The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Raleigh

Getting engaged is exciting, and you’re going to want pictures to celebrate this special time in your life. How do you go about finding the ideal shutterbug who vibes with you, your soon-to-be spouse, and your style? Our list of the most noteworthy Raleigh engagement photographers should give you a great jumping-off point! With so many picturesque spots in North Carolina, your engagement photo session will surely be unforgettable.

1. Sharon Ashlie Photography

Sharon boasts a classic style that is simply timeless. Full of bright light and pastel colors (pink sunsets galore), her work has a sense of sweetness to it, not least because of the emotion she captures between her couples. Exploring the world has inspired her art — she’s a traveler, so her photography has the tinge of far-off destinations as well. Plus, since she travels, she’s happy to photograph your destination wedding, too! It’s no surprise she’s among the most talented engagement photographers in Raleigh and beyond.

2. Kristy C. Johnson Photography

Kristy Johnson is one of our favorite engagement photographers for her body-positive approach. She’s aware of how awkward it can be in front of the camera, but her lively personality will make it a fun and worthwhile experience. In her own words, “Experience is important. I’ve got you in every single way possible, and all I need from you is your willingness to be your truest, most authentic self.” Looking through her portfolio, you can see that it’s true — she captures the beauty of authentic moments and her subjects with equal ease. Work with Kristy and you will revel in the gorgeousness of yourself for years to come. 

3. Simone of Hey Love Photography

According to Simone, she’ll capture “your love in images full of life and light,” and she wholeheartedly delivers on that promise with her breathtaking photographs. There is an elegance to her method in every shoot, especially since she is intimately familiar with harnessing natural light to produce luminous portraits. In addition to being an engagement photographer, she shoots weddings as well, so you can have her bright style for your entire journey into marriage. 

4. Corey Wodzisz of Cor Photography

Corey uses her experience and knowledge in the complementary specialties of wedding and family photography to document you and your love throughout life’s long journey. As she says herself, “I want to know your love story and your engagement session is a perfect time for me to do that! It allows us to get to know each other and provides time for you to get comfortable in front of the camera!” When you collaborate with Corey, you get a true, lasting friend, as well as stunning photographs that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

5. Joanna Sue Photography

In terms of photography, Joanna gets intimate with the little details of life and of love. She is a master of the real and authentic, finding art in the everyday. In her own words, “My hope is to catch fleeting moments of your story and to tell it truthfully. I want you to be able to see yourself in your pictures and like it — like it because it honestly pauses your smile, expresses your unique personality and understands your meaningful relationships.” And she excels at this — we can easily see the genuine love and laughter on her clients’ faces!

6. Alina Ligia Photography

If you’re in love with the light, as well as adore bright, airy photos you see in wedding magazines, you’re in luck — Alina Ligia is the Raleigh engagement photographer of your dreams. She’s a magician with her camera, empowering her subjects to glow with beauty and love from within. She preserves the details of you and your love in her transcendent style — perfect for all things wedding and engagement-related. 

7. Brennan of Cirque91 Photography

Brennan is technically based in Durham, but that’s only a short drive from Raleigh to experience her delightful candid photography style for yourself. Her work is playful, sweet, and, best of all, real. According to Brennan, “I want those in between moments when your significant other makes you laugh and nothing but joy lights up your face. That moment when you truly feel you’ve never felt more beautiful and start to glow and you’re proud of yourself, those are the moments I want deliver to you.” Her editing style is dynamic, fitting the subject and revealing each person’s individuality. When you work with Brennan, you are virtually guaranteed to see your real self in print — what’s more beautiful than that?

8. Fabiana Skubic Photography

Serving both North Carolina and New Jersey — and she’s down to travel worldwide — Fabiana Skubic expertly blends fashion, editorial, and wedding photography together, resulting in her simply gorgeous portfolio. She is a gifted engagement and wedding photographer, and through her photos, you will be transported through time and space. Her art is preserving memories, as she says, “Together we will create photographs that have the power to bring all the emotions back from your most special day. Photographs that will keep your love and promise alive. Photographs for an everlasting marriage.”

9. Sarah C. Stewart Photography

Sarah C. Stewart serves all of North Carolina with her heartfelt and authentic style. She puts her couples at the very forefront of her work, not just in a literal way but in the figurative sense as well. According to Sarah, “These photos are simply and purely for you. Too often in this industry, photos are created for Instagram feeds, likes, and websites. But that’s not what I’m creating for. I am here to help you create something that tells the absolute truth of your story.” Since she knows who she is creating for and why, she is able to masterfully document your story, as well as create soulful art. 

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