The 9 Best Elopement Photographers in Los Angeles

Hoping to work with the best of the best Los Angeles elopement photographers? At Peerspace, we get it! Eloping is a big deal because it does away entirely with the structure of a traditional wedding. Instead of doing things by the book, you are free to get married as you please. That’s why choosing the right elopement photographer matters so much. After all, not every artist can convey this adventurous quality.

Fortunately, our list of the top 9 Los Angeles elopement photographers is full of photographers who get what elopements are about. But what if you’re still in the planning stage? From outdoor elopements to urban downtown ones, there are loads of ideas to consider here!

1. Nancy and Eddie of Early Night Photo

From planning your timeline to officiating, Nancy and Eddie of Early Night Photo want to be a huge part of your ceremony! And as top Los Angeles elopement photographers, their services naturally include creative documentation of the day’s unfolding. Nancy and Eddie’s style is adventurous and celebratory in character while making good use of the scenic outdoors surrounding LA. Early Night Photo is laid back as a result, with a spontaneous and free flavor that nicely captures the spirit of elopements.

That’s because Early Night Photo completely gets what elopements are all about: celebrating new beginnings in a way that’s true to you! As they share: “we’re here to embrace your unconventional love and discard playing by the traditional book”.

2. Fatima Elreda

Fatima Elreda has owned a camera since she was 10 years old. She would use it to capture memories and life milestones for herself and others. But it was only in the past several years that Fatima discovered the joy of wedding and elopement photography!

One strength of Fatima’s approach is that she works to get to know her couples. By doing so, she can better transmit what makes them special to viewers. Their interests, loves, and passion are immediately apparent when viewing Fatima’s elopement photography!

3. Aly & Joey Tovar

Our favorite elopement photography brings to life classic themes, as Aly and Joey Tovar do! Nostalgia, romance, adventure, and solitude all come to the forefront in a dramatic way. This is especially true when paired with the beaches, mountains, and deserts of California.

Aly and Joey also use gently guided poses to ensure you don’t feel without direction. This helps ease anxiety about being in front of the camera and ensures your sessions are fun and carefree. As viewers, we feel this when seeing their images. The lack of stress and stiffness in their couples is truly remarkable.

4. Cambria Shelley

Adventure and explorations are a major part of what makes eloping so magical, as Cambria Shelley knows well! She travels regularly between Southern California and Iowa to document weddings and elopements that feature these themes. And her images not only tell a story but transmit how you felt in that moment to viewers!

Her style is ideal for folks who prefer a more documentary-oriented approach over guided poses that can feel like a put-on. Instead, we feel like guests at the ceremony when viewing Cambria’s photography.

5. Brooke Nalani

As a traveling wedding and elopement photographer, Brooke Nalani works with couples in some of the most diverse natural scenery in the country! Her newlyweds celebrate matrimony in national parks, lonely beaches, and other spots that highlight how their love is unique to them.

We also love Brooke’s mature and consistent color grading style. She uses toned-down colors, pale whites, and a gently warm character in all of her photography. By being so consistent, you get a clear idea of what to expect when working with her.

6. Joe and Breanne of Poema Studios

In the second-largest city in the country, it can be hard to slow down and make time for emotion and romance. Fortunately, as top Los Angeles elopement photographers, Joe and Breanne of Poema Studios know just how to do that. They help you get lost in the moment and celebrate each other, your children, and other connections in your lives.

We especially love the close-up working distances Joe and Breanne use in their photography. It heightens the emotions on display and creates a distinctly intimate feel to each image shared.

7. Breanna Policar

Breanna Policar is a Los Angeles wedding photographer who makes an ideal choice as your elopement photographer. In fact, she is a master at guiding camera-shy couples through sessions, which can appeal to many elopers. She helps subjects who are uncertain pose in ways that craft just the right mood.

You don’t need to worry about what to do with your hands, how to angle your shoulders, and so on. You can just have fun and relax, knowing Breanna is working her magic and crafting a timeless story about your romance!

8. Jason Burns

As a photographer who specializes in elopements and intimate weddings, Jason Burns knows that no two are the same. And when browsing his work, you get a feel for this truth since he is adept at highlighting the unique qualities of each elopement. The setting, the way you hold each other, how you laugh and smile, your apparel choices…Jason showcases what makes your elopement special to you.

We think you’ll also love the photojournalistic style he prefers. Any poses feel entirely natural and you always feel as if you’re looking into a spontaneous journey!

9. Nicole De Anda

As a family, couples, and Los Angeles elopement photographer, documenting love and connections is what Nicole De Anda does best. Her approach is warm and nostalgic, using cinematic color grades and classic poses that strike just the right chord in viewers.

Nicole is also a master environmental portrait creator. These images include plenty of background elements, telling us more about the venue and mood of the day in a natural fashion. Overall, Nicole manages to strike just the right balance between guided poses and documentary storytelling.

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