The 10 Best Commercial Photographers in Oklahoma City

From corporate portraits to the possibilities of retail spaces, commercial photography spans the gamut. As such, Oklahoma City commercial photographers tend to cultivate a much broader skill set than other photographers. After all, the stories that businesses need to tell change from day to day. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place if you are a local brand or business hoping to work with the very best in the genre!

1. Jim Felder

With over 30 years of experience as an Oklahoma City commercial photographer, Jim Felder’s portfolio is a broad introduction to this diverse genre! He has experience in events, corporate headshots, real estate, and many other commercial elements.

Jim works both on location as well as out of his home studio, where he has full control of lighting, composition, and backgrounds. In this way, he is able to craft polished portraits for entrepreneurs that convey professionalism, enthusiasm, and more!

2. Charlie Neuenschwander

The commercial photography of Charlie Neuenschwander is very people-centric, focusing on portraiture through lifestyle, business, fashion, and other perspectives. We especially love the way Charlie uses the background to emphasize the story being told. His environmental portraits convey a clear narrative that supports the apparel and subjects being featured.

Charlie is also a master of using both ambient lighting and flash to highlight his subjects or add drama to the frame. At times vintage in style and other times modern, his color grading and lighting choices reflect his expertise as a photographer and flexibility in meeting the needs of each creative collaboration.

3. Kaelon Walker

It was the loss of a sibling that inspired Kaelon Walker to document memories and help inspire clients in positive ways! As he shares with us, “I wanted to create images that will empower, inspire, and move both my clients and the audience they share them with.”

Kaelon’s photography focuses on the commercial, fashion, wedding, event, and portrait genres, showcasing people at their most beautiful and events with peak emotions. His style is bold, with compositions that revolve around vibrant color, contrast, and engaging compositions.

4. Maryh Lashell

Looking for an Oklahoma City commercial photographer experienced in crafting portraits that convey the who behind a business or brand? Maryh Lashell is a favorite of ours thanks to her ability to feature entrepreneurs in a natural yet dynamic manner.

She works on location with brand owners in order to help viewers meet the folks behind a brand before they ever physically interact with one another. Maryh is also an expert in using brand imagery for social media and marketing purposes, helping her clients by acting not only as a photographer but also as a brand consultant!

5. Steve Voelker

Steve of Voelker Photo knows that professional images are more important now than ever before thanks to the growing power of social media to reach and impress potential customers. His photography focuses on products, architecture, and real estate, sharing the possibilities and artistry of spaces with diverse audiences.

His interior and exterior images use ideal exposure in order to highlight the beauty of a space without unnatural-looking HDR presentations. And if you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view, he even employs drones to showcase building exteriors from a new perspective.

6. Nimble Image

Nimble Image is another Oklahoma City commercial photography outfit that focuses on sharing the potential of spaces from exterior and interior angles. From empty spaces full of possibility to well-decorated dwellings, the Nimble Image team expertly crafts dreams of what could be in viewers like you.

Besides real estate photography, Nimble Image also provides professional headshots for the people behind brands and businesses. Their classic portrait style uses head-and-shoulders compositions, ideal lighting, and unbusy backgrounds to put all of the emphasis on you.

7. Ryan Wells of Flow Real Estate OKC

Ryan Wells is the creative mastermind behind Flow Real Estate OKC, which got its start back in 2013. Right from the get-go, they became the go-to brand for Oklahoma City realtors, going from less than a hundred listings in their first year to several hundred by the second, and thousands as time progressed.

Flow Real Estate uses a style that’s vibrant and engaging, highlighting the welcoming feel of new houses and spaces. Their way of collaborating with customers is also second to none, with $1 first-time photoshoots and free reshoots par for the course when partnering with Flow Real Estate OKC!

8. Scott Vo

From small local businesses to major national brands, the commercial photography of Scott Vo uses inviting colors, compositions, and lighting to help products and services engage audiences from afar! Interestingly, photography was always a background exploration for Scott.

The medium offered an outlet for creativity, but never a dedicated business decision. Not until he received a job offer from a large Fortune 500 company that was impressed with his portfolio! Having gained loads of experience over the years, Scott works out of Studio V. His space is a 3,000-square-foot climate-controlled space offering film development, canvas backdrops, and even rental for other local photographers!

9. Reed Ewing

Reed Ewing is the founder of Reed Ewing Photography, an OKC real-estate company founded in 2017. Reed is the lead photographer, but he’s grown his brand over the years to include several talented photographers and editors!

Their services include not only in-depth and artistic photography, but also videography for Zillow, detail photos of artistic elements of each space, and more. Twilight photos at sunset add a warm, distinct mood to home real-estate shots, while their aerial drone images heighten your appreciation for not just the home but the surrounding neighborhood.

10. Dustin Schmidt

With over 12 years of experience shooting a little bit of everything, Dustin Schmidt is among the most talented Oklahoma City commercial photographers boasting a wealth of photographic experiences! From intimate individual and group sessions to campaigns for major institutions, his portfolio is exciting in the scope presented.

What’s more, Dustin’s love for photography manifests in the many styles displayed, from studio high-fashion inspired work to on-location editorial portraiture. There is little he hasn’t done before, making him the creative of choice if you value experience as much as artistry!

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