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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Baltimore

When you get engaged, it’s natural to want to share your love and excitement with friends and family, then go out and celebrate to commemorate the occasion. When it comes to getting the perfect engagement photos, however, chances are you’re going to need to trust a relative stranger to capture the love between you and your soon-to-be spouse. That’s where we come in. Check out our favorite Baltimore engagement photographers who all produce amazing work. Each is kind, accommodating, and easy to work with. You’re going to love them.

1. Nessa Kessinger

Nessa Kessinger is a special Baltimore talent. Like many of us, she fell in love with art when she was young, realizing it was a path to knowing our surroundings more deeply and presenting the world with, as she puts it, things that “may be overlooked.” She brings this mindset of understanding and wonder to every shoot she undertakes. Every picture she snaps exhibits a deep attention to detail, which creates a complete and enveloping mood. Her engagement photography is both classically composed and yet full of contemporary moods. We’d suggest Nessa for any couple looking for something more than the average engagement photos.

2. Liz and Ryan

Liz and Ryan are a husband-and-wife team of Baltimore engagement photographers who have long been telling visual love stories of Baltimore couples. Everything they do, they approach with love — whether that’s their work as Baltimore wedding and engagement photographers, their own marriage, their family, or the beloved pizza catering truck they run, Well Crafted Pizza.

We love their engagement photos because they’re extremely natural, with very little touch-up work. They pay close attention to the micro-expressions of love, the subtle crinkles of the eyes and flushes of the cheek. Many photographers, in their rush to make all the couples they photograph look as model-like as possible, lose these details in editing. Liz and Ryan know what engagement photos are all about — love. And we can tell you, having looked through thousands of photographers’ portfolios at this point, it’s rare to come across couples who look as happy and as in love as the couples in Liz and Ryan’s portfolio.

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3. Anna Liz Photography

Anna Liz Photography comprises two talented, dedicated photographers located in the Baltimore/DC area. They take fine-art engagement photos in a luxe, modern style. Their photos are elegant and narrative, composed in a highly cinematic manner that truly directs the eye and creates an immersive viewing experience. We’d recommended them for any couple looking for Baltimore engagement photographers with a distinct style, as they boast a real ability to dig into their subjects and encapsulate in stunning photographs what really makes their clients’ love tick.

4. Trené Forbes

Trené Forbes has been photographing weddings, engagements, and events for almost a decade. Her photos have been widely published, and she’s renowned for her crisp, fashionable, personality-filled photographs. She’s a widely sought-after destination wedding and engagement photographer, as her prodigious skills are equaled only by her passion for her craft. And that passion is contagious. Photographing with Trené is a fun, meaningful experience.

5. Anna Grace Paulovkin

Anna Grace works with her husband Kevin to produce some of the most heart-achingly romantic wedding and engagement photos around. Like many wife-and-husband teams, they bring a unique perspective to their work as engagement photographers, as well as an understanding of the value of love and the investment it takes to keep it alive and vibrant.

Looking through their portfolio, you can tell how adept they are at connecting with couples and putting them at ease. One thing that sets their work apart is Anna’s gift for color, allowing her palettes to always appear vibrant and realistic, without being overly processed, and yet perfectly balanced. We could look at their work all day.

6. Captured by Alyssa

Alyssa is a Baltimore engagement photographer who believes that her art should be just as essential, just as unexpected and lively as any other work of art. And we believe that’s the greatest gift an artist could offer a couple just embarking on the real journey of life together. She creates sincere, evocative, deeply felt portraits of couples that are genuinely moving, even to outside viewers such as ourselves. She’s a kind, giving, easy-to-trust person, and the couples that photograph with her generally recommend her to their friends. Check out her work today.

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7. Visuals by Jamaal McKenzie

Jamaal McKenzie is a visionary photographer who takes striking, gorgeous engagement and wedding portraits of Baltimore area couples. He’s extremely detail-oriented, attracted to the way love can change and enliven everything it touches — the coloring of our faces, the brightness of our skin — it makes us all look alive and younger. We adore his photos of laughing, kissing couples, genuinely excited about their lives and in possession of that rare spark of true love that makes everything feel magical. Jamaal is the perfect photographer to tell your love story.

8. Olga Gurton

Olga Gurton is a Siberia-born photographer who has been working as a Baltimore engagement photographer and wedding photographer for well over half a decade. Plus, she boasts 14+ years of studio experience as a professional photo retoucher. In that time, she’s developed an amazing ability to help couples lower their guard, allowing her to take some of the rawest, most sincere photographs you’re likely to come across. In addition to the remarkable honesty of her work, we’re rather taken with her careful composition, which uses soft light, clever yet subtle framing, and a focus on simple, elemental emotions.

9. Meghan Elizabeth

Meghan is a kindhearted photographer who’s quick to laugh and able to effortlessly illicit a laugh from the couples she works with. She’s all about love, in her life and in her work, viewing it as her job to help tell love stories that deserve to be seen and heard. We are all inspired to love better when we see others loving well, and this is just one of the many little ways she feels she can make the world better. We love how refined and yet unscripted her photos appear. And this is just part of why we consider her one of Baltimore’s best engagement photographers.

Congratulations on your engagement! We know you’ve got a million little things to plan and get in order before your wedding, but we also know you must be so excited to have your wedding and your life together to look forward to. We hope you enjoyed the work of the Baltimore engagement photographers we’ve highlighted here today. And remember, when it’s time to hire your wedding photographer, all of these shutterbugs are available for weddings as well.

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