The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Cincinnati

Congratulations on your engagement! Between now and your wedding, there’s going to be a ton to plan, but for now, it’s just time to celebrate. We think every happy engaged couple should consider having their engagement memorialized by a highly skilled engagement photographer. Engagement photos make great invitations to wedding showers, and they also make great announcement photos. These Cincinnati engagement photographers that we’ve included in our list are, without a doubt, among the best creatives in the area to help you commemorate and celebrate your engagement the right way.

1. Brittany Bays

Cincinnati engagement photographer Brittany Bays is an experienced artist — she’s adept at painting, graphic design, drawing, and, of course, photography. She leverages her fine art background to capture dynamic and beautifully composed photographs. Her work stands out for its rich details, meticulous attention to color and texture, and strong storytelling element. She describes her style as a mix of fine art photojournalism and editorial. It’s stylish, sweet without being too sentimental, as well as possesses a timeless quality that’s hard to define.

2. Leah and Sean of Leah Barry Photography

Located in Fort Thomas, KY — about a stone’s throw from Cincinnati — Leah and Sean Barry are a husband-and-wife team of wedding and engagement photographers. They have photographed more than 200 weddings and visited dozens of countries. Unlike many contemporary wedding and engagement photographers, Leah and Sean still use film when the occasion calls for it, but they’re also adept shooting and editing digital photographs. These two are kind, adventurous, and patient photographers who know how to connect with their clients and capture the heart of their clients’ love stories.

3. Adam and Keli Spanier

Adam and Keli Spanier have spent more than five years as Cincinnati engagement photographers and wedding photographers. They live and breathe photography (which isn’t surprising, as they each married a photographer). Like most artists, their art is one of the biggest parts of their life. Their dedication truly shows through in their work, which is organic, natural, filled with light, and unpretentious. These are photos where you and your love will take center stage. Their client-focused approach to photography makes them very trustworthy photographers.

4. Alex & Corey of Larrison Photography

Alex and Corey Larrison are another husband-and-wife team of Cincinnati engagement photographers. They’re also well-known in the community for being excellent, caring family photographers. They’re both engaging, kindhearted people with an eye for the images that capture the essence of real life. They don’t do poses, preferring natural, exciting, richly colored photos without weird effects or heavy-handed post-production editing. What their clients love about them most is that they go above and beyond to connect with people and deliver honest, heirloom- quality photographs.

5. Kaleigh Turner

Kaleigh Turner’s clients rave about her ability to plan, communicate clear expectations with her clients, keep her clients calm and focused on their love throughout the photographic process. Plus, Kaleigh boasts the unrivaled ability to create stunning images guaranteed to stand the test of time. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making her clients happy. And when it comes to her photography, she has a dedication to reality, to natural light and timeless fine art compositions. Her photos are extremely well-balanced and lovely.

6. Cameron and Mindy Braun

Cameron and Mindy Braun are a husband-and-wife team of wedding and engagement photographers. In their years as photographers, they’ve developed a style that’s both authentic and yet whimsical, as well as insightful, yet universal. They work well together, filling out each other’s strengths and mitigating each other’s weak points. Together they are widely sought-after wedding and engagement photographers, known for their professionalism, sense of adventure, and memorable style.

7. Jessica and Sarah Photography

Jessica and Sarah are sisters — one of those rare teams of sibling photographers. They’re primarily Cincinnati engagement and wedding photographers, but they also provide their services to couples all through the region and abroad with destination photography services. Their style is romantic, colorful, bright, and focused on the gestures, looks, and interactions that really get to the heart of the love we feel for our partners. Couples trust them to tell their stories because of their remarkable attention to detail, including the smallest quirks of personality.

8. Leanne Hunley

Leanne Hunley is not just one of the premier wedding and engagement photographers in the area, she’s also one of the truest romantics we’ve come across. She understands that your engagement and wedding are more than merely declarations of love, as they’re crucial milestones in the story of your life. One day you and your partner will look back on these days with such pleasurable pangs of nostalgia, amazed that the whole long love story you’ve lived could really seem to go by so quickly. Invest in yourself and your partner by hiring Leanne as your engagement photographer.

9. Alex Marie

Alex Marie is a Cincinnati wedding and engagement photographer with an organic, natural, yet fine-art style. Her clients love her for her timeless style, strong work ethic, and willingness to communicate and connect deeply in order to capture the perfect photographs. People say she’s fun, funny, and quickly able to put even the shiest person at ease in front of the camera. We love Alex for her romantic yet natural style. Her photos are elegantly edited — never blurred, airbrushed, or overly processed. They feature rich textures and colors, as well as natural, freckled skin and all the little details we really love in our photographs.

We hope you found our list as enjoyable to peruse as we found putting it together. We really loved combing through the portfolios of the most talented Cincinnati engagement photographers. Cincinnati, you’re really talented. And the best photographers in town easily stack up to the top photographers in much larger metros. So if you’re getting engaged and married here, you’re truly lucky to have access to such skilled artists.

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