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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a remarkably well-appointed city, with an incredibly well-educated citizenry. Couples living and loving in the ‘burgh understand how lucky they are to be here. We’ve got gorgeous vistas, world-class restaurants, and plenty of beautiful people. The creatives we’ve selected today as the top Pittsburgh engagement photographers have all built their names on their ability to capture natural, evocative photographs. These snapshots combine the gorgeous cityscapes with the loving people in the city to make lasting works of art.

1. Kristina of Kristi Telnov Photography

Kristi Telnov takes stylish, narrative photos. She’s an impeccable director behind the camera who builds evocative scenes and captures gorgeous, well-balanced, and perfectly lit colored images. She’s clearly a playful photographer whose work pays a remarkable amount of attention to transparency — and reflection — to create unique photos that also clearly have classical influences. What sets her work apart from that of others on this list is her tremendous skill in using the backdrops of the city to create striking, romantic, and cinematic photographs.

2. Ashley Reed Photography

Pittsburgh engagement photographer Ashley Reed is a skilled documentary and storytelling photographer. She’s known for her stylish, light-filled, detail-oriented photographs, which manage to be both elegant and organic at once. Ashley is a creative who understands that falling in love is one of the most important things any of us will ever do, and that living our love stories is a huge part of what guides any of us to live a good and worthwhile life. These moments — your engagement, your wedding day — are profoundly important moments, not just for yourself, but to the world at large.

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3. Lisa West Photography

Lisa West is an award-winning Pittsburgh engagement and wedding photographer. She’s been named one of Pittsburgh’s best photographers by a number of publications, including, WeddingWire, Dog Fancy Magazine, and Photographer’s Forum. When she’s not photographing weddings or engagements, she’s offering pet photography sessions or other services to support animal rescue fundraisers. She’s known for her textured, finely detailed photographs, which stand out from that of her peers for their luscious natural colors and soft liquid light.

4. Alison Mish Photography

If you’re looking for Pittsburgh engagement photographers who effortlessly build trust with their clients, with an infectious smile and the ability to bring the best out of even the most bashful couples, look no further than Alison Mish. She understands that happiness is a profound photographic subject, as is love. And she recognizes how to explore these themes in an artful, deep manner. What results are heartfelt works of art that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

5. Jenna Hidinger Photography

Located in Zelienople, PA, and doing the majority of her work in the Pittsburgh area, Jenna Hidinger takes adventurous, joy-filled, and sincere photographs. She’s a natural storyteller, as well as an absolute painter with light. Her photographs show a remarkable emotional sensitivity, and the love that she captures seems utterly authentic. We adore the fact she’s willing to experiment and try new things, even though her portfolio already shows she’s an extremely accomplished photographer.

6. Mandy Fierens Photography

Mandy Fierens is a Pittsburgh engagement photographer who never gets tired of documenting life from behind the camera. We love when our photographers have an indefatigable curiosity about life and an unending commitment to their creative pursuits. Mandy’s this type of photographer. She’s got many different creative outlets, and her wedding and engagement photography work is what pays the bills. She’s got a style that’s difficult to imitat e— real, stripped down, and yet extremely elegant. She lives for capturing something real, and for satisfying her customers. And when you put those two traits together, you’ve got a photographer who’s sure to exceed your expectations.

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7. Michael Will Photography

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Michael Will’s former clients rave about his cinematic and romantic compositions, with their sensual lighting, as well as the attention paid to backdrops and the interplay of textures. His clients love working with him because he’s friendly, easy to get to know, and extremely organized. You can just trust him to know how to get all the shots you’re after. And if you’re after something unique, something different than what your peers ended up with as their engagement and wedding photos, then Michael is the right photographer for you. He’s one of the most original and creative Pittsburgh engagement photographers in the area.

8. Lindsey Zern Photography

Lindsey Zern is a talented and inspiring photographer. Her photographs are as joyful as any we’ve come across. She clearly connects deeply with the couples she photographs, and makes it easy for them to act naturally, to just wear their love for each other on their sleeves. What results are photographs with a crazy attention to detail and extremely evocative sense of love and contentment. Lindsey captures couples who cherish each other, and she rewards their deep commitment to each other with photographs that the couples are able to cherish for the rest of their lives.

9. Veronica Varos

Veronica Varos is a talented documentary photographer who doesn’t miss anything. She’s got an amazing knack for paying attention to even the slightest detail, and she doesn’t enter photoshoots with preconceived ideas of what she needs to achieve. Instead, she simply watches, listens, and allows the couples she works with to unwind and be themselves. She captures real laughs, authentic touches, genuine longing glances, as well as pure joy and excitement. That sincerity and honesty makes her photographs truly amazing to behold. If you want a photographer who can get down to the truth of what makes your love work, Veronica may be the artist you’re seeking.

Among the top Pittsburgh engagement photographers we’ve highlighted today, we hope you’ve come across at least one that you adore. We can vouch for all of these artists, as they’re all absolute joys to work with.

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