The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Boise

Featuring museums, jaw-dropping landscapes, and year-round adventure activities, Boise has something for everybody. If you are lucky enough to be planning your wedding proposal in this great city, we can help you find a talented shutterbug to capture the moment. Take a look at our list of the most talented Boise engagement photographers the city has to offer! 

1. Andra Krista Photography

Andra’s work has appeared in Rocky Mountain Bride magazine, and it’s no wonder why — her style is well-suited for romance — blending travel and adventure photography with weddings and elopements. In her own words, “If I had to pick what I could do for the rest of my life I would say ‘to travel and take pictures.’ I love being creative, unique, and adventurous with my photography. I love constantly learning, growing, and pushing myself past my comfort zone.”

Her lighthearted couples’ shoots are accentuated with the romance of far-flung landscapes and freedom. Her editing style strikes a balance between nostalgic and completely modern — beautiful toning and neutral-to-warm coloring makes skin look great, while a slight desaturation amps up the dreamy nature of the scene.

2. Madison Maltby Photography

Experience in commercial photography gives Madison a refreshing sense of style that is hard to beat. Madison’s photos are romantic and stylish, while simultaneously creative and carefully thought-out. Her couples’ shoots are absolute fire, sometimes highlighting the playful nature of her subjects or even their sensually in-love side. Whatever is set in front of her camera is virtually guaranteed to look amazing, so do yourself a favor and let her capture you in all of your lovely glory!

3. Karli Elliott Photography

Karli Elliott — along with her second shooter husband, David — have the bright, high-key style brides and editors alike simply adore. Their work feels fresh and breezy — full of pastel colors and clear light — ideal for those who want an airy, almost angelic vibe to their portraits.

A bonus is that Karli is a detail-oriented photographer, as she says in her own words, “If you love details, chances are, you are my dream bride! I love capturing all the little details you have carefully chosen to make a part of your wedding day!” So if you want a photographer with a light touch who will also thoughtfully document the little moments you spend so much time thinking about, choose Karli!

4. Lexi of Lex Take Pics

According to Lexi, “I’m a light master, candid creator, and memory capturer, aka a photographer,” and we love her philosophy as much as her portraits. She uses light to illuminate and shape her subjects, harnessing it as a design element on its own. And since she works all around Idaho, Utah, and Arizona, she has plenty of great natural light to work with. Her photos have a candid, authentic vibe to them — none of her portraits are fussily posed — they are simple documents of the joy between couples and families.

5. Taylor of Redbar Photography

If your idea of love is a free-spirited romp in the woods or a roll in a wildflower-filled meadow, Taylor is the Boise engagement photographer you have been waiting for. She wants more than to snap a picture — in fact, she wants to give you the gift of holding onto an intangible moment.

In her own words, “Taking photos, freezing moments, freezing emotions, and meeting the coolest people has been my WHY in this whole business.” In addition, she is so passionate about her craft that she brings her knowledge to the upcoming generation as a high school photography teacher. Given her talent and enthusiasm for the craft, we can recommend her for virtually any of your photography needs! 

6. Danica Shea Photography

Photography is special for its ability to bring the past into the future, for its ability to transcend time, and Danica understands this as well as anyone. She uses her artistic talent to freeze time and make your photos feel deeply personal. She’s an intuitive photographer, saying, “I want to help create something that screams the two of you. It’s going to take some work on both of our ends but I promise you have the power to create something beautiful, just by being you.“ A beautiful sentiment and stunning work! 

7. Mikayla Moorhouse Photography

Mikayla has an up-close-and-personal shooting style — often filling the frame with her subjects’ face so the viewer can comprehend the essence of the person. She is a portrait artist first and foremost, making sure the natural beauty of her subjects shines through, and she goes to great lengths to help you feel at ease in her presence.

According to Mikayla, “I want to connect with all of my clients while capturing their natural beauty. I want you to feel confident being in front of a camera because every person is truly beautiful in their own way. Let’s be friends and create something beautiful together.” She’s the type of compassionate photographer who will grow with you and your spouse, as she has a co-specialty of working with families. Enjoy her special presence by your side throughout your life journey!

8. Maija Karin Photography

Maija is a Boise wedding and engagement photographer, but if you are located anywhere else, she loves to travel! And if you’re in the Leavenworth Valley in Washington, she’s got you covered with zero travel cost. That said, we adore her style — her natural editing ensures that your pictures will remain timeless heirlooms. In her own words, “My style is something I like to call ‘directed photojournalism.’ I believe in beautiful natural lighting, incredible backgrounds and choosing locations very carefully.” Her photos reflect her philosophy — gorgeous landscapes, dreamy light, and natural, organic images.

9. Denise and Bryan Photography

With their work featured in Rocky Mountain Bride magazine, Denise and Bryan are a creative powerhouse duo of inspired photographers and educators. They use their immense talents in styling wedding photos both to document your love and to teach others how to do the same. Their breezy style is perfectly suited to portraits, bridals in particular — with Denise and Bryan’s bright and airy edits, couples appear positively radiant with love! 

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