The 9 Best Elopement Photographers in Cleveland

Few things are more romantic than eloping with your beloved, but without lots of friends and family around to help document it, your choice of photographer becomes even more important! The following Cleveland elopement photographers are not only experts at capturing the details of your ceremony, most have a vast network of resources for eloping throughout Ohio and beyond.

1. Sevi Kontokanis

Sevi Kontokanis is one of the most talented Cleveland elopement photographers who captures intimate ceremonies all across the US. Her work is noted for its natural and emotional style, which can easily be used for inspiration by other wedding and couples photographers.

We particularly love her editing style—best described as modern boho with just a bit of contrast—it’s perfect for highlighting the romance of an adventurous elopement. As a fun bonus, her partner is ordained in all 50 states, so if you envision a day where it’s just you and your beloved, the officiant, and your photographer, she makes it super simple.

2. Jess Woods

Jess Woods is an adventurous elopement and couples photographer based in Ohio, but she travels all over the United States in her mission to capture unique love stories. With a lifestyle flair, her portraits turn into a celebration of a couple on one of their most memorable days. She excels at capturing the joy, the laughter, and the tears, which are sure to make an appearance.

Her angles are carefully plotted to not only capture the action but enhance the feeling she wants to convey, a feeling further enhanced by her editing. Every step of her process is seamlessly incorporated to provide an emotional and memorable album you will treasure. Her work is perfect for couples who want more than a photographer with them on their special day—i.e., someone who can be a kind, patient friend.

3. Shanmari of Avonture Elopements

Based in Ohio but willing to capture your elopement worldwide, Shanmari boasts a style that is equal parts wedding photographer and landscape photographer. Not only does she want to capture the details of what makes your elopement so special, she is able to capture the beauty of your chosen location, whether that be a sunset vow exchange on Horseshoe Bend or a dreamy winter forest wedding.

She even has some tricks up her sleeve to enhance the feeling of adventure towards your special spot—personalized for each couple and location. When you work with Shanmari, not only do you get to work with an exceptional photographer, but you get the benefit of her years of experience. She knows which wild locations are legal to get married in and how to obtain permission for those where it is required. Shanmari’s almost like a wedding planner/photographer combo!

4. Ashley Deanna

Passionate about life and love, Ashley Deanna caught our eye with the pure joy she captures in her work as one of the most notable Cleveland elopement photographers. Full of bright colors and couples who obviously love life and each other in equal measure, her photos are a complete celebration of the things that make each couple beautiful.

Her style is a combination of gently guided poses and free expression where her couples revel in each other. She covers a large swath of Ohio and is always happy to travel to capture your unique day. So, if you are getting married anywhere and want a talented and cheerful photographer by your side, take a look at Ashley’s work.

5. Lauren Kwan

If you are “unapologetically in love” and adore emotive photos that speak to the heart, brilliant photographer Lauren Kwan may be your dream match. Expertly blending elements of lifestyle portraiture into her wedding work, she is the real deal.

Lauren is able to spot and document the subtle emotions of couples while remaining unobtrusive so you can immerse yourself more fully in your day. Her ability to capture the details you will want to remember forever marks her as a keen observer and true artist.

6. Art Goans

Art Goans has spent his photography career as an advocate for all love, and his positivity and ability to let his couples be themselves in front of his camera shows up in myriad ways. Throughout his portfolio, you’ll marvel at moments of genuine love between his subjects, the preservation of every look that will allow them to be transported back to the day they started their lives together.

Cleveland-based but available for travel throughout the nation and the world, wherever there is real love, Art will be there to capture it in his slightly moody yet thoroughly authentic way.

7. Heather of Spike Studios

Heather Spikes is based in Cleveland, but her love of travel has taken her around the world capturing once in a lifetime moments. A photographer and videographer for most of her life, she graduated with a BFA in photography and hasn’t looked back.

A well-known portrait artist, Heather is an expert at gently exploring a couple’s connection—the way they hold each other, fleeting glances full of emotion. If you want one of the area’s best artists to capture the beginning of your adventure together, check out Heather’s portfolio.

8. Paige Mireles

Serving Ohio, Pennsylvania, and beyond, Paige Mireles has a moody, emotional style equally perfect for capturing moments of intense emotion and the forested landscapes throughout the area. While her primary objective is of course great photos, she has an unscripted style, prioritizing the experience of your day over posing and production—an ideal philosophy for an elopement photographer. We simply can’t get enough of her organic, romantic style and her celebration of people so deeply in love.

9. Slow Morning Co.

The lead photographer at Slow Morning Co. has an editorial style to make couples swoon. With their fresh-from-a-magazine look and dreamy capture of details, there is a completeness to their storytelling ability that makes us swoon, too!

If you want editorial shots of your day and are eloping anywhere throughout the US, send a message over to Slow Morning Co. as soon as you can. It’s no wonder they’re among the most noteworthy Cleveland elopement photographers.

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