The 10 Best Commercial Photographers in Orlando

Being a major Florida city, Orlando is a natural hub for creatives and brands looking to collaborate with one another. Each of the photographers here calls the City Beautiful home and works with a variety of subjects and partners. From beauty and lifestyle to food and portraiture, the work of these top Orlando commercial photographers is well-worth exploring in detail!

1. Chris Garrison

Chris “Flash” Garrison is a former action and sports photographer who has applied the techniques and style he perfected in this genre in his commercial advertising images. By using flash, his images have a signature pop and help his subjects stand starkly apart from backgrounds that are complementary in their lifestyle narratives.

Some of his past partners include major name brands like PhaseOne and Red Bull. And as an athlete himself, Chris knows precisely how to convey motion, passion, and grace through the art of photography.

2. Arianna Díaz of Euphoria Art Studio

Arianna sees her work as the exact opposite of minimalistic, using a style that’s vibrant and bold in flavor. From richly saturated backgrounds and busy apparel choices to dramatic shadow and lighting conditions, she intentionally uses light to add emotion and mood to her work.

She is also the recipient of several portrait and editorial photography awards, including the 2018 Poliurea-Chicago for Portrait Photography! And as an Orlando commercial photographer, her partners include everything from martial artists to local culinary brands.

3. AF Pro Media

Looking for commercial business portraits to help tell the who, what, and why of your brand or company? AF Pro Media masterfully does so, using backgrounds and compositions that convey a strong willingness to engage, self-confidence, and other aspects that only a professional portrait can!

Often we see additional elements that help convey the full story of your brand, from props like cameras to final culinary products from chefs. AF Pro Media’s style is saturated and well exposed, using flash and natural light to artfully portray their subjects!

4. Mike Gluckman

Having taught himself to first cook and then document the results using a camera, Mike Gluckman became an Orlando commercial photographer whose favorite subject to work with is food! His work includes farm-to-table narratives that showcase the journey dishes take from the fields to your plate, as well as individual food portraits for publications and social media.

Mike counts as satisfied clients some well-known national brands Red Lobster and Olive Garden! You’ll love the natural colors he favors, using hero angles and other presentations that showcase food and beverages to the best effect.

5. Juan Benavides

Originally a portrait photographer, Juan Benavides decided to switch to food after realizing just how appealing well-made culinary dishes were. After much experimentation, he started his own brand of food photography, working on location with local restaurants and bars! Juan often brings to life the sensory elements of a dish for us to appreciate, including the suggestions of flavor, freshness, and moisture that come from close-up perspectives!

We also get a feel for the venue when elements like the background, cookware, or lighting add a story to the scene. An image showcasing these elements alongside a distinctive dish can tell us plenty about a fine or casual dining establishment and what to expect by eating there.

6. Mary Bel

As one of the most notable Orlando commercial photographers, Mary Bel and her art focuses mostly on the world of portraiture, from branding sessions to studio and outdoor portraits. A few of the words she uses to describe her artistic vision include “bold, emotional, gripping, edgy and dark art.”

Her unique perspective for contrast, shadow, subdued tones, and classic vignettes all add to the flavor of her work. What’s more, she has an eye for enhancing subtle skin tones through careful application of studio lighting that’s second to none! These qualities make Mary a natural fit for beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and other subgenres of commercial photography.

7. Gilmar M. Smith

Creative and conceptual portraiture is the hallmark approach that Gilmar M. Smith brings to the commercial photography scene of Orlando! Here she steps away from classic representational artwork, asking viewers to take a closer look at her and her subject’s intentions.

Her use of color, composition, light, and more are distinctly cheerful, vibrant, and even humorous in how we receive them. Expressions are powerful, props add interest, and GIlmar’s color grading always adds or subtracts emphasis in a natural manner!

8. José Vizcaíno

In search of a product-centric Orlando commercial photographer to feature your ideas or goods? José Vizcaíno has over a decade of experience using the visual arts to convey ideas, products, people, and more, through a commercial lens!

José’s background is in the entertainment industry, and we see these influences in his photography. The bold way he uses lighting, color, and retouching to feature everything from cosmetics to beverages speaks to his visual showmanship skills. His images have precisely the visual weight you’d expect for advertising, social media, and digital marketing use.

9. Anna Frolova

Health, beauty, fashion, and modeling photography are the commercial genres favored by Anna Frolova! Originally from Moscow, she moved to Orlando in order to further her photography career. Anna is also an incredible fashion photographer, working with commercial companies to create styled lookbook images for apparel and beauty brands.

Some of the awards she’s received include recognition from 35Awards as one of their Top 100 Photographers! If you love diversity in style, Anna is second to none, working in settings ranging from beach lifestyle to studio fashion to engaging visual stories about her subjects.

10. Daryna Barykina

Originally from Ukraine, Daryna Barykina is a graduate of the Kyiv School of Photography and even obtained her master’s degree in business administration at Ukrainian – American Concordia University! Some of her previous clients include publications and brands like American Salon, Hair’s How, and Salon News Asia.

Daryna favors two approaches: one that is polished and minimal in character, as well as a moody, powerfully engaging approach that adds emphasis and energy to the scene! It’s no wonder she’s among the premier commercial photographers in Orlando.

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