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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Charlotte

The Queen’s City is one of the most fascinating cities in the country, home to residents who come from all walks of life, carrying with them such unique skills and backgrounds. When it comes to love, diversity leads to some of the most passionate romances around. If you’re one of those lucky people who’ve found life-long love here in Charlotte, you may want to commemorate this important moment in your life. The city’s full of talented photographers, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Charlotte engagement photographers to make it easier for you to choose one. Check them out!

1. Phylicia of Posh Moments Photography

Phylicia of Posh Moments is an opera-singing, romantic, family-centered Charlotte engagement photographer. She’s got a distinct style that’s both classic and forward-thinking, a style that both bucks trends and seems to predict future trends. One thing we love about her photos is that she begins her shoots by learning your story, and then sets about really capturing what makes you special as a couple. She’s the type of born storyteller who always knows what to do, as well as which details to focus on to tell an evocative story with a single image. Her customers rave about her optimistic, high-energy personality, and they’ve helped her build a name as one of the very best Charlotte engagement photographers.

2. Jennifer Brecheisen

Jennifer Brecheisen is a deeply committed and prodigiously talented wedding and engagement photographer. She’s the type of creative who’s got her camera in hand at all times, always looking for the rare moment in life where everything seems to balance itself into something transcendent. As an engagement photographer, she’s got a remarkable skill for capturing honesty — faces and expressions stripped of their defenses and pretenses. She’s also extremely adventurous, willing to travel to the top of a mountain for the ideal shot. If you’re looking for a romantic storyteller with an eye for the classical, check out Jennifer’s portfolio today.

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3. Nina Bashaw

Nina Bashaw has spent plenty of time perfecting her craft, and she brings the full force of her skills to bear on every shoot. While Nina is certainly skilled at taking candid photos, one thing that sets her apart from other photographers is her commitment to the classical art of posing. Posing has been an important part of art for much longer than the camera’s been around, and it likely always will be. By learning the tricks of the trade from classical artists, Nina is able to imbue her work with a gorgeous, uncanny fine-art quality and a real timelessness. We can’t think of a more valuable skill to find in an engagement photographer.

4. Crystal Stokes

Award-winning Charlotte engagement photographer Crystal Stokes has built her reputation on her ability to capture true moments of connection and render these moments with impeccable lighting. She’s been named one of the 100 best photographers in the United States by Brandsmash, as well as received numerous other accolades. Her style features natural light and color, including gorgeous, soft shadows and sincere, unforced displays of emotion. Her work has a remarkably lively quality to it.

5. Chris and Kerri Kruger

Chris and Kerri started Chris Kruger Photography a decade ago in South Florida. Since then, their business has moved to Charlotte and grown so much that they both work full-time as photographers. The duo are passionate about their work, as well as the importance of love and family.

They know that the bulk of our love stories concern the happenings of everyday life, but the emotions of the big moments, such as our wedding and our engagement, last far longer than just the time that encompasses them. Those feelings continue to reverberate for the rest of our lives. It is the unique combination of skill and romantic wisdom that they bring to their work that make Chris and Kerri among the top Charlotte engagement photographers.

6. Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker has been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. She creates a boutique experience for every couple she works with. She truly gives all of her clients the time they need to get comfortable, to make decisions about their photos that really fit them. Most of her clients find her by first falling in love with her excellent portfolio. Post-photoshoot, her clients come away from the experience feeling as if they’ve truly been seen and known. And that’s an experience you can’t put a price on.

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7. Nathan Abplanalp

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Nathan Abplanalp has been photographing weddings and engagements throughout the country for more than 15 years. He’s an extremely organized photographer who can build a smart, engaging shot list, and then really capture photos that push past the bounds of the expected. In addition to being a tremendously skilled photographer, he’s quite adept at photo editing, always able to use his editing skills to emphasize the truth in his photos, rather than hiding it. We genuinely admire his work.

8. Alyssa and Corey Frost

Alyssa and Corey Frost are another husband-and-wife team of Charlotte engagement photographers. We appreciate their optimistic outlook on life and photography, as well as the fact they clearly aim to create meaningful experiences for their clients. All of the photographers we feature are looking to provide thoughtful photos that will eventually become family heirlooms, but Alyssa and Corey are going a step further. They want you to fondly reflect upon your time taking photos with them. This adds a tremendous layer of reality and sincerity to their love-filled engagement and wedding photography. You won’t find photographers who take more achingly romantic photos.

9. Marie of Elizabeth Marie Photos

Marie of Elizabeth Marie Photos is another tremendously skilled Charlotte engagement photographer. With over a decade of experience, as well as hundreds of weddings and engagement shoots under her belt, she brings so much skill and experience to every shoot. Stylistically, she’s got a modern, clean aesthetic, with just a touch of retro flavor which, all in all, gives her photos a real sense of timelessness. Work with Marie if you want to collab with a hopeless romantic, someone who will believe in your love just as much as you do. She truly knows how to capture and tell the story of what makes your love special.

Give one of these Charlotte engagement photographers a call. We know you won’t regret it. And keep in mind as you plan your wedding that all of these photographers also photograph weddings as well. So if you really enjoy working with them for your engagement shoot — bam! — you’ve found your wedding photographer, too.

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