The 6 Best Elopement Photographers in Newark

Clients in Newark, New Jersey—and neighboring New York City—have some of the finest scenery in the nation to plan an elopement around! From nearby forest parks to the most iconic urban landscape in the world, it can feel like an overwhelming array of choices when tasked with location scouting for your photo session. Fortunately, these talented Newark elopement photographers are here to calm your nerves and offer expert advice on bringing your vision to life!

1. Matt Stallone Photography

Matt Stallone Photography has been in business since 2011 and the decade of experience Matt brings to his collaborations makes him a top Newark elopement photographer! His wife, Nicole, works as his second shooter and office manager—and we find that husband and wife duos make for some of the most effective teams.

Their own marriage often informs their elopement photography by bringing in an eye for details that other photographers might miss. The Stallones use an especially dramatic style, with compositions full of rich details, textures, colors, and form! The stories on display often feel as much works of fine art as they do wedding photography. Their double exposure imagery is especially striking and explores creative realms that traditional wedding photographers tend to avoid.

2. Michelle Arlotta

Anyone can simply document a wedding or elopement. But it takes a special sort of creativity to tell a story from your unique day. Newark elopement photographer Michelle Arlotta is just that kind of artist! Her photojournalistic storytelling style is centered around candid yet intimate moments throughout the day.

A special look, laugh, or other artful moments that may have gone missed never escapes her watchful eye. She has a way of balancing the environment with her subjects to tell an entire story in just a single frame, going beyond mere moment-to-moment documentation.

3. Adena Stevens of Studio A Images

Adena Steven’s own words perfectly lay out why we think she’s a fantastic choice for eloping couples: “I love working with couples who are authentic, fun, down-to-earth, and want to celebrate their individuality.” What better way to do so than to join in a ceremony that bucks tradition and encourages a unique expression of matrimony?

Her style is a perfect match for elopements as well, with contrasty, bold colors that shout as loudly as the emotions on display. Her soft, silvery monochrome style is also delightfully timeless in character and just as appealing. Adena tends to add in striking environmental portraits as well that add storytelling elements from the background in order to set the scene for each unique elopement tale.

4. Kamila Harris Photography

Kamila Harris serves all of the NYC metro, including Newark, as an inclusive creative who sees love as love in all its forms. We’re most struck by the close-up, quite intimate expressions her photography allows us to experience. Her couples fill the frame with their smiles and embraces, helping us to really feel as if we’re right there in a moment of intimacy rather than viewing a posed moment.

And her love of both dramatic highlights and deep shadows gives her work a contrasty element that’s a perfect match for the NYC environment. The Manhattan Bridge, the skyline, and downtown shops that set the scene to ensure there’s no question for viewers where your elopement took place.

5. Allan Reider

When not covering weddings of all sizes, Allan Reider also shoots bar mitzvahs, engagements, and commercial images for NJ and NY clients. We love the thoughtful color palette Alan favors in his photography. While the tones remain natural rather than shifted, they have a rich tonality that adds a celebratory atmosphere to his wedding images. Allan’s monochrome photography has a similar high contrast flavor that, combined with dramatic flash and ambient lighting, draws the eye and has broad appeal.

6. Gary Flom Photography

Gary Flom’s team are Newark elopement photographers that serve the NJ and NYC metro area and beyond. Emotion, soul, and fine details are what they aim to uncover and they do so in a glamorous fashion. Their attention to background elements really helps set the scene for each eloping couple. Every element feels intention and well placed. They also manage to highlight the grace and elegance of each bride in a fine art style that’s captivating! Their photography looks as good mounted on a wall as it does in an album or online.

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