The 10 Best Editorial Photographers in Milwaukee

From photojournalistic stories on location to branding sessions with entrepreneurs, the power of editorial photography allows creatives to share visual stories with a wider audience. It helps humanize brands, add visual context to the written word, and can even stand alone as a photo-based story. And believe it or not, Milwaukee is home to some of the top talents in the nation! So why not take a look through our list of the most noteworthy Milwaukee editorial photographers and see if you don’t agree with us?

1. Gary Porter

Gary Porter is a freelance photographer who specializes in editorial photojournalism, documentary storytelling, and travel photography. And as a 2011 Pulitzer Prize recipient for his work in the One in a Billion series, you know that he is undoubtedly among the top Milwaukee editorial photographers to collaborate with. Over the decades, Gary’s photojournalistic projects have taken him around the world, to countries like China, Nepal, and Belgium!

2. Tom Lynn

As a photojournalist and editorial photographer, Tom Lynn boasts a portfolio that’s an exciting dive into what this diverse genre has to offer! He has experience working as a staff photographer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and his photography has been published in The New York Times, Audubon Magazine, and National Geographic magazine! Sports and environmental editorial narratives are strong points of Tom’s, sharing stories about not only events, but also human interactions and reflections on the natural world.

3. John Sibilski

Industrial, advertising, and corporate business clients across the country know that John Sibilski is a top creative partner when looking to craft editorial narratives about their products and services. He counts brands like Wisconsin Tourism, Affinity Health Care, and Associated Bank as among his former clients. John’s editorial portraits make especially adept use of the surroundings, placing us in the cockpits with pilots and alongside agriculturists and artists in their usual workplaces.

4. Jessica and Ryan of The Refinery Photo Studio

Jessica Kaminski and Ryan Manske are the photographer and retoucher duo behind The Refinery Photo Studio! This brand happens to be both a business and photographic studio space open to other artists that find the downtown urban chic setting perfect for their collaborative needs.

As lead photographer, Jessica’s work is what really caught our attention today. Her ability to place precisely the right amount of emphasis on her subjects while still conveying a deeper narrative is second to none! And her love for richly saturated colors without straying into unnatural presentations is ideally balanced for editorial photographic needs.

5. Kat Schleicher

As a top commercial, portrait, and Milwaukee editorial photographer, Kat Schleicher counts major brands like the University of Wisconsin and Getty Images as past partners of hers. These and more all find that her work conveys the authenticity and openness of her subjects to a startling degree.

What’s more, the maxim by which Kat operates in the production of her art is well-worth noting. As she says, “I create to connect. Photography and motion are the tools I use to share my story, and the stories of those I capture on camera, with the world.” This love of connection is constantly being broadcast in her images, through not only light but mood, narrative, and emotion.

6. Carly McCray

Editorial photography is often traditionally thought of as storytelling for magazines, advertisements, and newspapers. But it also includes storytelling for events, like weddings! Carly McCray is a master of this approach, capturing weddings through an editorial lens.

In fact, you may have come across her editorial wedding work in publications like Wisconsin Bride. Her style is self-described as light and airy, using radiant illumination to bathe her subjects in a warm glow. This style also accentuates the nostalgic and romantic themes inherent to wedding photography!

7. Darren Hauck

From working in refugee camps in Southeast Asia to telling the stories of agricultural workers in the USA, Darren Hauck has dedicated his life to capturing editorial narratives of the world and the human condition. He originally studied photography at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, where he earned his BFA.

After graduating, Darren spent over 15 years in the field on professional and personal projects. From portraiture to long-form documentaries, the passion he presents and the dignity of his subjects make him one of our favorite Milwaukee editorial photographers to date. Check out more of his work on his Instagram.

8. Lindsey Cole

Romantic narratives are best shared through an editorial perspective, as Lindsey Cole demonstrates with her photography. From picnics in the countryside to vintage road trip themes, there is no story too outlandish or impossible for her to capture!

You will especially love the fashion elements we often see, highlighting the elegance of modern wedding apparel to strong effect. Lindsey also happens to have studied fashion and marketing, which strongly influences her work in the editorial and branding spheres of art.

9. Megan Yanz

Portraits and weddings are fine places to tell a visual story, as Megan Yanz is well-aware! You may have already come across her editorial images in publications like Wisconsin Bride, Rangefinder Magazine, or Shotkit. But if not, we’re here to share with you her special brand of nostalgic, romantic storytelling. All of which is further enhanced by the warm yellow and classic monochrome profiles she prefers when grading her images. It’s no wonder she’s among the most noteworthy editorial photographers in Milwaukee!

10. Linda Smallpage of Boutique Photographer

Linda Smallpage is the photographer of choice in the Milwaukee area if you are looking to tell a lifestyle narrative about your business, family, or self! Thanks to her multimedia BFA, she is trained in composing images in ways that maximize their artistic merit and engagement potential.

Specifically, Linda works to highlight the main elements behind your brand’s message without forgoing the potential for beauty and art in the collaboration. This is a tricky balance that is very rare to come across in the editorial, branding, and commercial space.

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