re definitely not the only ones that think she’s fantastic! Now all you have to do is check out her work to see for yourself. 

4. Maura Chick of Pics by Chicks Photography

Believing that women can learn to love themselves through photography, Maura Chick is on a mission to help you do just that. Her focus on female empowerment makes her body of work fire. Working with women of all shapes and sizes, she poses them so they both feel and look stunning. In fact, you’ll notice their comfort and confidence shines through each and every portrait.

Her style is also personalized to her subject — atmospheric and sensual for some, bright and angelic for others — further demonstrating her mastery of the medium. Be sure to also check out her website for her blog, session tips, and more.

5. Chrissiexd Photography

Chrissie is an all-around creative artist — her years spent drawing and painting no doubt inform her work now. Instead of solely traditional boudoir shots, her work is more playful than most. In fact, Chrissie uses props and clothing that enhance the personality of her clients. She also plays with lighting and crops, resulting in a stunning portfolio of unexpected and fun photos.

If you are an artistic type yourself — or prefer sexy, editorial-style photos without bearing it all — she is the perfect choice.

6. Stephanie of The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir

Among the most brilliant Pittsburgh boudoir photographers, Stephanie works exclusively in the genre, so her skills and experience are almost unparalleled in the area. Spending the majority of her time helping women appreciate themselves gives her a special ability to draw out your inner goddess. She also has numerous repeat customers, not something all boudoir studios can say.

This mastery allows Stephanie to capture jaw-dropping photos. If you’re at all nervous, her consummate professionalism is sure to ease your mind. As a bonus, hair and makeup styling are included with each shoot to further enhance your bombshell side. It doesn’t get much better than that!

7. Lindsay of LD Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

Lindsay has two distinct styles for her boudoir work — everyday sexy and glammed-out angel goddess, so she is a great choice for any woman. She is all about making you feel sexy as you are in this moment, even if you feel your sexiest in a T-shirt and sneakers.

On the flip side, if you’d like to channel your inner model and go all out with angel wings and lingerie, she’s here for that, too! Whatever your mood, she helps you fully celebrate yourself in her signature style.

8. Janine of Lace and Whiskey Boudoir

Why should women have all the fun? Janine is a rare Pittsburgh boudoir photographer also doing “dudoir”. So whatever your gender, you can be empowered to feel your sexiest. She also works with couples, so if you want a special gift for your significant other, you can get them in on the shoot, too! 

Janine’s photography style is artistic — lots of mood lighting and glamourous glow. She has even been known to make forays into Shibari and the great outdoors. That said, if you have something other than a traditional studio-in-lingerie session in mind, she’s our top pick. 

9. Tara Bennett Photography

Tara Bennett is an amazing, multifaceted photographer. Naturally, we recommend her for any kind of portraiture; active, fitness-style shots; outdoors — she rocks everything she does. Her boudoir work stands out for its authenticity. In her portfolio, you’ll see women being vulnerable while also looking mighty fine, and the reality is beautiful.

Her experience with general portraiture ensures that you will be posed in the most flattering way possible. Plus, her personal shooting style lends a casual sexiness to her work — the epitome of the “I woke up like this” style. 

Bonus: Courtney of Boudoir in the Burgh

What we love about Courtney and her Boudoir in the Burgh studios is that this is clearly the team for free spirits! In fact, she believes that a professional boudoir session is the perfect way to celebrate any life milestone, whether you’re 20 or 60. And we couldn’t agree more!

Check out Boudoir in the Burgh’s portfolio and you will see some seriously creative snaps. Creative props, neon lights, and retro pin-up styling is only the beginning.

Pittburgh boudoir photographers + Peerspace = unforgettable

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Source: Peerspace

We hope this list of the top Pittsburgh boudoir photographers has inspired your playful side. If you want to book your own boudoir session, nab one of the amazing photogs and book a Peerspace studio in Pittsburgh. Between your professional photography team and a sizzling Peerspace venue, you’re in for an experience you’ll never forget!

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