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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Omaha

Nicknamed the “Gateway to the West,” Omaha, NE, is a romantic place for an engagement proposal, thanks to the peaceful, rural pockets in and around the city. When you are looking for a skilled shutterbug to capture the special times during or after your proposal, weโ€™re here to help! Each of the following Omaha engagement photographers has their own style, but they all share a passion for photographing couples who are madly in love. Check them out!

1. Megan Cash Photo

Megan Cash is one of our favorite Omaha engagement photographers for her sincere fascination with people, in addition to her vintage-inspired editing style โ€” after all, what is better than a photographer who is as dedicated to her art as you are to your spouse-to-be? According to Megan, โ€œI am genuinely interested in your story and how you got to this point in your lives. I want to know how you met and where you are going and how to capture these fleeting moments in your life.โ€

Itโ€™s a sentiment she lives and breathes โ€” her portfolio is full of joyful couples during the happiest moments of their lives. Her shooting style adds to the emotion โ€” photojournalistic while keeping the art of framing and composition in mind. She is a true master of her craft โ€” we dare you to take a glimpse at her portfolio and not fall in love with her work!ย 

2. Madison Michelle Photography

Omaha-born and raised, Madison grew up documenting her family (she admits sheโ€™d rather be behind the camera than in front of it), and her mission in life is to help you document yours! As a 2020 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award winner, she’s clearly gaining well-deserved attention for her breathtaking work. Her artistic style emphasizes authenticity over editorial polish, an ideal fit for clients who want truly good times with real laughter โ€” wrinkled noses and all โ€” captured on camera.ย 

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3. Chelsea Jo Photography

Chelsea creates gorgeous photos that you can feel โ€” the love, the unbridled joy, the tenderness. All of her subjects, from couples to families, are captured in their raw, genuine form, and while that is beautiful on its own, her creative eye enhances that beauty to new heights.

In her own words, “I care about my clients. Making them feel confident, showing off their beauty, capturing their authentic moments, and giving them photos theyโ€™ll treasure for the rest of their lives. I believe the magical photos are the ones that bring their love story to life in a way that is raw, flattering, and beautiful.” With this as her guiding philosophy, you can be sure that you’ll get photos that sincerely represent who you are as a couple, but where you also feel gorgeous.

4. Deana Coufal Photography

Serving all of Americaโ€™s heartland, with over 100 weddings under her care, Deana is an experienced and immensely talented wedding and engagement photographer. We love the tones in her work, both the color tones and the emotional tones! Her style is sweet and nostalgic, with a heavy emphasis on real moments and natural posing, adding a refreshing modern twist. Think of how you feel laughing while you eat ice cream with your love โ€” she imbues that feeling into her photographs.ย 

5. Lacy Marie Photography

There is a timelessness to Lacyโ€™s photos โ€” elegantly posed bridal portraits bring to mind your grandmotherโ€™s own portraits, but her style leans more contemporary, resulting in simply stunning work. Her rich editing is reminiscent of film, and her composition is stylish and well-thought-out for emotional impact. She is a portrait artist, which is great when you want beautiful engagement shots with a heavily creative flair. Her jaw-dropping photos will stand the test of time โ€” take a look and see for yourself!ย 

6. Eric Guerrero Media

Eric is a talented visual artist โ€” in addition to being a documentary-style wedding photographer, he makes films and can pilot a drone equipped with a camera. There is an honest quality to his work โ€” never overly Photoshopped or contrived โ€” simply displaying the true beauty of love for you to cherish and for your loved ones to remember.

According to Eric, “I like to think that my photography tells real stories, & I appreciate a good candid when I see one.” Looking through his portfolio, we can agree with him โ€” the stories he tells are heartfelt and touching. If youโ€™re getting married in Omaha, definitely check out his multimedia company, Eric Guerrero Media!ย 

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7. Traci True of True Imagery

Traci loves the outdoors, and if you plan an engagement session with her, definitely look forward to a little adventure off the beaten path. A dyed-in-the-wool country girl, her charming photography reflects her personality โ€” relaxed, friendly, and real. She embraces the realness of life, the full human experience, and that quality is reflected in her work. Of course, she shoots sweet portraits of couples in love, but she also captures the tenderness, the almost overwhelming feeling of starting out on the adventure of a lifetime together. If you are an easygoing couple that wants a photographer you vibe with, check out Traci.ย 

8. cb Yates Photography

Holding her personal relationships with family and friends dear, Cara can help you do the same, and do it with her art. Her shooting style is photojournalistic โ€” telling the story of your time with her in a straightforward fashion โ€” but she also focuses on the emotional moments โ€” a tender smile, a touch between people who are best friends and lovers.

In her own words, “Essentially, Iโ€™m a storyteller. I love to spend time getting to know people and showcasing whatโ€™s important to them and who makes them happy in life. And as a photographer, thatโ€™s my main goal. I want to sit back and showcase your entire story.” It helps that the approach she uses to tell your story is thoughtfully composed and simply edited to allow the truth of your love to radiate through.ย 

9. Katie of Cattura Bella Photography

Cattura Bella means “capturing beautiful” in Italian, and that is Katieโ€™s mission โ€” to capture the beautiful moments in life and create artful photos from them. Her impressive work is golden and glowing โ€” full of sunset light and happy smiles. As a portrait artist, she has spent the bulk of her photography career making sure people look their best in photos. So, if you want extra assurance that your shots will be fabulous, work with Katie!ย 

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