Planning A Diner Photoshoot: 10 Unique Venues & Ideas

Diners have been a keystone of American culture and media for decades, with their combination of retro charm and comfort food. This also makes them a versatile and sought-after location for productions and photoshoots. Today, we’ll be laying out ten unique venues and ideas for making your diner photoshoot the leader of the pack!

Along our tour through these little slices of Americana, we’ll also provide you with a few examples of diners you can rent for yourself from Peerspace! As the premier digital marketplace for hourly venue rentals for events and productions, Peerspace is where you’ll find the largest selection of diners and sets for all your unique needs.

1. Classic smoky diner set

Vintage Diner Set
Source: Peerspace

Our first stop is in Tempe, Arizona for a premium diner set that captures the essence of the aesthetic perfectly. Some of the classic features include a black and white checkerboard floor, a vintage jukebox, red and white chairs, and vinyl records on the walls. You get all of this and tons of useful amenities like lighting equipment and backdrops for an absolutely incredible rate of only $75 an hour. So come see why this spot is well-loved by Peerspace community members in the area for productions!

2. Use reflections for a contemplative touch

brighton cafe with art-deco inspo
Source: Peerspace

Shooting photography in a diner offers many opportunities for interesting and unique angles and setups. For example, you can use the large reflective windows or chrome counters to capture your subject’s reflection and capture them from a different view. Or, if there is a mirror behind the counter, have some photos of your subjects looking back at their own reflection while they pose or enjoy their food.

3. Rustic and modern cafe-style diner

Traditional American Cafe Deli Diner
Source: Peerspace

Planning a diner photoshoot and want to capture a more modern vibe? Then Peerspace has you covered. There are fantastic options all over the globe for actual physical diners. Like this one with a gorgeous mountain view in Frazier Park. The interior of the space is a cozy diner with an all-American vibe, check out some of the high-quality photos uploaded by the host and see what we mean! While you’re there, be sure to take a peek at some of the pictures of the patio space included in your rental. It also provides another lovely spot for photos and a unique backdrop with mountain views.

Learn more about how and where to rent a diner set here!

4. Create a timeless look with black-and-white photos

Luxury Event Space
Source: Peerspace

Really want to match the classic diner aesthetic? Taking photos in black and white is an easy way to make your pictures feel like they were taken during the heyday of diners. And of course, they also create a timeless look. Or, go all out and take the aesthetic to the max and deck everything out in pink and neon!

5. 50s diner set with lots of props

Diner Photoshoot
Source: Peerspace

One of the coolest things about planning a diner photoshoot on Peerspace is the wide variety of all-inclusive options. Take for example this 50’s diner set in Temple City, California. It comes with tons of props! You’ll be able to use the gorgeous and immersive set to its fullest when you have all of these adorable props and authentic features at your disposal. The open space can accommodate up to 50 people, providing an atmosphere for larger productions or ones that require sound filming. Read through the in-depth description from the host to get a better idea of just how much is included with your affordable hourly rental price.

6. Make mouth-watering pictures with delicious diner food

Outdoor Photoshoot Locations Near Sydney
Source: Peerspace

If thinking about a diner is enough to make your stomach start to grumble, a food photography photoshoot at a diner might be just what you need! Capturing close-ups of burgers, fries, pies, and milkshakes sitting on a diner counter are a sure way to make the food stand out and look its absolute best. You can also get some candid shots of your subjects chowing down or romantically sharing a milkshake with two straws for more fun.

7. Town square vibes in Sarasota

1950's Town Square
Source: Peerspace

If you love the 1950s aesthetic so much that you want it to extend past the diner, book some time at this 1950s town square in Sarasota, Florida! Not only will you have access to a retro diner, but you’ll also be able to pose with a 1957 Thunderbird convertible. You can also explore some of the other throwback establishments in this unique event venue. This is one of those one-of-a-kind diner photoshoot opportunities and an authentic Main Street experience!

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8. Take advantage of neon lights by using long exposure

Dance Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Diners are well known for their glowing neon signs and lights that signal weary travelers on the road. By using long-exposure photography, you can create dazzling streaks of light that will have you seeing the classic American diner in a whole new light! Experiment with taking photos both inside and outside of the space and seeing what you come up with – by taking photos from the road you can also capture the lights of all the passing cars for a more dramatic effect.

9. Historic soda fountain and candy shop

Source: Peerspace

Along with the classic diner, the soda fountain is another vintage aesthetic that works wonderfully for a photoshoot. Thankfully, Peerspace is home to an original historic soda fountain and candy shop that’s been seen in many of your favorite TV shows and movies! Located in Pasadena, this 107-year-old soda fountain is available for all Peerspace community members to check out.

10. Working vintage diner in Concord

Diner Photoshoot
Source: Peerspace

You don’t need to be American to experience the classic diner motif when you use Peerspace. In fact, this classic 50’s diner in Concord, Ontario, Canada is living proof of that. Red booths, chrome counters, checkered floors, vintage signs on the walls, jukeboxes, and more, this incredible time capsule really has it all! The hosts offer a flexible booking schedule with options seven days a week so you’ll be sure to find a time that works for your next photoshoot or production.

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