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The 10 Best Engagement Photographers on Maui

Hawaii is world-renowned for its romantic beach sunsets, gorgeous waters, and friendly vibe, so it’s no wonder so many couples choose the islands for a romantic getaway. If you are planning a proposal, elopement, or wedding here, then why not commemorate the occasion with a talented shutterbug? Check out the following Maui engagement photographers who are the island’s best!

1. Lexi Harry Photography

Lexi is a Maui engagement photographer full of vibrance and a passion for life. She embodies the island spirit, saying, “I‘m obsessed with being around good energy. I love people who are making a difference in the world. I love capturing human emotion.” She masterfully uses photography as a way to preserve the emotional moments between lovers so that they can revisit the past and feel what they felt in a particular time and space. Her emotive shooting style is ideal for couples — candid moments of freedom on beaches, using sunflare to amp up the romance, and framing each photograph so it tells a profound story. Plus, her thoughtful editing style — contrasted and moody enhances — the feeling of her work.

2. Amanda Emmes

Amanda was raised around water — in Florida, no less — and her love of the sea shows up repeatedly in her work. If you’re craving something a bit different for your engagement or maternity shoot, Amanda often photographs under and in the water for an extra wow factor. Her images are romantic yet timeless, heightened by the weightlessness of clothing and bodies in water. Based on the pure joy radiating throughout her portfolio, it’s fair to say her subjects feel very comfortable — and beautiful — in front of her lens. Her photography is a refection of her driving passion, resulting in stunning work you need to see for yourself.

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3. Kelsey Hetzler Photography

Kelsey’s modern style attracted us instantly. Her images are candid, but with a touch of something extra — thoughtful composition and a creative angle, as well as moments full of tenderness enhanced by dreamy landscapes. Her photos are warm in soul and tone while keeping tones natural — perfect for those who want the vibrance of island love preserved in print or digital photography. She is a photographer for all humans (and some doggos), so if you want to include your whole family in your shoot, all the better! 

4. Naomi Levit Photography

Based in both Maui and Oregon (which are both romantic and photogenic places in their unique way), Naomi is an adventurous elopement specialist, and her couples’ portraiture is second to none. Her breathtaking images combine trendiness with timelessness — think of mid-century formal poses in stunning landscapes or blending current editing techniques like double exposures with textured elements. Her work is both fine art-inspired and hip, and most importantly, full of genuine love! If you are looking for a photographer, planner, and tour guide, Naomi is the best there is.

5. Shannon Sayles Photography

Shannon grew up on the island and knows it intimately, so it’s no wonder she’s among the best Maui engagement photographers for epic location shoots. In her own words, “Let’s have some fun together, laugh, cry anything that allows you to be yourself and who you are right now in this moment. I know every spot on this island, and I am confident that I can find a location that allows you to showcase your true personality.” Her photography does just that — exposing the free-spirited side of her subjects, as well as the playful and madly-in-love sides. Her expertise is amplified when it comes to her editing — modern, stylish, and with the right amount of vibrance to fit the mood of her couples. 

6. Talia Pashey

Talia’s work details the charm of living and loving in an island paradise. Her jaw-dropping photos resemble stills from a masterfully crafted film, full of bright turquoise seas, lush greenery, and citrus colors — ideal for couples who want their engagement shoots to be bold and vibrant. Her shooting style is a hybrid of editorial, using subtle poses to make her subjects look their photogenic best, and candid moments that show off the authentic love her couples share. 

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7. Meigan Canfield Photography

Sharing her talents with two states, Colorado and Hawaii, Meigan boasts an abundance of experience in shooting outdoors, sometimes in inclement —and photographically stunning — weather. She is an enthusiastic photographer, saying, “I am not your ‘fly on the wall’ kind of photog. I really aim to bring the energy, and make it easy for people to want to be in front of the lens. It should be fluid and fun!” Her boundless energy and enthusiasm are on full display in her portraits — her thoughtful compositions, a relaxed easiness about her subjects, and a knack for styling can’t be beat! 

8. Angie Diaz Photography + Films

Angie is a romantic at heart, inspired by passion. According to her, she aims “to capture the most intimate raw and romantic part of you… I just can’t get enough of love.” This is the perfect mindset to have for creating engagement photos that are full of emotion, making even the casual viewer feel something special for the people in the photos. She will deftly capture the essence of what makes you and your significant other individuals. In short, she’s a talented, detail-oriented island photographer, and the vibrance of colors and settings heavily influences her bright and happy style. 

9. Kristen and Juan of Limned Light Photography

The brilliant minds behind Limned Light Photography, Kristen Felicia and Juan Pablo, are co-creators of photographic visual poetry. Their natural light photos are the essence of what it means to be radiant and full of sunshine — lens flare and natural rim lighting all enhance the luminous quality of their couples’ portraits. There is so much raw emotion, enhanced by simple cropping and a lack of visual distraction, in their enthralling work. It’s no surprise they’re among the most noteworthy Maui engagement photographers.

10. Gemma Rose Photography

Gemma discovered her love of film photography in college, and her passion hasn’t waned since. Having grown up in British Columbia, she eventually ventured to live on the island of Maui. She loves working with people in all stages of life, saying, “I specialize in people. Couples on anniversary trips, families on an unforgettable vacation. Gender reveals, new dog announcements, graduation pictures. Pregnant bellies, messy kids, happy grandparents.” She helps her clients remember the special moments of life in a photojournalist’s style — raw and straightforward shots spell authentic as well as lovely. After all, what is more beautiful than people and the connections that tie them together? 

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