The 8 Best Cityscape Photographers in Baltimore

Looking for the work of some of the most talented Baltimore cityscape photographers? Then you’ve come to the right place! Skyline and cityscape photography is a favorite of ours to review at Peerspace. Few things inspire warm feelings of home quite like seeing your town lit up in neon lights. And framed by a cozy sunset of celebratory fireworks. And as one of the main hubs of the East Coast, Baltimore is a beautiful, romantic city whose beauty deserves a place on your walls.

This beauty sensitivity is how each of the top Baltimore cityscape photographers earned their place on our list. Some of them prefer ground-level viewers, while others work with drones and helicopters. But you’ll never fail to smile when they take you back to the waterfront of Charm City!

1. Kevin of Maryland Drone Guy

Aerial drones offer a fresh look at an old city, as the Maryland Drone Guy knows very well! Kevin is an FAA-certified and licensed real estate and cityscape photographer. His license allows him to take his drones in places casual pilots aren’t allowed to. Which is a real treat; seeing Maryland from above grants us the privilege of appreciating how artistic-minded city planners can be!

Kevin is especially mindful of the mood of the scene, shooting when the sun is low to the horizon. His Golden Hour and Blue Hour images have a soft, relaxing quality that we think you’re going to love!

2. Bill Cobb of Skyline Scenes

Bill Cobb is a Maryland-based skyline photographer whose work takes him all over the country. Besides Baltimore, you will also find images of Albany, Atlanta, Honolulu, and everywhere else in between.

Over the years, Bill has amassed one of the largest and most complete collections of skyline images anywhere. He captures them using helicopters, fixed-wing airplanes, and drones. And as a true cityscape specialist, Bill even offers custom jobs with minimal travel costs!

3. Dave of Spoticus Photography

As a portrait and landscape photographer, Dave F. is a commercial artist. His images help people, brands, and companies get the word out about the services and products they have available.

However, he is just as interested in transmitting his artistic vision, one that’s in love with beauty, light, and unrepeatable instants. Dave is also a fan of long-exposure cityscapes, where clouds and water are blurred into a vision we rarely experience for ourselves. In doing so, even the idea of motion can be frozen in place!

4. Seth Hoffman

Seth Hoffman is a Baltimore cityscape photographer whose moodier approach to the genre really speaks to us! His images explore shadow, often creating a chiaroscuro-style atmosphere. Here, the subtleties of light are important parts of the composition, and dark areas create a dramatic flavor. Silhouettes, night sky images, twilight, and thunderstorms all offer additional ways of exploring darkness.

Seth is also creative in how he composes his images. His use of strong foreground subjects like flowers or background elements like fireworks all shape how we feel about the buildings and skylines being shared!

5. Roger Lee Katzenberg

Architects like Roger Lee Katzenberg make some of the best Baltimore cityscape photographers. They have a masterful ability for designing buildings that suggest grace, beauty, and other emotional qualities to viewers.

Yet these qualities can be easily missed with a casual look. Roger’s cityscape and architectural images hone right in on these design elements! And even where multiple structures are concerned, his eye for composition and lighting ensures a cohesive final image. We especially love his blue hour images, where a bright full moon and warm city lights offer an entirely different atmosphere from what we typically see.

6. Marcus Payne of Visuals By Marcus

Marcus Payne is the founder of Visuals by Marcus. Originally from Montana, he brought his brand to Maryland to help tell the stories of Baltimore wedding and real estate customers. While he is an active commercial photographer, Marcus is just as in touch with the fun side of photography. His aerial drone images of Baltimore, Annapolis, and the other major Delmarva cities are second to none!

Marcus uses a more natural color grading style than other photographers, which makes it easier for viewers to imagine themselves present in the scene. It’s also closer to how viewers will remember the scene, making Marcus’s photography perfect for gracing the walls of an interior space.

7. Gregory McKay of Beauty of Baltimore

Gregory McKay is a fine art Baltimore cityscape photographer. He enjoys photographing just about anything that crosses in front of his lens, including astrophotography, engagements, nature, and more.

Gregory’s vision of the world is one of rich contrast and vibrant saturation. Where winds, light, and buildings create dynamic scenes that change from day to day. Green grass, fresh snow, and autumn foliage all add a sense of place and familiarity to the urban backdrop of Baltimore. And yet there is also a sense of experimentation and playfulness here. We see it in the shifts to more pastel color schemes and in compositions that invite you to hunt a little for the emotional message being shared. It’s clear that Gregory photographs for the love of the art form!

8. Brendan Beale

Brendan Beale has chased beauty his entire life. He finds it not only in city skylines but also in weddings, wildlife, portraiture, and many other photography genres. And despite how much diversity Brendan displays in his portfolio, he truly is a master of all! He artistically captures skylines that include enough scenic buildings for you to quickly place the location.

What’s more, his adventures take him far afield to cities beyond Baltimore, including Washington DC, Seattle, and more. Brendan’s cityscapes are matched only by his landscape photography. His portfolio is proof that we are truly surrounded by beauty, if only we take a moment to stop and look for it!

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