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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in El Paso

When we look back on our lives, the stories we remember the best are the love stories. These are the stories that change us. The pictures we keep are of the people we love, our families, our children, our spouse. Love changes all who bear witness to it, and returning to these photos throughout our lives is a rejuvenating act. This is why we suggest to people not to settle when it comes to engagement and wedding photography. Invest in a whole future of returning to these photos, invest in their rejuvenating power — your soul will thank you. That’s a large part of why we put together this list of the most talented El Paso engagement photographers. These creatives will honor your love by providing heirloom-quality photos to help you commemorate your love story. Check them out.

1. Yvette Hammonds of Photography by Yvette

Yvette Hammonds is a versatile photographer with a knack for telling compelling, evocative stories through natural, unposed photography. She doesn’t believe in faked joy or contrived lifestyle photos, trying to squeeze all of your interests into a single frame. She believes in genuine interactions — just couples being themselves together — nothing too elaborate or ostentatious. What results are beautifully composed photographs that seem to be taken from the films of lovers’ lives. She’s truly a special talent.

2. Jaz & Theo

Husband-and-wife El Paso engagement photographers Jaz and Theo are two deeply romantic individuals who use their photography to tell the love stories of El Paso couples and inspire others. In their time as wedding photographers, they’ve helped so many couples have stirring, gorgeous weddings, having captured so many evocative, heirloom-quality photographs. They’re an El Paso institution, sought after for their kind hearts and adventurous spirits.

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3. Stephane Lemaire

Stephane Lemaire is a Paris-born El Paso wedding and engagement photographer, known for his unique style which he describes as “sensual, sincere, and scenic.” His photos focus on desire and the root of desire that grows between two people. And he shows this desire through only natural interactions, never posed moments, because he knows that no two couples are exactly the same. And then he employs gorgeous landscapes to emphasize the deep romance, imbuing a sense of how true love seems to bind two people both through time and somehow outside of time. Altogether, his photos give a sense of the eternal and unique nature of love.

4. Jennifer Campos

Jennifer Campos is a wedding and engagement photographer who splits time between Lindenhurst, NY, and El Paso, TX. She takes photojournalistic shots that document couples being themselves together. She’s a patient photographer with a deep understanding for how humans form memories that stick, as well as an ability to take photos uniquely suited to breathe everlasting life into the moments she captures. We appreciate her style, which is thoughtful and careful while being simultaneously adventurous and willing to push boundaries. We appreciate photographers such as Jennifer who have distinct aesthetics, and yet do not place arbitrary limitations on their work.

5. Cristina Navarro

El Paso engagement photographer Cristina Navarro is an extremely romantic photographer who takes her life’s work of capturing soulful moments of connection very seriously. She’s the type of photographer who seems as if she’s always looking at life in terms of photography. How would this moment look on film? And what about this scene? The close attention to her surroundings and the people that she works with helps her take photographs that cut through the mess, as well as the sound and fury to get straight to the heart of things, even in the midst of the most raucous party or chaotic moment. We believe you’ll love her work.

6. Captured by Marina

Clients rave about Marina’s commitment to producing gorgeous, epic photos, the types of photos that turn couples and families everyday lives into works of art. This is done simply by celebrating their love and commitment to each other in both the big and small moments. She’s a consummate professional with a painter’s ability to render couples against beautiful natural backgrounds in such a way that both the couples’ love and the beauty of nature take on an eternal quality.

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7. Yasmin Marquez Campos of Coffee Creative

Yasmin Marquez Campos is a multi-talented local artist. She works as a graphic designer, wedding and engagement photographer, and all-around creative dynamo, helping local families and couples tell their stories. In addition, she’s helping local organizations harness the power of good photography and graphic design to connect with customers. Her style is bright, organic, and yet highly stylish. One thing we really like about her photographs is their strong points of view. Her photos aren’t just snapshots of moments; they’re clearly deeply observed.

8. Charissa and Andrew of Life in Tandem Photography

Charissa and Andrew of Life in Tandem Photography are El Paso engagement photographers who see their jobs as being about celebrating life and love. Marriage is just as much about friendship as it is about love — just as much about facing the hard truths of life as it is about supporting someone and receiving support and edification yourself. They take their nuanced view to life and love, then allow it to guide them in their photographic pursuits. What results is one of the best portfolios we’ve come across in our search. Their work is profound, romantic, honest, and impeccably composed.

9. Chrisinda Treadwell

Chrisinda Treadwell has been photographing weddings and engagements for over 13 years. In that time, she’s grown significantly as a photographer in terms of both her skill set and confidence. She’s a technically adept photographer who never stops trying new things and learning through doing. One thing we enjoy about Chrisinda is that she has a real knack for capturing passion, gratitude, and the little gestures of two people in love that let those around them know they’re going to make it through the long haul of life together. If you’d like to work with El Paso’s first Professional Photographers of America certified professional photographer, give Chrisinda a call today.

With any luck, you’ve just found your photographer! We’re big believers in all these El Paso engagement photographers. They’ve all really distinguished themselves from their competitors with their dedication to satisfying their customers, as well as their indefatigable drive to capture the truth with their camera and render it as works of art.

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