The 8 Best Engagement Photographers in Grand Rapids

An engagement is one of those rare, special moments in life that deserves to be documented. What better way to preserve a memory than with a photograph? Whatever your own personal style, whether it is glowy and traditional; moody and modern; candid or cinematic — one of the following Grand Rapids engagement photographers is sure to please. After all, a photographer’s style is a signature — telling the world who they are and what they want to see in the world.

1. O’Malley King Photography

O’Malley King is full of personality, so it only makes sense that her work is, too. Rich, emotive photos evoke the seasons they were taken — moody and atmospheric for fall, sun flares in summer, pops of color for spring, cool and cozy for winter. She often uses lens blur to create a sense of motion and evoke a feeling of nostalgia — an upgraded kind of family photograph, documentary while remaining beautiful. Her photos are felt as much — if not more — than they are seen, and for that quality as much as any other, she is one of our favorite Grand Rapids engagement photographers.

2. Liv Lyszyk Photography

Passionate about storytelling and revealing love in all of its forms, Liv is a delight. Her work is romantic without being overly sentimental — a balance few have the talent to strike. She focuses purely on the truth of your love, of your being, bringing it forth with her camera. Her encouraging and empowering style ensures the individuals in front of her camera look stunning with genuine smiles and joy. When you want to work with a photographer who sees you, who respects you, and who wants nothing more than for your love to be captured in photographs, collab with Liv.

3. Kaylee B Photography

Kaylee is all about keeping it real and authentic. Want to incorporate a fun idea into your photo session? She’ll accommodate happily. Want to feel comfortable in front of the lens and come away with emotionally real photos of yourself? She has the personality to put you at ease and the talent to achieve the natural photos you desire. She’s down-to-earth and friendly, as she says herself, “We’ll hang out, we’ll chat (maybe grab a cup of coffee), and you can tell me all about the things you love.” Plus, her editing is consistently modern with a slight desaturation for a film vibe, as well as just a pinch of nostalgia. She creates beautiful mementos for families, with a lifestyle flair, so if you want a photographer who can tell your life story in pictures, Kaylee is a top choice! 

4. Cassandra Mullins of Bending the Branches

“Into warm tones and desaturated sagey greens, soft, yet rich” is how Cassandra describes her style — and we absolutely agree! She has a flair for capturing emotional moments and letting pieces of the whole tell a story in a clear yet subtle way — hands reach for each other eagerly, harsh lighting becomes a design element, a brief glimpse between lovers prove that they feel at home. She strives to document the details of your love in creative ways, from placing rings on branches to using quirky angles. Cassandra is always trying to make your shoot personal, and that’s just one of the many reasons we appreciate her.

5. Tim Kamppinen Photography

Tim describes himself as a cinematic photographer, and this rings true throughout his breathtaking portfolio. His dramatically lit, high-definition images are almost editorial in their polish. An undercurrent in each of his shots — a tension between light and shadow — and an eye for composition results in jaw-dropping photographs that exude a fine-art quality. His night portraits are of particular note, crisp and romantic, like stepping into a fairy tale — atmospheric to the max.

6. Matt and Layla of TruVision Studios

The creative powerhouse behind TruVision Studios, Matt and Layla are all about documenting the beautiful moments in life, which is what drives them as talented Grand Rapids engagement photographers. Their work is natural and full of color, perfect for those couples who have a dash of boldness in themselves or their styles. Matt and Layla’s classically gorgeous work will stand the test of time. In addition, they occasionally edit in a way that adds some playful effects, placing a refreshing twist on traditional portraiture. TruVision Studios also offers videography services, so you can capture the story of your lives in motion as well! 

7. Stephanie Parshall Photography

Stephanie’s style is like the season of spring put into photos — bright and cheery, with the promise of more life to come. She doesn’t shy away from color, especially blues, complete with azure skies and complementary brights. Plus, her high-key editing is ideal for weddings and highlighting the scenic beaches of Michigan. Modern and magazine-worthy, her thoughtful styling of wedding invitations and other stationary objects is especially lovely. We love her vibe and know you will, too!

8. Jessica of J. Darling Photo

Jessica’s impressive portfolio can be distilled in a few words: art, emotion, and truth. She is supremely passionate about the art of photography and that level of devotion is evident in the smiles of her subjects, as well as the stunning photographs she delivers. With over a decade of experience as a working photographer, her enthusiasm is backed by the technical and artistic know-how to achieve just the right image for the occasion. 

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