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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Miami

With romantic sun and surf all year-round, how could you not fall in love in Miami? This list is for all the newly-engaged Miami couples out there — the ones still feeling the blissful afterglow of the engagement and looking for the perfect photographer to commemorate their commitment. These photographers have all distinguished themselves as among the very best Miami engagement photographers. Their styles vary — from classic, to cinematic, to ultra-modern — but they all share a commitment to excellence and boast crisp, gorgeous portfolios. We’re positive you’d love working with any of them.

1. Erik Esparza of Ezekiel E. Photography

Erik Esparza takes modern, tasteful, yet passion-filled engagement photos. He’s constantly pushing himself to do better with each engagement shoot, to learn, to push his craft, and to take his portfolio places it’s never been before. He’s among the most creative Miami engagement photographers on this list. We’re especially big fans of his black-and-white photographs which juxtapose the ultra-classic look of B&W photography with Erik’s fiery style. The results are often jaw-dropping.

2. Osiris Ramirez

Osiris Ramirez takes gorgeous, textured, natural light photos that are filled with passion, joy, laughter, and the little moments that go into building a love story that lasts. In addition to being one of the best Miami engagement photographers, he’s also a highly sought-after wedding and maternity photographer. Everything he does is with exquisite taste and unrivaled vision. When you work with Osiris, you’re in great hands.

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3. Todd Good

Todd’s customers rave about his friendliness, his ability to gently direct during his photoshoots, and his creativity behind the camera, which results in unique and yet natural engagement shots. He truly works hard to keep the couples he works with comfortable, to help them take off the mask they wear for the world, and to capture a candid look at the love they share. We lost track of time scrolling through his portfolio; it was that good. You’ll love the work he delivers.

4. Leo of Leo Photographer

Leo is a student of love, just as much as a student of photography. Like most photographers, he’s always after that special something in his photoshoots. Models are trained at finding that something within themselves. However, with everyday people, it takes a special photographer who’s able to really connect with their subjects to consistently find that mysterious spark that takes photos and helps them rise to the level of art. Leo is just this type of photographer. His photos are filled with sincere emotion, the type you just can’t fake.

5. Stacey at Ambrosio Photography

Stacey of Ambrosio Photography is a tremendous storyteller. She actually began her photography career as a photojournalist, shooting live sports. As such, you can count on the fact that she’s skilled at capturing fleeting moments, able to change direction at the drop of a hat in order to get the best pictures possible during your engagement shoot. She is known for her ability to genuinely connect with the couples she works with and produce images that are both extremely natural and filled with her clients’ unique personalities.

6. Jillian Tree

Jillian Tree is a Miami engagement photographer with an unrivaled eye for detail. She has one of the most complete skill sets of any of the hundreds of photographers we’ve featured here on Peerspace. She’s got an eye for personality, an amazing knack for capturing backdrops and working them into her photos as far more than set pieces. In fact, she turns them into textural elements that seem to mirror the achingly deep love of her foregrounds. She’ll take the time to produce something one-of-a-kind for you and your partner.

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7. Ray Santana

Ray Santana takes artistic engagement photos in a distinctive, light-filled, almost fairytale style. He’s been in the business for over 15 years and, in that time, has built a name for himself as one of the very best high-end Miami engagement and wedding photographers. He uses only the best gears, which allows him to take some of the most sophisticated photos around.

8. Santy and Annie of Santy Martinez Photography

Santy and Annie are a tremendous team who have built a popular wedding and engagement photography outfit on the strength of their synergy. In the 10 years they’ve worked as a team, they’ve captured some of the most incredible, romantic, and unique photos. Their style is classic, stripped-down yet elegant. They capture the individual stories of the couples they work with, but also tap into the universal story these couples are themselves a part of — the larger story of love itself.

9. Evan Rich

Evan Rich takes detailed, authentic, and deceptively minimalistic engagement and wedding photos. He captures real moments of love, never the overly posed stuff that less-skilled photographers capture. If you look through his portfolio alone, you’ll begin to feel that little ache in your heart, wishing your partner was with you — that’s how romantic these photos are! Take a look at his photos and imagine the art Evan could make out of you and your partner. Then give him a call.

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