The 8 Best Elopement Photographers in San Jose

Searching for the best San Jose elopement photographers? We get it! San Jose is the perfect backdrop for adventurous, eloping couples. It is also near some of the most romantic urban settings in America and scenic wilderness that instantly inspire and impress viewers.

While you likely have an elopement theme in mind already, perhaps you’re so caught up in planning that you don’t have the photographer yet? Well if so, don’t despair! We at Peerspace have curated this list of the top San Jose elopement photographers, just for you!

1. Gina Mangiante Photography

Rich contrast and storytelling settings are what immediately caught our attention when browsing Gina Mangiante’s work. Her photography is distinctly Californian, thanks to backdrops like the Golden Gate Bridge and El Capitan. But even if your theme is less adventurous, Gina is more than up to the task. No reason you can’t have an In-and-Out burger-themed session if that’s what you want.

Best of all, few San Jose elopement photographers are as talented as Gina at highlighting what makes you special. In her words: “I believe we are all created with our own uniqueness and beauty and I have so much fun capturing it all! I want those I photograph to see and feel their beauty as well. My hope is that you feel welcomed and accepted!”

2. Iann Ivy

Warm, inviting, and vibrant are just a few of the adjectives we’d use to describe Iann Ivy’s elopement images. Her couples are showered in light, invoking ideas of new beginnings together, peace, love, and happiness. The soft pastel tones and ideal poses further these themes. Few San Jose elopement photographers are better at crafting fine art-worthy images than Iann!

But what if you enjoy her style but want to work with her before or after your elopement? Fortunately, Iann also makes art with maternities, engagements, and traditional weddings.

3. Julia Mina

Spontaneity and joy are just a couple of the elements conveyed by Julia Mina’s elopement photography! And even for an outdoor elopement photographer, we are amazed by the scenery she works in. Yosemite, redwoods, beaches, and islands all weave eloquent romantic tales for us to adore.

What’s more, Julia’s learned how to ensure couples have the elopement photo shoot of their dreams. That can be guiding you over mossy trails to a special spot, clothing and theme recommendations, or something else entirely! From start to finish Julia’s sessions are stress-free and polished to perfection!

4. Christy Naranjo

As a destination and San Jose elopement photographer, Christy Naranjo uses mood and environment to the best effect! Her images use a desaturated profile to allow light, contrast, form, and emotion to grab your attention. Each shot also balances the classic themes of weddings while still highlighting the unique aspects of her subjects.

And in all of her images, we sense the talent Christy has for keeping her couples at ease in front of the camera. This ease ensures that there is no stiffness or forced qualities to any of the poses on display!

5. Madeline Joan Photography

Madeline Joan became a professional San Jose elopement photographer over the course of a few years. She honed her talents while not only working full time but also while planning her own wedding!

Her style has evolved over time to combine the best aspects of the documentary and guided posing styles. Madeline never leaves you hanging without some sense of direction. Yet we always get a feel for the authenticity of her clients at the same time.

6. Sarah Rittenour

A key aspect of the elopement world is how the environment helps tell the story. When browsing the work of professional elopement and wedding photographers we are always on the lookout for engaging environmental portraits. A specialty of Sarah Rittenour!

By capturing not only you but the spirit of the place, Sarah helps immerse viewers fully into the day’s unfolding. Her work takes on adventure elopements to quiet beaches, on coastal drives, to private cabins, and other personal places.

7. Josh Rupisan of Skytouch Studios

Some of the most memorable moments in our lives may only last a split second. But by immortalizing them through photography they can be remembered for a lifetime. That’s what Josh Rupisan of Skytouch Studios does best!

We also love how the memories Josh captures combine vivid contrast with subdued colors. The end result is a moody look that’s unique in the wedding world. He avoids the vibrant exposure and punchier colors, allowing composition and emotion to carry more weight in his shots. Josh is also no stranger to silhouettes, Golden Hour radiance, and other dramatic lighting conditions!

8. Danieka Erasmus of Picturist Photography

Danieka of Picturist Photography is a San Jose elopement photographer whose love for the art form is inspired by some of the most powerful images ever taken. While photojournalism spoke intensely to her, Danieka found herself just as moved by evocative fine art. a gift that she is pleased to provide her newlywed couples.

Her portfolio is rich with gently guided and spontaneous moments that convey nostalgia, romance, and other classic themes of wedding photography.

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