The 9 Best Boudoir Photographers in Vancouver

With British Columbia being home to a variety of world-class photographers, we weren’t surprised when we went looking for the most talented Vancouver boudoir photographers and found tons of them! These artists impressed us with their own unique voices, artistic visions, and stunning portraits. We know it can take a lot of courage to look into boudoir photography, but if you are camera shy, rest easy because these are all pros of the utmost caliber. Check out their amazing work!

1. Marcee of Gloss Boudoir

The all-female team at Gloss has it all—years of experience, a commitment to providing a fun and fabulous photo session, and talent to spare. While the entire team is all about the mission—providing a fun, “girly” space for you to feel amazing in at an approachable price point.

Marcee is the studio manager and lead photographer, a position she has earned with her lifelong passion for photography and her decade-plus experience as a boudoir portrait photographer. With a hair and makeup team getting you glamourous and Marcee’s expert direction, you are sure to have fun! 

2. Kari Heese of Lux Boudoir

Consistently ranked as one of Vancouver’s best photography studios, Lux Boudoir is led by Kari Heese, a multiple-award-winning photographer. Working with a team consisting of a make up artist and hair stylist, the “Lux ladies” are committed to making you feel like a queen and providing more than just beautiful photos—they want to provide you with an experience like no other!

As a bonus, their studio is seriously gorgeous—full of natural light (great for smoothing skin) and tasteful décor—they even have a city view for photos that are extra special. Take just one peek at their before and after photos to see just how transformational a session with these talented ladies can be.

3. Delilah of Summer Rayne Boudoir

Delilah Summer Rayne is one of our favorite Vancouver boudoir photographers for her authentic style and her celebration of the human body. Since boudoir photography is about vulnerability as much as is it about looking gorgeous, the photographer needs to be empathetic and experienced, and Delilah is exactly that.

With her careful guidance, even the most camera-hesitant are able to be comfortable while being their truest selves. If you want a boudoir session in order to ratchet up your self-love level, definitely choose her! Just a note: In her quest for authenticity, her website and Insta feed are not entirely safe for work, but they are the work of an artist.

4. Jessica Rae

Jessica Rae wins our most inclusive Vancouver boudoir photographer award. She loves empowering women through her authentic lifestyle approach to photography, but she also works with men and non-binary folx! She creates a completely safe space for you to express yourself and leave feeling empowered.

Her focus is intimate portraiture, meaning that while you will absolutely get a set of stunning photos of yourself, you will also get a peek at the vulnerable, beautiful, you that you don’t always get to see. A non-judgmental photographer who also has amazing editing talents—sign us up! 

5. Pamela of Aiota Photography

Pamela is a Vancouver boudoir photographer for the modern woman. While she will absolutely position you for flattering angles, she is also about tailoring the experience to your personality. Her work is authentic and her mission is to celebrate the beauty of everybody in front of her lens.

She says, “If you had any doubts, I’m here to remind you, you’re beautiful! Inside, outside, all sides! Even in your peculiar imperfections, your moments where you think you could have done better/said better—there is beauty.” We couldn’t agree more—you are beautiful, and Pamela is the perfect photographer to show you!

6. Marissa of MJ Photography

Expertly blending her experience and her passion, Vancouver boudoir photographer Marissa has won us over with every portfolio of hers we have flipped thorough. There is something of the free-spirited and wild woman in her portraits—tasteful nudes shot outdoors, boho-styled indoor shoots—her work is the perfect example of a certain carefree je ne sais quoi. We love her simple editing as well, with only a hint of warmth, as it will keep a timeless look—preserving you in all of your wild abandon for years to come. 

7. Alan of Bailward Photography

Alan Bailward is the perfect Vancouver boudoir photographer for you if you want more of an editorial style for your portraits—think lingerie ad meets portrait. His style brings out your sensuality without being over the top, XXX-rated—it’s more of an everyday kind of sexy. He also serves most lower mainland BC, so if you’re anywhere in the area and want tasteful boudoir photos, he’s a great choice. 

8. Sam and Chris of Isle and Oak Photography

They’re not exclusively Vancouver boudoir photographers, but with a main gig in wedding photography, you know the duo behind Isle and Oak know their way around their camera settings. Sam and Chris are two completely authentic humans—their passion for photography evident in everything they do, and their different but complementary artistic visions guiding them. Their work is moody and emotional, which is perfect for a boudoir session as it enhances the sensuality and exquisite vulnerability of the moment. 

9. Robyn Paige Photography

A photographer for love in all its forms—especially between partners and within the self, Paige has a documentary style that is especially appealing in boudoir work. She has a knack for capturing those in-between moments, the times you let your guard down just enough to get a glimpse at the powerfully gorgeous person underneath.

Her style is all about empowering her subjects, so she will gently guide you into poses that the camera loves. Or, if you’re more comfortable without too much direction, she will let you flow into what you feel is the best position. You can see love in each and every photograph she takes, and it’s for that reason we love her work.

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