The 10 Best Editorial Photographers in Phoenix

As part of the art of visual storytelling, editorial photography is one of our favorite niches to explore! For one, it covers a lot of ground. Documentary photojournalism is what we often think of as editorial photography, but the art form also includes fashion, commercial work, and even weddings if captured in a narrative-driven manner. This diversity in subgenre is what makes the work of these talented Phoenix editorial photographers so very exciting to explore together. Take a look at their breathtaking snapshots!

1. Mark Peterman

Mark Peterman is here to prove that just because an editorial narrative needs to convey a particular storyline does not mean that there is no room for artistry! His approach is one inspired by finding the line between both the reality of the moment, as well as how his own fine art narrative seeks expression.

According to Mark, “The intricate play between perception and reality is the core of my work as a visual storyteller. I construct fictional narratives inspired from cinematic and literary influences that utilize intrigue and the mystery of the unknown as key elements. My work examines how change, memory, and the passage of time effect the human experience.”

2. Jarod Opperman

Vibrant colors, intriguing lines, and layered compositions are all hallmarks of the photography of Jarod Opperman. He is one of the most thoughtful Phoenix editorial photographers, as he’s never satisfied merely to sit back and document in a straightforward way, which is what makes his work so very engaging! Instead, he is finding artistic expressions—shooting faces through reflections, allowing color and light to add emotion, and capturing candid moments that show fear, excitement, and other unfiltered expressions in his subjects.

3. Jason Koster

Natural light portraits, commercial, and editorial photography are the specialties of Jason Koster! Raised in Houston, TX, he eventually found his way into the desert and has never looked back. Like many of the best editorial photographers in Phoenix, Jason discovered his love for the art form at a very young age.

His childhood explorations matured into a passion that drove him to study and earn a BFA in commercial photography at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit. Jason’s work is very diverse in character, and we especially appreciate his collaborations with Ford Focus, where costumes, expression, and compositions all convey a whimsical story in the best editorial tradition!

4. Lindsay Oien

Based in both Phoenix and Minneapolis, Lindsay Oien is a partner of choice for many local brands, businesses, and individuals looking to have their services featured through a commercial and editorial lens. From putting a face to the brands in question to showcasing the venues and products they provide, Lindsay ensures that anyone who comes in contact with your business will want to learn more about what you’re working on!

5. Blair Bunting

The commercial and editorial photography of Blair Bunting is an exciting dive into the world of professional freelance image-making! His work includes automotive images, editorial fitness photography, and celebrity portraiture. However, Blair’s main focus is on portraits for professional athletes that personalize commercial sports campaigns.

In the pursuit of good stories and light, Blair has had the good fortune of working with partners from all walks of life, including the Discovery Channel, Chevrolet, and Muscle Milk.

6. Diana Elizabeth

Much of the most compelling editorial photography finds its way into publications, where it enhances the written word for readers. Diana Elizabeth is among such adept Phoenix editorial photographers—many of her images have found their way into publications like Phoenix Home & Garden and Artful Blogging.

Her portraits also help place a face to the services and brands that make up the thriving Phoenix marketplace. These can include profile shots for doctors, corporate team portraits, and many other ways of showcasing the people behind services.

7. Julian Diaz

Street fashion-inspired portraiture is what Julian Diaz does best! Julian is unafraid to explore wider angles of view in their street fashion, something that is not always common since it is harder to screen out unwanted elements. But seen here, it gives their work dynamism thanks to the lines, textures, and other elements used to highlight each model.

We also love how Julian uses color grading that naturally accents the natural desert gold and sky blue tones of the Phoenix skies! Paired with their use of natural light and flash, each image conveys a distinctive editorial narrative that’s separate from all the rest.

8. Steve Craft

If you read publications like Phoenix Home & Garden or Politico, then you have likely come across the editorial work of Steve Craft before. In addition, he is a commercial photography partner of choice for brands like American Express, Airbnb, and the Food Network. Check out more of his work on his Instagram.

Steve’s photography is diverse in scope, taking us on rides with motorcyclists, behind the scenes with the American Optometric Association, and other narratives that we rarely get to experience. And in each setting, we are struck by Steve’s use of light, color, and shadow to affect how emotions and story are conveyed to us!

9. King Lawrence

As a Phoenix editorial photographer and videographer, King Lawrence and his team produces content for magazines, brands, and advertising agencies. Their partners are typically in the sports, fitness, healthcare, and agricultural industries, all of which need engaging stories to inform the public on the products and services they provide. King also counts major household name brands like Microsoft, Liberty Mutual, and Arizona State University as past collaborative partners of his!

10. Amie Johnson of Morii Photography

Amie Johnson’s photography explores a broad range of genres—besides editorial work, she also shoots weddings, commercial, and boudoir photography. And we find ourselves struck by how narrative and background stories so often come up in the images she creates for her clients! Especially in her lifestyle and branding sessions, where the setting, emotion, and personality all come together to put a face to services and entrepreneurs hoping to engage with local clients.

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