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12 Creative Corporate Event Ideas in Boston

Today we’re serving up creative corporate event ideas in Boston that go well beyond “drink a lot of beers on the company dime.” The purpose of corporate events is to bring the group together, and tossing everyone into a new experience—especially a really, really fun one—can do that like nothing else can. Pick any option off of our list of 12 creative corporate event ideas in Boston, and we can pretty much guarantee your employees will be talking about it for weeks to come.

1. Do movie night right.

If a laid-back atmosphere is what you want, you can rent out an entire theatre. In Boston, you can do this at the historic Brattle Theatre, or you can do it with an even smaller group at Somerville Theatre at their “MicroCinema.” Order some food, sprawl out, and watch whatever you’d like.

2. Find a Peerspace that blows their minds.

Boston’s got something to offer for everyone, and a lot of brilliantly creative people with unique spaces are sharing them with the world via Peerspace. So many would be great for a corporate event. Get active and break a sweat as a team at this luxury boxing gym, for example, or shoot some pool and watch the Patriots in this lounge. If you need catering, entertainment, or anything else, we’ve even got an unstoppable Concierge team whose job is to make logistical magic happen—so use them! When it comes to corporate event ideas in Boston, it may well be that the best event of all is the custom experience you put together yourself.

3. Boda Borg, Boda Borg, and more Boda Borg.

Boda Borg is so perfect for corporate events that we had to say it a couple of times. And it’s also appropriate because you could take a group back over and over again and have a totally different experience, too. Boda Borg is a Swedish company, and their facilities are filled with rooms with challenges called “quests.” The Boston facility has about 20 rooms, and what’s going on varies wildly from room to room—you have to figure out what the objective is and complete it, and you’ve only got a few minutes to do it each time. You may find yourself in a jail cell and have to break out, or as a contestant in a game show. Perhaps you’ll end up in a haunted house or even transformed into a rat, competing for survival. Most teams fail quests often, and each time they go back into the room and start over they can experiment with new strategies. Boda Borg has packages for corporate events that include a facilitated group lesson and catering.

4. Figure out whose line is it, anyways?

Boston’s Improv Asylum has a hilarious program called IA Innovation, which is specially designed for corporate groups. Innovation’s team is great at getting groups out of their shell and communicating, and educational themes about group dynamics and effective teamwork are woven through the experience in a way that’s way more fun and useful than you might expect. This isn’t the lame team-building exercises you’re accustomed to, with trust falls and three-legged races. Intel, Google, and Twitter are just a couple of the companies that use IA Innovation.

5. Create your own curbside buffet of Boston’s best food.

Among those responsible for coming up with a lot of creative corporate event ideas in Chicago (or anywhere, for that matter), food trucks have become a hot alternative to traditional catering. Many cities of a sufficient size have services that coordinate food trucks for events, and in Boston we’ve got Roaming Hunger. Just give them the info about how many people are coming to your event and what you’re hungry for, and they’ll work out all the details involved in coordinating the trucks.

6. Have your very own competitive cook-off.

Live the life of a cooking show contestant by having a competitive cooking competition at The Action Kitchen, located at The Seaport Hotel. Teams compete to see who can whip up the best dinner, which gets them communicating and working in teams in a new and unusual setting. These sorts of competitive cooking activities are growing in popularity, and they’re quickly becoming one of our favorite corporate event ideas. Everyone gets to participate, and everyone gets to feast.

7. Learn to mix up a high-class cocktail.

For smaller groups who like a good cocktail, a private class at The Boston Shaker is a unique and memorable experience. Class sizes are usually kept between 8-12 people. Attendees will come away with a new set of skills they can put to good use for years to come, and of course you’ll get to sip some libations and hang out along the way.

8. There’s actually such a thing as a Truffle Workshop, and you should take it.

One thing Boston’s got on most other cities is a literal school for chocolate. Boston Chocolate School does an extremely delicious Truffle Workshop, in which chocolatiers and chefs explain every step of the chocolate truffle creation process. It’s a delicious, hands-on workshop environment. And chocolate consumption stimulates serotonin production, so it’s almost impossible for anyone to be anything but happy about it.

9. Work together to survive an escape room.

Escape rooms are all the rage right now, and if your company hasn’t tried one yet, you’re missing out. Boston’s got a great venue for it in Escape the Room. Groups absolutely must work together to solve each room’s challenges, and Escape the Room’s puzzles are some of the best around.

10. Feast on flatbreads while you wait your turn to bowl.

Brighton Bowl brings together vintage candlepin bowling and mouth-watering flatbreads, providing all the ingredients necessary for a laid-back day of fun. This isn’t your standard bowling alley fare—these are all-natural wood-fired pizzas. Private lanes and rooms are available, including a space with a private bar.

11. Solve a murder before you finish dessert.

True crime has never been more popular, which may be why there’s such a resurgence in murder mystery experiences. Boston’s Murder Mystery Co. puts your group front and center as a mystery unravels while they wine and dine. There are public shows you can book reservations for, but you can also hire them out for a customized private experience, something the office isn’t likely to forget any time soon.

12. Mobsters and Lobsters: need we say more?

Mobsters and Lobsters is the kind of trolley tour people actually want to take. It focuses on gangster history, taking you on a journey through Boston’s seedy underbelly and reveling in stories of heists, wiseguys, and legendary rackets. It ends with a delicious lobster dinner. It’s an awesome way to see the city in a new light.

They deserve a great event, don’t they?

We’ve come up with a list of 12 creative corporate event ideas in Boston, but what really makes an event special is the attitude and energy you bring to it. At the end of the day, chances are good that your corporate event is meant to reward or motivate your crew, and if you put a little thought and care into booking an experience that’s unique, they’ll appreciate it more than you know. So have a little fun, and make sure to let us know how it goes!

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