The 10 Best Commercial Photographers in Raleigh

From brand portraits to residential real-estate photography, the images of these talented Raleigh commercial photographers cover a lot of ground! We get to see not only the diverse partners they work with but also their own unique approaches to the demands of the industry. Curious yet? Then let’s dive in together and see what’s on offer here!

1. Anna Routh Barzin

The images of Anna Routh Barzin are in many ways the epitome of the commercial photographer’s art! She invites us to take a deep dive into the commercial medium, showing us examples of her stunning food, editorial, portraits, product, and interior work.

Each image encapsulates a complete story, especially when sharing narratives about the people, locations, and ideas behind the brand! We especially love her eye for color and contrast, using hues and tones that grab our attention and inspire our senses of beauty, flavor, love of texture, and other elements.

2. Natasha Johnson

Thanks to her decade of experience as a Raleigh commercial photographer, Natasha Johnson is the creative partner of choice for businesses looking to share the possibilities of spaces and properties! From 360° VR tours to aerial drone images, she helps prospective viewers fully experience what a home or office has to offer from the comfort of a screen. Natasha is experienced at showing the best sides of luxury boutique hotels, commercial office spaces, forest cabins, and many more places!

3. Catherine Nguyen

Design, light, color, and composition are the name of the game when working with Catherine Nguyen! Both interior and exteriors of residential and commercial spaces are featured in her portfolio, offering us a glimpse into her love for lines and perspective. However, there’s much more to her commercial photography than simply real estate.

Catherine is also a branding photographer, helping business owners put a face to the services they offer. Potential customers get to experience the engaging entrepreneur working on their chosen craft well before they ever engage in person.

4. Michael Betzner

Michael Betzner is a Raleigh commercial photographer who specializes in portraiture of all kinds. From fine-art self-love to friendship and couples, his work explores the relationships we have with ourselves and one another. However, it’s his branding photography that caught our attention today!

His vision helps fellow creatives find expression in the visual medium by sharing products alongside models from a lifestyle angle. Rather than bland studio product images, his images suggest stories about the product and the people that use or consume them.

5. Chris Nieto

Wedding and commercial photography are the main genres that Chris Nieto favors. We especially love his business headshots, combining traditional compositions with unique expressions that give his work added personality.

Chris is also a talented editorial commercial photographer, crafting images that supplement the written word and invite closer inspection of the story being told. Whether his editorial images are for a fashion line, magazine, or something else, he manages to convey the ideas of his clients while simultaneously sharing his own fine-art vision of the world!

6. Brian Mullins of Raleigh Commercial Photographs

Brian Mullins is the creative mastermind behind Raleigh Commercial Photos, a local studio offering product images, architecture, events, food, and much more! His team got its start back in 2005 and has since expanded to serve clients of all sizes across the state of North Carolina.

He counts major brands like Amazon, Cisco, Siemens, and Duke University as satisfied clients, just to name a few. And given the scope of his work, his portfolio is endlessly diverse, showcasing just how talented he is at tailoring his approach to meet the needs of his clients.

7. David Williams of RTP Photo and Video

David Williams is a Raleigh commercial photographer who actually started off as a specialist in consumer photography and photojournalism. After receiving his first camera as a gift, David quickly graduated to shooting weddings, high school sports, and other gigs. His current focus on commercial photography centers around people-oriented images.

He loves events like staff meetings, portraiture (including business headshots), and other expressions of the faces behind brands and businesses. He has also collected a team of professionals that enhance the services RTP Photo & Video offers, including videography, professional retouching, and more!

8. Brett Winterlemon

Building rapport between the vision of the photographer and their partners is what Brett Winterlemon specializes in. As he shares, “I strive to better understand each of my clients and the world they are in. My teams job is to better a companies brand and culture through visuals and in return bring them a return.”

And it’s truly impressive how well this philosophy works. From branding portraits to advertising images Brett masterfully conveys the who, what, and why of the services and products on offer!

9. Carrie Gilliam

Lifestyle portraiture, branding portraits, and interior commercial images are what Carrie Gilliam has to share with us today! As a lover of lighting up life through photography, she uses her camera to tell stories about relationships, joy, beauty, and nature.

We thoroughly appreciate how color is intentionally used across her favorite genres! Neutral tones and whites for clean, contemporary interior spaces—a bit of saturation and contrast for brand portraits that adds an inviting atmosphere. Carrie’s eye for color is second to none among Raleigh commercial photographers.

10. Gottschall Photography

If you’re looking for a commercial photographer flexible enough to work both in-studio or on location then Cheryl Gottschall is well worth getting to know! She’s partnered in the past with many national brands of note, including BNC Bank, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, and The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

Cheryl was also rated as a Top 3 Commercial Photographer in Raleigh by Three Best Rated for several years in a row! Photography isn’t just a hobby for her; it is an expression of her love of art and storytelling. Be it a professional or personal project; there is almost always a camera on hand when Cheryl is around!

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