The 7 Best Engagement Photographers in San Jose

The Bay Area boasts diverse landscapes, which include mountains, beaches, forests, and more; status as a cutting-edge technological incubator; and a deep pool of creative talent. Well-known and well-loved by artists of all stripes, it has drawn creators and innovators for decades. If you’ve recently gotten engaged — or plan on popping the question sometime soon — and you’re based in San Jose, why not document the occasion with a talented shutterbug? These artistic San Jose engagement photographers are top-notch, and they’re ready to immortalize every precious moment of your engagement.

1. Brittani Medeiros Photography

Somewhere between an outdoor adventure catalog and a playful photojournalist lies Brittani Medeiros’s style. Inspired by the natural world, she deftly incorporates nature and organic elements into almost all of her portraits. When she’s not among the landscapes of Mother Nature, she uses the cityscape to tell the story of you and your love. Brittani’s work is simultaneously chic, trendy, and timeless, all while feeling joyful and authentic to the people she photographs — what a talent! It’s no wonder she’s among the top engagement photographers in San Jose and the Bay Area at large.

2. Andrea de Anda Photography

With her fine art and timeless touch, Andrea de Anda is one of our favorite San Jose engagement photographers. Her images are full of romance — gauzy fabrics blowing in the wind, tender glances between couples, and floral elements. Using light to sculpt the features of her subjects, as well as direct the eye, she produces gorgeous, compelling images. Her passion for photography shines through in every photo as does her creativity. If you want elegance, a flair for art, and romance in your portraits, Andrea is a great choice. She produces beautiful photos in a variety of lighting conditions, and her fine-art sensibilities ensure you will have heirloom-quality portraits to hang on your walls.

3. Carla D.A. Photography

Carla has a love of fashion photography, and she brings that passion and vibe into all of her work — focusing on glamorous styling, boasting an eye for detail, and bringing out the best in every one of her subjects she spotlights. She has honed her artistry through her experience and pure talent. Established as a notable Bay Area and San Jose engagement photographer with a timeless, natural style, Carla is the perfect photographer for when you want your memories and emotions of the moment caught in a creative and stunning way.

4. Breanne and Fernando Rojas of Vivo Photography

Breanne and Fernando Rojas seem to know a lot about marriage (they’re spouses, after all) and even more about photographing weddings. This talented duo strikes a balance between editorial and photojournalist styles, exactly what you’d want when telling the story of your love and showcasing it via a visual medium. They let your time together unfold as naturally as possible, allowing you to be comfortable in front of the camera so they can take truly memorable portraits. With their decades of combined experience, Breanne and Grenando make for one formidable wedding photographer team! 

5. Sarahi Hadden Photography

Full of color, Sarahi Hadden’s portfolio is a bright and happy glimpse into the love and lives of her subjects. With her enviable talent and eye for detail, she captures the heart and pure emotional essence of the moment. She is both a wedding and lifestyle photographer, so you can find elements of both in her work — romance, authenticity, and beautiful styling abound. Not an ordinary photographer by any means, if you love a diverse color palette, the beauty of nature, and natural light, Sarahi is the San Jose engagement photographer of your dreams. 

6. Liza of Juniper Spring Photography

Having formally studied art at UCSC, Liza received a great education in composition and framing, as well as developed a strong foundation in creating breathtaking art. She puts her knowledge to great use in her photography, as she effortlessly blends the documentary with the artistic — tender moments immortalized forever with thoughtful framing. Her style is best summed up in one word: natural — real moments edited just enough to make them look stellar but without detracting from the real focus of the photo — you and your love. 

7. Tina Maciej Photography

A widely acclaimed portrait photographer, Tina Maciej is one of the best in the Bay. Her experience bringing out the true personalities of her subjects comes through in her images, and her robust work as a head shot photographer means she’ll make sure that everyone in front of her camera looks incredible — all flattering angles and easy oing poses. Her style is perfect for when you want a relaxed session with a bunch of classically beautiful portraits as a result.

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