The 12 Best Editorial Photographers in Chicago (2024)


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As a major midwestern metropolis, Chicago, IL is the place to be if you are looking to collaborate with an editorial photographer! Whether that’s for advertising needs, portraiture, or something else, the art of storytelling with visual art is one of the oldest around. Fortunately, the top Chicago editorial photographers happen to be some of the best in the world at what they do, as you’re about to see.

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But now, we want to shine a light on the best Chicago editorial photographers out there. Enjoy their amazing work!

1. Explore powerful stories through the work of Amy Lynn

On occasion, the story Chicago editorial photographers tell isn’t about an event or a business. Sometimes, as in the case of Amy Lynn, it is an exploration of who a person is.

Her vibrant and engaging approach uses close, intimate compositions that explore skin tone, eye contact, and props that’ll have you curious to learn more about her and her subject’s vision. Amy even includes herself in the frame at times, sharing heartfelt stories from her own life’s journey that furthers the story being told by her editorial portraits.

2. Go for bold and dynamic with Flynn of FlynnWorks

Flynn draws on both fashion and editorial approaches when telling stories through portraiture! She describes her approach as “edgy imagery that is purposefully composed while adding interest with the effects of lighting, movement, clean lines and texture.”

Motion also plays a central role in her work, with timing and compositions that highlight the energy of athletes, gravity, and decisive moments in time. Her combinations of still life and photos in motion perspectives give her work a dynamism that you’ll absolutely love.

3. Invest in deeper stories with Nima Taradji

Shifting into the photojournalistic space, we have Nima Taradji. He is a Chicago editorial photographer who shares spontaneous captures of real life as it unfolds. His work is often about political, social, and cultural events as they occur in places both domestic and abroad.

In addition, we see stories showcasing business executives in their office spaces. He also goes in the field with his collaborators and share behind-the-scenes perspectives on local social movements. Take a look at his Instagram for more of his work!

4. Authenticity and artistry meet in the work of Nathaniel Smith

Real people and how they engage with the world and each other are the stories that Nathaniel Smith shares with his viewers! After all, everyone has an authentic and incredible story hiding beneath their surface. It’s become his mission to share it through the wordless visual medium.

Nathaniel’s photography reflects a considered, careful approach to each collaboration. In fact, rarely do we see him using the same approaches twice. Instead, he shapes his composition, lighting, and other artistic elements to highlight the mood and subject he’s sharing with the world.

5. Go beyond the surface level with Saverio Truglia

If you are a fan of publications like Chicago Magazine or Bicycling, then you’ve likely already seen the advertising editorial images of Saverio Truglia. He is a master of conveying an entire narrative in a single frame, which is precisely what we expect to see in these settings.

From props and lighting to posture and color, Saverio’s photography is engaging. He has a quality that’s needed to encourage viewers to linger and explore what’s being suggested by his art.

6. For brand images that are fresh and unposed, choose Mary Rafferty

As a commercial and Chicago editorial photographer, Mary Rafferty and her art help entrepreneurs and businesses. She creates images that clarify the services and messages that companies stand for. Mary describes her style as fresh and modern, approaches we agree with fully!

Mary’s eye for vibrant, punchy colors and contrast is rich without feeling unnatural in any way. And she always manages to bring attention back to the unique aspects of her subjects, including the way they engage with the camera and setting.

7. Explore the prolific work of Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia has over 6,000 assignments and counting to his name. This makes him one of the most accomplished Chicago editorial photographers to date that we’ve highlighted.

As a writer of a book on photojournalism and a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Alex is also one of the best local talents to learn from if you are dipping your toes into this creative space for the first time. From fitness brands to internal corporate images, there are few commercial and editorial avenues that Alex hasn’t already mastered!

8. Book Emilia Jane for editorial-worthy wedding photos

While we’ve focused on a lot of commercial editorial portraits, there is a lot more to this genre than people realize. Emilia Jane is here to showcase what editorial wedding photography looks like! Her focus on the authentic, spontaneous moments that unfold allows her to highlight peak emotion in ways that are simply impossible to plan.

And thanks to her sense of timing and composition, we can get a strong feel for the entirety of a unique wedding experience in just a few frames. The venue chosen, the special way couples look at one another, and even the way they laugh says so much about who they are as people.

9. Captivate your audience with the expertise of Elena Bayda

If you are looking for an internationally published editorial, fashion, lifestyle, and portrait photographer, then look no further than Elena Bayda. Her love for style manifests in all of her favored genres, as does her attentiveness to both detail and beauty.

Elena uses closely cropped compositions that include just enough of the scene to give the story context. While gently guiding our attention to the fashion choices, eye contact, and poses of her subjects in ways that are truly captivating.

10. For images that inspire and transfix, rely on Sandy Morris of Sally Blood Photo

Intimate, collaborative, and inspiring are just a few of the words that Sandy Morris uses to describe a photoshoot with her! Words that are immediately manifest when browsing her portfolio. Her attentive use of color, both as a major subject and when toning it down, also features prominently in her work.

Each element, from props to tones, within the frame is considered for the way it contributes to the overall story being told. In this way, we feel and see precisely what Sandy intends with her work.

11. Fine-art images with a focus on love is the wheelhouse of Anissa Devorah

Anissa Devorah is an editorial storyteller for couples in love with adventurous presentations of their elopements and weddings. This approach often takes her outdoors where mountains, expansive skies, and gorgeous natural light present two people and their love in a way that’s radically different from traditional wedding photography. In learning as much as she can about her subjects and how their love manifests, Anissa creates fine art that speaks truly to who they are as people.

12. Have your story told by an artist like Karthika Gupta

Branding, lifestyle, family, and travel editorial images are the specialties of Karthika Gupta! As a writer and photographer, she uses both the written word and visual mediums to communicate her vision of the world.

And in pursuing editorial photography, Karthika masterfully captures images that best match the needs of what even the most evocative writing can have trouble conveying. Her eye for color, motion, emotion, and beauty help solidify narratives about love, connection, and the world around us!

Chicago editorial photographers: conclusion

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How incredible are these Chicago editorial photographers? Their passion is to share the stories of those we don’t always have the privilege to hear from, and we’re so glad it is. Remember, no matter what your passion is, you can use Peerspace to book amazing spaces that enhance and celebrate you, your passion, and all of the people you care about. Check us out today to see what’s available near you!

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