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The 4 Best El Paso Pet Photographers

Being a professional pet photographer is pretty high on our list of dream jobs, which goes like: ice cream consultant as the top choice, then three-wolf-moon T-shirt model, and thirdly, pet photographer. We’re pretty sure the first two aren’t happening for us at this point in our lives, and the third one? Maybe if we can really put in the work to learn our craft. Short of that, it’s really hard to imagine that we’ll ever be able to compete with the artists we’re highlighting today as the best El Paso pet photographers.

Each of these shutterbugs has a unique ability to show how your pets are members of your family, highlighting their special personalities to bring out the best in everyone. They’re all lovers of people and pets, and manage to build connection through this kindness, as well as capture some of the sweetest and most devastatingly sincere photographs around.

1. Versal Arts

The team at Versal Arts is versatile and committed to a number of diverse pursuits. In addition to their photography and work as one of the premier El Paso pet photographers, they produce fine artworks, as well as beloved baked goods, which can be purchased online — or baked in your own kitchen using one of their freely available recipes.

Their pet photography work — which they call “furtography” –– is extremely adorable. They’re especially capable dog photographers, as they have some baked-food recipes that puppers truly love, and use these Pup Cakes to connect with and build trust with your dogs. The results are both stunning and often hilarious. If you want skilled photographers to capture your dog with the type of energy and goofiness s/he usually only demonstrates at home, you’ll want to use the services of the El Paso pet photographers at Versal Arts.

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2. Sarah Maxwell of Born to Be Wild Photography

Sarah Maxwell founded Born to Be Wild Photography all the way back in 2012 while she was still an active member of the United States Military. After she left the army, she dedicated herself to her photographic work full-time. She’s built a name for herself in the El Paso area as an able and extremely creative family and pet photographer. She’s got an eye for locations, and time after time she composes work that’s quite unlike anyone else’s.

She’s dedicated both to satisfying her clients and continuing to experiment with her photography, which helps her stay tapped into the joy that first got her hooked on photography in the first place. Work with someone who will shower your pets with attention, and whose infectious joy for their work will turn the whole process into something genuinely lovely — work with Sarah Maxwell. And, when you do reach out to her, make sure to tell Sarah that we told you about her work.

3. Nate & Elise of Taylor’d Photography

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We’ve featured Nate and Elise in these roundups before, and that shouldn’t be surprising. Their photography business is one of the best in the area, and they offer coverage for basically every type of photographic service you could think of: wedding photography, family photos, pets, portraits, and more. Pet photography is not their main hustle, but they excel at it to a frankly ridiculous degree. Few photographers have a greater ability to capture your pets in such a way that makes it clear just how important a part of your family they are.

Nate and Elise intimately understand that strange feeling that many of us have that our pets aren’t just animals that choose to hang out with us — but they’re more like our children, our friends, our brother and sisters. We commune with them. We understand them. Taylor’d Photography really taps into this deep connection to produce evocative, unforgettable images. This is why we consider them as being among the very best El Paso pet photographers.

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4. Jess Rivera of Sparrow & Gold Photography

Jess Rivera has appeared as one of our favorite El Paso wedding photographers. This isn’t surprising as Jess and her company Sparrow & Gold Photography have long been seen as one of the go-to photography outfits in the El Paso areas. She’s a kind person with prodigious skill, on a never-ending journey to tell worthwhile stories of life and love with her camera. She’s got this amazing ability to see right into the heart of things, into the heart of the people and pets she photographs.

She’ll see your pets the way you see them, as these little personality-filled members of your family, then effortlessly compose photographs that will capture this feeling in an ineffable and timeless manner. We believe that everyone we love deserves a moment in the sun, the opportunity to be commemorated within a work of art. If you want to work with someone who can actually deliver on this, who can truly turn your pupper or kitty into a work of art, you should give Jess Rivera a call today.

Picture yourself and your pet transformed into a work of art

Thanks for giving us a little bit of your time, El Paso. We really enjoyed looking through your photographers’ portfolios, looking for adorable pet photos. We love all your doggos and cattos and snake-os and lizardos and all your other little good boys and girls, but we know to you they’re more than loved — they’re integral parts of your family. There’s no better way to commemorate the love you have for your fur babies than hiring a professional pet photographer to turn your kids into works of art.

The photographers we’ve highlighted here today as the best El Paso pet photographers will give you images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. So look through their work and get a feel for their personalities and styles, and if you feel like you might be able to trust one of them to work with your pet, give them a call. You’ll be supporting art and investing in your pet, two supremely worthy pursuits.

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